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A Look at my first story written a year ago...

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The Phoenix


Bo and Luke stared out the windshield as Kira landed on the other side of the Stix and took off, continuing her ride back to the farm. Bo released the breath he'd been holding as he saw that his sister had indeed made the nearly impossible jump. Then turned to his right as he heard a sound that, at the moment, he didn't particularly want to hear. Luke was LAUGHING. Staring at Luke as if he'd just lost his mind, he lightly pushed him against his side of The General.

"What is so danged funny, Luke? She could have gotten hurt trying that jump. Would you stop that!"

"So could you every time you make a jump Bo." Luke couldn't stop laughing. "She did warn us. Remember what she told us last night? I bet the whole drive here you were telling her to slow down, pull over, and to turn around. Don't ya see? That was as good as goading her, while she already was mad at us for what she considered coddling her."

"So what? We should have just stood there and not done anything?"

"I didn't say that. But once we got out to the lot, maybe we should've dropped it. And you know something else 'Cuz, she rides better than we all thought too. 'Cause this time, unlike on the way to the Boar's Nest, you and Coy were actually tryin' to beat her. And she still mopped the floor with ya." Luke grinned at Bo knowing that not many people could have given him the slip but his sister had. Luke hollered out the window to tell the other guys that they may as well go on back to the farm. Bo was still mulling over what Luke had said. Then had to admit, he probably would have done the same thing Kira had done had the situation been reversed. Dang, you'd think he be better at all this brotherly stuff after living a lifetime with Daisy.


Kira pulled up into the farmyard to find Uncle Jesse waiting on the porch. "Where's the boys at? Ain't they with you?"

"I ain't seen 'em since I jumped the Stix. They'll be here soon though." Kira saw her keyboard on the porch where Bo had left it that morning and went to grab it to take it on upstairs. Jesse eyed her since he knew that Bo had only jumped the Stix River once and that had been as a last ditch effort at that. Watching Kira head on inside, he shook his head at the fool notion of jumping that danged river.

Once inside, Kira heard Pauline telling the scores of hungry kids, that she was shooing out of the kitchen, to stay out until supper was ready. One of the kids, heck what was her name, saw the keyboard and came over to Kira. "What's that?" Well here's to hoping Coy was right.

"What's what, Sugar?" The girl pointed at the keyboard. "It's my keyboard."

"You play?"

"A little."

"Can we hear?" Suddenly Kira was surround by a chorus of "Please!" Oh, why not. Kids are easy to please sometimes. Plus it'll keep them out of trouble.

"Alright, let's go upstairs and find a place to set up." Kira ended up in Daisy's room with about a half a dozen kids all jumping on her bed calling out the names of various songs that Kira could only imagine must've been common children's songs. Unfortunately, Kira didn't know any of them. When she told the children that she didn't know the songs they requested, they looked at her as if she had done grew another head out of her neck. Did she say kids were easy to please? What was she thinking. Finally, one of the older ones, a girl of about eleven maybe, suggested that she just play her favorite song, everyone knows their favorite song.

"Well my favorite ain't exactly a song, really. It's an old poem that I put to music to help me remember it."

"Let's hear it." Then again a chorus of "Please!" went up. So Kira began to play out a melody that might have been a mix of a song played in a fairytale and an old medieval movie. A few moments later Kira began to sing the verses that she learned a few years ago.

"To all that dream, and all that dare,

To see the beauty of land, sea and air

Nothing shall ye ever spy

As wondrous as the Phoenix in the sky


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"It's about time you boys got home. Head on up and get washed up. Tell all the younger ones to clean up too. They're upstairs with Kira I believe." Pauline sent all the guys on upstairs. Another ten minutes and she would have tanned their hides for being late. Heading upstairs, they heard Kira playing her keyboard and singing in a crisp, clear soprano tone a song that they'd never heard before.

To all think, and all that ponder

The ways of things on this place we wander

The one thing ye shall never know

Is: To what home does the Phoenix go?

To all that pray, and believe in to

Ava merciful, pure and true

A brighter sign there shall never be

Then the mighty Phoenix over the sea

To all that live a life of good

Your deeds of love will come back; as they should

A happy life shall be yours to take away

When the Phoenix comes with the break of day

To all that walk the path of dark

My next words ye would do well to mark

For your deeds of evil ye shall be burnt in flame

And your actions shall be met with untold of pain

To Human, Elf, Dwarf and all

To every creature great and small

The Phoenix is many things; in future now and history

And though every person has their say, The Phoenix stays a mystery"

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As the music began to fade, Bo knocked on Daisy's door, causing everyone to look up at him. "Alright, everyone. Get cleaned up. Supper's on." Bo hastily jumped out of the doorway to avoid being trampled. "That sounded real pretty. You write it?"

"Nope. I found that old poem in a really old book a few years ago. I liked it so much I put it to music so I could remember it." Kira started to take her keyboard down.

"Well, ya are a bit of a mystery, I'll give ya that." Kira stared at Bo til she realized he was referring to the last line of the poem she sang. "Kira, look, I'm sorry. Okay."

"Sorry for what?" Kira cocked an eyebrow. Wondering if Bo even knew WHY she was mad. She'd be willing to bet he was clueless.

"For underestimating you." Well that's a start. "Truce?"

"Bo, what would Daisy had done if you treated her like she couldn't even drive just because some jerk made a BAD pass at her?"`

"Probably put one of those danged heels of hers right through my foot." Kira smiled at the image that had popped into her head.

"I know that you were just trying to help me and I love ya for it. But ya got to trust me to know my own limits. If I need help I'll ask. I may not know much about family goings ons but I have dealt with worse things than that moron at the Nest on my own more times than I care to remember. All that happened tonight was to guarantee that Ernie what's his name thinks that I can only take care of myself IF I have backup waiting in the wings. Which means the first time I'm out there WITHOUT you boys, I'll have to put him in his place all over again." Bo walks over and pulls Kira in front of him and looked down into her eyes.

"Didn't figure on it that way. But I ain't going to just sit back while some guy manhandles you!"

"Bo. He grabbed my arm and he ended up on the floor. Not because you put him there. Or Luke, Coy, or Vance. But because I took care of him myself. Just like I've always done." Kira figures that it'd be just as well to drop it for now. Neither would give from here right now. "We'd better head on down." Kira was about to turn back to grab her keyboard when Bo turned her around to give her a hug.

"I love ya, too, Sis." Kira returned his hug. She really couldn't stay annoyed with him anyway.

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Is that you?


The next morning, Kira was awaken by high pitch squeals and giggling that drifted up the stairs to the attic. Looking at her watch, she saw it was still well before six. Groaning, Kira rolled out of bed and began to figure out what she'd wear. She had planned on wearing the T-shirt that she'd bought at the game Sunday. Looking at her arm where an ugly hand shaped bruise had formed overnight, she knew that the shirt was out. The bruise looked a lot worse than it really was, but she'd just assume that no one saw it all the same. Digging through her bag, she chose a muddy river brown sweater instead and threw on some jeans.

Finally a little after six, Kira headed on down to the circus that was performing in the main part of the house. Breakfast was already underway but Kira remained in the living room while some of the hoard cleared out. The first breakfast shift, seeing that there were still others that appeared to be waiting for a clear spot at the table. Kira leaned her head back on the couch seriously considering heading back upstairs to get some more sleep when she heard the door from the farmyard open and Bo and Luke walked in.

"You owe me five bucks, Bo. I told ya no one could sleep through this chaos."

"Mornin' Darlin', Rise and..."

"Choke on it Bo." Kira didn't bother opening her eyes. "Is everyone in this family always so dang cheerful in the morning?" Bo and Luke laughed as they headed on up to get cleaned up from mornin' chores.

"You could have slept in. No reason for you to be up just yet."

"I know there ain't no reason. But who could sleep with all three rings in full swing down here." Kira stifled a yawn. As she went to speak, the words that had been on the tip of her tongue were lost when another high pitch shriek rang out from one of the girls playing with her sisters. Getting up, Kira went to the one place she figured that would still be quiet this early in the morning. The barn. She hadn't been inside yet but the stench of the animals had to be kinder to her nose than the giggling and screaming inside the house were to her ears.


As Bo and Luke finished up their breakfasts, they heard the distinctive sound of a motorcycle racing up the driveway. Getting up, looking out the window, they saw a yellow racing bike similar to Kira's green one. Smiling, they ran outside knowing that the rider could be none other than their cousin Jebb from over in Placid County.

"Jebb! You old rascal. We thought you were suppose to have gotten in last night."

"I got tied up. Listen, when I called last night, Mom said something about you finding your sister. Shoot I didn't even know you had a sister."

"Neither did I, 'til Saturday. I think she's around here somewhere, hiding from all the morning folks." Bo grinned as he tried to think where Kira might have gone. He knew she hadn't come upstairs when he and Luke were cleaning up. And she wasn't down stairs when they had finished and came back down. Looking across the yard, he finally spied his sister wearing her dark glasses, walking out of the barn. "Hey, there she is. Come on Jebb, I'll introduce ya before you go in for some breakfast."

"That's your sister?" Jebb watched Kira walk up. Talk about a small world.

"Jebb? Is that you?" Bo and Luke exchanged looks with one another before looking back and forth between the two.

"You know each other?"

"Are you kidding, I've been racing Kira since before she was a Pre-law student. She's my main competition."

"Only competition. And here I thought I wouldn't see that mug of yours again til the next racing season." Kira came over to give a half hug to her long time friend. "I see you got your bike fixed from Saturday."

"Yep. When I see Kinnison again I'm gonna kill him. Who would've thought a charity race would end up so dirty. So you're my new cousin, huh? Well, I always did think you were a lot like a Duke." Everyone laughed at the irony of it all as they headed on inside. While Kira and Jebb ate, they shared some racing stories from the circuit. Everyone had known that Jebb was an excellent racer, and with him vouching for Kira's abilities, she had the suspicion that the others just might take her more seriously. And not just on the track either. "I swear, when Kira first joined the circuit, there wasn't a guy that didn't test her. But she met every one of them head on. On the track and in the brawls that always seemed to break out in the local bars. I'll tell ya, she can fight about as good as a man."

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"Thanks Jebb, you can fight about as good as a man, too." Kira grinned as she took a bite of her eggs. The guys smirked at her light jab at Jebb since they all knew that, like any of them, Jebb was well vetted in bar room brawls.

"Of course, she always seemed to magically escape getting arrested for fighting when the rest of us ended up behind bars."

"Not my fault that most sheriffs wouldn't believe that I threw the first punch. Or that most guys refuse to admit that a WOMAN beat the snot out of them."

"Hey, wait a minute. You said every man. You two never fought did ya?"

"Are you kidding? And let word get out that I hit a woman? I'd be disowned as a Duke. I did fight beside her a couple of times, though. Besides, it didn't take long to realize no man in his right mind would take her on." Kira gave her brother a look that obviously asked if he'd take her seriously now.

'Doesn't mean I got to stand back when the punches fly.' Kira just shook her head at him. When it came to stubbornness, they were equally matched.

"Of course she ain't been in as many fights lately." Jebb finished his breakfast as he cleared his place.

"Not a good practice to show up on Monday morning in court with a black eye and a busted lip on a regular basis. Still happens occasionally though." Kira reached for another slice of toast as she spoke.

Pauline was listening to the conversation and decided it was time to separate her niece from her nephews and son so that they could talk without her showing off for the guys. That had to be the reason for her disrespect towards her yesterday. Just showing off for the guys. Well she knew one way to get rid of them.

"Kira, the other women have all started with their dishes for lunch. I'd figured you'd help with the sweet potato casserole. You can get started after you finish eating." Kira blanched at Pauline. Had she just been recruited into feeding the Duke army? Not just recruited, but given orders at that?

"Aunt Pauline, you do NOT want Kira to cook! I've seen her kitchen. She lives on instant oatmeal, cold cereal, frozen dinners, and take-out. I don't even remember seeing a can opener in her apartment."

Pauline looked at Kira surprised. "You can't cook?" She looked like she just might have a coronary at the thought of a Duke woman NOT being able to cook. Kira fought her natural urge to defend herself against the accusation. After all, she'd argue herself right into spending the morning cooking for the whole clan, side-by-side with Pauline. She could cook. She just didn't. Wasn't much point cooking for one. But, if Bo was going to give her an out, she'd take it.

"Food's suppose to keep ya alive. Anything past that is extra." Kira shrugged her shoulders as she answered.

"How do you expect to catch a man if you can't cook?" Here we go again. Kira rolled her eyes.

"I don't. In fact, I'm using it as a deterrent. If'n that don't work, there's always my STERLING personality. That should send any fool that gets too close a runnin'." Kira answer was dripping with sarcasm.

That sent up another round of laughter from the men at the table. Well, except from Jesse. He gave her a warning look that she didn't see but Luke did. Luke nudged Bo to get his attention. At least now he knew what was so funny yesterday when he'd been exiled to the other table so Pauline could talk to Kira. It was oh so clear that those two rubbed one another the wrong way. As much as he'd like to watch the show, they'd better get Kira out of here before she digs herself into a hole too deep to get out of. Seeing what Luke saw, Bo grabbed Kira's arm and started to pull her toward the door as he spoke.

"Besides, I already planned to show Kira around the farm before the game starts. Later." Bo pulled Kira out the door while Luke was right behind her practically pushing her from behind. Fortunately, Luke was able to get out the door himself before bursting out laughing at both Kira's and Pauline's faces as the boys ushered her outside.

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Time to stop fightin'


Kira had ended up sitting beside Daisy with some of the younger cousins at lunch since the guys were all eating with Judd. He had come in literally moments before lunch was put on the table. Daisy shared with Kira the hazards of growing up as the only female in the house full of men. Told her of some of the various scrapes that the boys had gotten into that they always seemed to be able to get out of with one of Luke's hair-brained schemes, along with help from Jesse and Daisy. Including once when Jebb was there and posed as a crook's son to get a stolen civil war sword away from Boss. Knowing just how slick Jebb could talk, she imagined that he'd had Boss's head spinning trying to keep up. There had been a time or two that he'd nearly out-slickered her, NEARLY. He definitely kept her on her toes though. In fact, if the Duke Men could sack and sell half of what came out of their mouths they would have never of needed to run 'shine. They'd make a killing on that alone.

Daisy had also filled her in on the fact that up until a couple years ago, they all had believed that Judd had died in a fire when he was a baby. Well, Kira thought, looks like we both have one thing in common. They both had returned to the Duke family from the dead. The main difference was that the nurse that had taken Judd in had cared for him. Kira stopped her train of thought where it was. She was NOT going to go there. Not today. Kira was brought back to the present by one of the girls tugging on her sleeve. She was one of Pauline's daughters. One of the twins. In the back of her mind Kira wondered if she and her twin had a connection like she and Bo.

"They say you and Bo are twins, too."

"That's what they tell me, Sugar."

"Who's older?"

"I don't rightly know. I haven't asked." That earned her an odd looking face being made at her. "It didn't seem important."

"Of course it's important. See, I'm older." The girl pointed at her own chest. "It's always important." Taking Kira by the hand, she proceeded to pull Kira over to the one person that everyone goes to when they have a question in this family that they consider to be important. Jesse. Daisy followed as her cousin was dragged to the next table.

"Uncle Jesse! Who's older? Kira says she doesn't know. Says it's not important. How can she say that something like that AIN'T important?" Jesse smiles at his niece as he began to answer her question. Of course she'd find that detail to be the most important. She did after all, hold it over her sister's head on a regular basis.

"Well I guess Kira thinks that since she's full grown, she don't need her big brother lookin' after her." Well that answers that question.

"So Bo's older?"

"Yep, by about five minutes."

That's when Daisy chimed in, "It figures, he always was in a hurry to go anywhere. Then not sure what to do once he got there. Honey, if you thought he was protective before, wait 'til he hears this. We Dukes have always been taught to look after the younger ones, no matter how little the age difference. Just ask Luke about that one."

"Do we have to let Bo know?" Kira half laughed, half groaned at what Daisy had said.

"Too late, there goes Emma to tell 'em now." Laughing, the two women headed back to their table to finish lunch.

When everyone was done, Kira went on ahead and helped cleared since she really couldn't see why she shouldn't, considering she hadn't helped with the cooking. A couple of times she took a longer route from the tables to the kitchen to avoid running into Pauline. After this morning, she made a promise to Bo that she'd TRY not to lose her tongue around their aunt anymore. The only way she knew to keep that promise was to stay as far away as possible. It appeared though, that her silence seemed to annoy the elder Duke more than an all out argument. Still, Kira figured that this was better than nothing. She didn't want to fight with Pauline, she just had made it hard to do anything but go head to head with her. Thinking back on her time here on the farm so far, Kira was beginning to see WHY some people tend to get drunk when they had to spend time with their family. Too bad the Duke family was out of the 'shine business.


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After lunch, Kira headed upstairs to go over some more briefs for Monday. Bo was watching the first game of the day with Coy and Vance, since Kira said she would wait until the four o'clock game to start watching football. Luke was off with Judd and Jebb, so now was as good a time as any to sneak some time to herself. Once in the attic, Kira had only read through a few sheets before her mind began to wander. Usually she never had any trouble concentrating on her work. Today was different. She didn't know why but her mind just wouldn't focus. Instead, she found herself looking through some of the old things that had been packed away here in the attic.

Some of the things appeared to have been stored since Jesse's own childhood. Other things, the items that drew her, obviously had been from the three Dukes that had most recently grown up here. Kira found some dolls of Daisy's sitting in a cradle, Bo's old football gear, and it looked like some kind of old science project that had to have been Luke's. There were old clothes, toys, and photograph books. It was the last that caught her attention. Kira grabbed the albums and went and sat on her makeshift bed. Most of the people in the snapshots she didn't have a clue as to who they were. But there were four that she'd quickly learned to identify.

There were pictures of birthdays, Christmases, summer-time fun pics and even pictures of snowball fights. There were pictures of the boys in grade school holding up a string of fish after a fishing trip and Daisy's first party dress. There were even pictures of Luke before he went off into the Marines and more of when he first got out. In nearly every single picture, everyone seemed to radiate pure happiness, with smiles that went all the way to their eyes. Looking through the albums, Kira couldn't help but wonder at the could've beens. Well, you can't change the past can you?

Digging through her memory of hers and Bo's "chats" when they were growing up, she was able to pick out some of the various events that were captured in the pictures. Bo always did like to give nearly every detail to her when they were kids of whatever he had done that day. Flipping through, Kira found the pictures taken at Bo's ninth birthday where he was showing off his new bow he'd gotten that year. There he was, a cute kid with a mop of blond hair smiling like he'd just won the lotto.

That's where Kira was, still looking at the photos, when Jesse came up the stairs. He knocked on the wall once he got to the top of the landing. Looking up, Kira started to try to clear the albums away.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to go snooping. I came up to get some work done but my mind just wasn't on it."

"No need to apologize. There ain't no harm in looking at pictures." Jesse comes over to sit down beside Kira.

"You still say that? Seems to me I'm here because folks went looking through pictures a few days back."

"And look how well that turned out." Kira cocked her eyebrow at Jesse. Seems like with the way she and his sister-in-law had been feudin', Jesse just might have preferred that Kira hadn't come to the farm. "Let's see just what kind of pictures you've found. Well, Bo's ninth birthday." Jesse looked at the picture a moment. "We missed too many of them with you." Kira remained silent a while before speaking up.

"That one wasn't too bad. I got a cake that year. I was staying with a couple in Glenwood. They were nice. The kind of couple that wanted kids but couldn't have any. I was only there for five months though before they moved to Alabama for their work." Kira looked away, out the window.

"What about the others?" Jesse knew that sometimes, his kids needed a push when there was something to talk through. He reckoned Kira was the same way. After all, it was clear that what ever happened in the past had been going through her mind anyway while she was sitting up here all alone.

"They came, they went. Nothing special." Kira kept looking out the window. She didn't really want anyone to know. They didn't need those images in their heads. If she could have, she would have taken back all that she had told Bo when they were growing up.

Jesse reasoned that maybe she needed a more direct push. He flipped the pages of the book, stopping on Bo's fifth birthday. "How about this one? How was this one?" Kira looked at the picture. Subconsciously rubbing her right arm as she did so. "I really want to know, Kira."

"No, you don't," Kira once again looked away out the window. Outside she saw the Duke children playing with various adults. All laughing as they played. Screams of delight rose to where she was watching as she remembered screams of a different kind. Swallowing hard, Kira finally answered Jesse's question. "That was the first time my arm was broke."

"The first time?" Jesse listened as his fears were confirmed. "How many times was it broke?"

"The right arm was twice, left arm once. 'Mama Selma', as she insisted everyone call her, was big on 'Disipline'. Her favorite phrase was that she demanded either respect or fear. Which one didn't matter as long as she was obeyed." Kira thought back to Selma. To the woman that had been one of her first foster parents. She had stayed with her the longest. Only removed after her fourth hospital stay.

Jesse flipped forward through the book, stopping on Bo's thirteenth birthday. "How about this one?" Kira looked at the photograph trying to recall that birthday. That one she didn't have a clear cut memory of. She had ran away again a few weeks prior to that one. The days all seemed to blur into one another after a while. Then there were pictures of other birthdays. All of which Jesse would ask where Kira had been, what she had done on that birthday. Some that she wouldn't talk about; Jesse was beginning to pick up on what wasn't said.

When he and Kira had been talking for a couple of hours, Kira suddenly looked at her watch. It was almost four. Kick off was at four-fifteen. Looking up at Jesse, "I think Bo's wondering if I forgot about the game." His nephew always did have rotten timing. Reaching out to stop Kira from getting up just yet, he reached over to grab the album that had been set aside that Kira had found the pictures of Luke in earlier.

"Just one more thing, Kira." Jesse opened the book up to a photograph of Luke just after he had gotten out of the Marines. "When Luke first got back home, he had a hard time re-adjustin'. Kept fightin' the war, even here in Hazzard. Went on night patrols, never could relax. Jumped every time a truck would backfire. But eventually, Luke had to leave the war behind and stop fightin'. You don't have to fight in your war anymore, either. It's time to come home, baby. It's time to stop fightin'."

"I don't know if I can." Kira looked down at her hands, not liking to admit that there was something she couldn't do.

"You probably can't by yourself. But you don't have to do it by yourself. Ya got family now. And we want to help. You remember that, okay? Now, I guess ya better get on down before Bo gets to worrin' about ya."

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When Kira got downstairs, she headed on over to where Bo was sitting on the couch as he scooted over to make room for her. She noticed all the guys had glasses of a clear substance that she highly doubted was water. Redirecting her steps, Kira instead headed into the kitchen; looked in the cabinets quickly before finding what she wanted. Grabbing a glass of her own, she headed over to Luke, Jebb, and then to Bo as she dropped a few drops of liquid into each glass. The contents in each glass turned to yellow as they looked at her as if she had just lost her mind. Clearly, she owed them an explanation.

"If I get called before the Ethics committee, Parole board, or anything, I want to honestly say that it APPEARED you fellas were drinking lemonade. I don't plan to be the reason you're caught breaking probation. I know no evil, I see no evil, and I ain't plannin' on speakin' no evil. Besides, a little food color ain't gonna change the taste none." Bo exchanged a look with Luke and Jebb. They hadn't thought about her being a lawyer and how it might make drinking the 'shine a touchy point with their probation. Kira took her seat and took a sip out of her glass. This stuff had a kick to it. Good, she could use that kind of kick right about now.

'You okay?' Bo had been ready to tease his sister about her nearly missing the kick-off until he saw her face as she sat down. She looked a bit upset.

'Fine, just lost track of time is all.' Kira didn't feel fine. But she wasn't going to say that. Seeing the look Bo was giving her, she blew out a breath before adding, 'Later, OK?' "You sure you want to pull for the Cowboys? They ain't exactly been playin' their best this year."

"You kiddin'? I was gonna ask ya if you want to place a wager on the game. You think your Saints have a prayer?" Bo grinned as he and his sister began a friendly rivalry over the game as the teams ran out onto the field.

"First rule of gambling, Bo. Never bet what you can't afford to lose. Especially when you're betting on the wrong team." Everyone in the room started to discuss the teams and their own predictions of the outcome of the game. Judd had jump on board the Cowboys fan train with Bo, while Coy and Vance were with Kira pulling for the Saints. Luke and Jebb claimed that they weren't pulling for either team, that they were just there to enjoy the game regardless of who won.


For supper, left-overs had been left out to allow everyone to graze as they got hungry. Kira had offered to get food out of the kitchen for the fellas. Not because she was just being nice. Nope, each time she made a trip to the kitchen, she would chug a glass of water and grab a bit to eat. Hoping to stave off some of the effects of the 'shine. All the while watching the guys as they began to drink more 'shine. They had even added the food coloring to the whole jug, then laughed like fools when one of their uncles came in and blanched at the yellow liquid as it was poured in their cups. Then with each of them sporting a hefty buzz, they'd tried to explain WHY the 'shine had been colored when Uncle Jesse came in. Watching the antics of the half drunk Dukes, Kira just had to ask a question that popped into her head.

"I've got to ask. Why is it that nearly every moonshiner always uses the same blasted jugs? It seems to me that if a 'shiner was a bit more creative he could probably avoid getting caught." Luke led the laughter as he heard his cousin who'd never ran 'shine a day in her life talk about being more creative. 'Shiner's weren't anything if not creative when it came to running moonshine.

"Just what would you suggest in being more creative then?"

"I don't know. Anything other than the same old jugs. Shoot, you could've doctored up the 'shine to look like window cleaner. You've tasted yourself that the coloring don't hurt it none. You could even have an actual case of window cleaner there as a blind if'n you were stopped." Kira stopped talking when she noticed everyone had stopped laughing and was staring at her. "What?"

"Luke, you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?" Bo asked.

"What? How could a Duke know so little about running 'shine?" Kira poured herself another glass of the afore mentioned 'shine as Luke went to answer.

"You mean that if Kira'd been here a few years ago, we might not have ended up on Probation? Kira, if that's what you can come up with without even tryin', you'd be dangerous if you actually put your mind to it." Kira accepted the compliment as everyone broke out into laughter again.

"You'd of made one heck of a Ridge Runner!"

"Or a Revenuer." Bo had to laugh as Vance threw that suggestion out there.

"Oh, I'm sure that THAT would have made me real popular with the rest of the family. Not to mention more than five generations of Dukes would've rolled over in their graves."

"I guess that is just the sort of thinkin' though that has it rumored that you'll make Prosecutor by this time next year." Jesse added.

"What are you talkin' about? What rumors?"

"You ain't the only one who can call in favors. I called an old friend of mine and he said that you are well on your way. That you were really something in the courtroom. That you're known for having fire in your eyes and ice in your veins when your up in Atlanta."

"Someone's tryin' to shuck 'n jive ya Jesse. I've got a couple years yet before I'd take those rumors seriously."

After a bit more kidding about Kira's 'shining potential, the conversation returned to the close game. Come half-time, it was still a scoreless game. At which time, Jesse reminded the guys that the evening chores had yet to be done. In order to get them done as fast as possible, all the guys went on out to get started. With the six doing the work that usually two did, the chores were just getting finished up as the teams ran back out on to the field. So once again, the seven settled back into watching the game.

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A poked dog'll bite back


By the end of the game, no one had really been paying much attention to it. Finally the seven had been shooed out of the living room to allow those that had been assigned to sleep in there to turn in. As Kira was preparing for the night, she thought to herself that the fellas were all going to be sporting some mighty big hangovers in the morning. None of them had drank anything but 'shine in hours, nothing brought on a hangover worse than being dehydrated while getting a good buzz going. Kira had the sneaky suspicion that she wouldn't be the only one a bit grumpy when the sun found Hazzard back in it's sights come the morning.


The next morning, Kira awoke trying to avoid the bright streak of light that began to filter in from the window. She had a mild headache, but she had expected worse considering that she wasn't used to drinking the nearly two hundred proof 'shine. Looking at her watch, she saw it was nearly seven o'clock. Surprised that she'd been allowed to sleep so long, Kira got dressed and headed on down to see if she could get some breakfast. Finding Daisy in the kitchen, Kira asked if she'd seen any of her partners in crime from the night before.

"Honey, Uncle Jesse got Bo and Luke up about a half an hour early for chores this morning then got the others up to help take down all the tables right after he FORCED them all to eat breakfast. Hard work has always been his way of punishment for having a hangover. They're all lucky that there ain't no fences that need mending right now. They're all outside now getting everything up."

"How'd I get lucky enough to avoid the Wrath of Jesse? 'Course, I don't have a hangover, just a mild headache."

"You'd have to ask him I reckon. He's around here somewhere."

Kira headed outside and watched as the fellas were all busy taking the tables down and stacking the chairs. She felt sorry for the guys all out in the bright sunny morning, each with hangovers about the size of the whole state of Georgia. Walking over to Bo, she hands her sunglasses to him as she asks, 'Need some help?' Bo looks up looking like he just might get sick any moment before accepting the glasses.

'How come you don't seem too bad after last night?'

Kira started stacking some chairs near where Bo was taking down a table. 'Let's just say I learned more than just about the law in college.' Bo looked at her a bit confused. Not knowing just what she meant by that. 'I learned to make sure I drink a glass of water with each glass of liqueur. I kept snacking last night, too. In college, binge drinking is a favorite hobby of a lot of students.'

Bo just shook his head slightly. His head hurt too badly to really think on what Kira just told him. Soon, both trucks were loaded up and were ready to take a load of tables and chairs back to the Ladies League from where the Dukes had borrowed them. While Bo, Luke, Coy, and Vance left out to unload them, Jebb, Judd, and Kira kept working on the ones that had yet to be taken down or stacked.

The morning progressed without the usual banter back and forth that Kira had learned to expect from them. But what really made her feel bad for the fellas was when Pauline came out to talk to Jebb and Judd. It seemed that Kira wasn't the only one that she'd decided needed advice on relationships, though she seemed to come down even harder on her son. Pauline still had the girls at home yet she was already pushing Jebb to give her grandkids to spoil. Both guys were currently dodging questions about if they had found a suitable girl to settle down with. When they planned to settle down. And of course a lecture of the evils of getting drunk. Kira noticed how both men seemed to accept the intrusion and lecturing with little more than some light squirming.

Kira knew now why the others had found her responses to Pauline to be entertaining. She had just done what they couldn't bring themselves to do. Much to Kira's relief, Pauline didn't start in on her this morning. If she had, Kira highly doubted that she would have been as complacent as her blond and brunette cousins currently were to her needling.

Finally, after several loads, all the chairs and tables had been returned. As soon as the work was done, everyone with a hangover promptly went in search of a place to hideout for the rest of the morning. Meanwhile, the majority of the relatives were packing up and had began to filter out of the Duke farm. Kira had found her way back behind the barn where the vehicles were parked. With nothing else to do, she grabbed some tools out of the barn and began to tune-up her bike. No sooner had she started before she was joined by Jebb.

"Hey Jebb, what are you doing out here?"

"Probably the same thing as you. Hiding." Kira laughed as Jebb glanced behind him, looking to see if he'd been followed. "Mom was talking about introducing me to a new neighbor back home."

"Well at least I know that I'm not the only one she's been harassing. I swear if I hear one more word about that Earl what's his name that she's been going on about, I'll scream." Jebb laughed as he figured, that unlike most people that might would say that just to be dramatic, Kira just might actually do it.

"Well if your done with your bike, how about I show ya to Rainbow Canyon where we can get some practice in while we're waiting for the crowd to clear?"

"You're on. It's got to be better than when I raced the others."

Jebb had heard about the other night, his cousins had made the mistake of assuming that Kira COULDN'T race. Sometimes, his cousins could be fools. "Then let's hit it."

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"Well, that about does it. We're all ready. I done said goodbye to everyone but Jebb and Kira. I ain't seen hide nor hair of either of them in hours." Pauline was guiding her daughters into the backseat of her car as her husband was putting the last suitcase into the trunk.

"Well, I saw both of them tear out of here on their bikes earlier. But with the way you were going on about them neighbors of yours, I kind've doubt they'll be back 'til after your done and gone."

"Jesse, the only thing I was doing..."

"Was pushing every button you could on them kids. Same as you do every year. You know as well as I do that the more you push any of these youngens to do something, the more likely they'll do the exact opposite. And ya didn't even let Kira get her feet wet before ya started in on her too. Now Pauline you know I love ya to death but I've been waitin' for years to see just how long it would take for these youngens to spit back. Now ordinarily, I don't hold for no sassin' back from these kids, but they've all got a fightin' streak a mile wide and you can only poke a dog for so long before he bites back. Now these youngens have all been taught to respect their elders, but that don't mean that you can take advantage of it."

Pauline looked at Jesse in total shock as he chastised her for the first time in years. She was about to answer back when she turned towards the sound of two motorcycles racing up the driveway. The yellow and green bikes were coming up the drive in a dead heat with one another. The two pulled up just short of where Jesse and Pauline were standing. Pulling off his helmet, Jebb jumped off to hug goodbye to his mom and dad before they left, promising to be home Sunday evening.

Kira headed on inside during the goodbyes, looking for Coy and Vance since they would be leaving out shortly as well. She may not miss Pauline, but she would admit that she will miss those two. She made sure to give them both her number to her apartment and her office and told them to give her a ring if they were ever in Atlanta.

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To Shuck 'N Jive


With all the relatives gone but Judd and Jebb, the house seemed oddly quiet after the invasion of the Duke farm. After evening chores, the six Duke cousins all decided to go Jukin' that night to unwind after all the chaos that always follows a big get together. Despite the chill in the air, Kira declined to either ride in The General or take her own truck. Instead, like Jebb, she rode her bike out to the Boar's Nest. After a brief attempt, Bo gave up trying to change her mind. He realized that she was only insisting on the bike because both he and Uncle Jesse had suggested for her to ride with the others. Both she and Jebb had already made a friendly bet on which of the two would beat the other to the bar first. Jebb had also tried talking to Bo about lightening up when it came to Kira. Seems that he already knew Bo's own sister better than he did.

Reluctantly, Bo decided to try to give her some space. But he wasn't promisin' nothin' if trouble starts. So here he was driving his three brunette cousins, Daisy, Luke, and Judd, in the General while Jebb and Kira took off on their bikes toward the Boar's Nest. And try as he might, The General just wasn't able to keep up with the bikes once they went off road into areas that no car, General included, could go.


Kira pulled up less than a second behind Jebb; less than a second but she lost. Laughing the two hop off their bikes and headed into The Nest. Looks like the first round would be on her. She never thought she'd be happy to lose a race, of course this time she knew she lost fair and square. Grabbing a table, she and Jebb went ahead and had a pitcher of beer brought over and Kira ordered a Scotch. By the time the drinks were delivered to the table, Bo and the others finally showed up and had joined them at the table. In no time at all, the six had began to laugh and carry on like they hadn't a care in the world. All were dancing up a storm to the music coming from the Jukebox and Kira was having more fun than she'd had in a long time.

After a song ended, Kira made her way back to the table from dancing with Bo and Luke's dark-skinned friend, Brody. It appeared that the smooth-talk-market wasn't held exclusively by the Duke men in Hazzard. By the time she was joined by the others, she was about tempted to ask if anyone had brought a shovel; it was gettin' deep in here. Kira sat the next dance out as the others headed back to the dance floor. Looking towards the door, she noticed a familiar face walking in. Keeping track of the newcomer, Kira checked to see if the others had notice the latest patron. They hadn't and she wasn't about point him out.

Soon, Cooter had joined the Dukes and Kira easily saw that he really was like part of the family. Truth be told, he was already much more a Duke than Kira thought she ever could be. Eventually, he asked Kira to dance as well.

"Seeing as how your brother and cousins are here I'll even promise to behave" Cooter said while giving a lop-sided grin and a wink.

Teasing back Kira asked, "Then what's the point?"

"Danged if I know." Both laughed along with the rest as they headed to the floor. Midway through the song, Kira noticed that Ernie had left the bar and had gone over to talk to Bo. Cooter noticed too, "Uh Oh. Trouble." Knowing that ordinarily, Luke was the one that took on Ernie for a reason. But tonight, it seemed that Bo was ready to give the fight that Ernie was looking for. Kira was ready to head back over when Cooter stopped her. "If its a fair fight, we gotta stay out of it. Ya know how mad you were the other night when the whole family came a runnin', well same's here."

"That part of the good 'ole boys' handbook?"

Grinning slightly, "Something like that." Still watching the exchange across the room, Kira saw Bo abruptly send a left cross at Ernie before an all out brawl was underway. No sooner had the fight started than Kira heard something about how Rosco had been called and was on his way. Rosco, the sheriff.

Grabbing Cooter's arm, she asks, "Any rules about not letting the sheriff get in here?"

"No why?"

"You park around back or out front?"

"Round back, again, WHY?" Cooter asked a bit confused while still trying to follow the fight across the room.

"You up for a little shuck 'n jive?"

"Next to a good fight, there ain't nothin' like a good jive. If'n it's one on old Rosco, then it's even better. What 'cha got in mind?"

"Come on, I'll explain it outside."


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Just as Cooter finished getting into place, Rosco's patrol car came to reckless stop just outside the Boar's Nest. Kira walked away from The General doing her utmost best effort NOT to look back. Instead she made a beeline to the patrol car as Rosco got out gleefully rubbing his hands together in anticipation of arresting a Duke.

"Sheriff Coltrane, I'm glad you made it. I hope you don't mind it being me, waitin' on ya here." Kira hopped up on the trunk to sit, causing Rosco to stop and turn back to her.

"What? I was told that there was a .."

"I didn't figure you'd come if you were just told that a Duke wanted to talk to ya. So, well..."

"You wanted to talk to me? Why?"

"I just wanted to thank you personally for everything you did. Trying to find me when I was little and all. I know that the cases involving children are always the worst to work on. Give me an ordinary crook any day. Not everyone can handle the children."

"I was just doing my job. I'm sorry I didn't find ya. But I'm glad that everything's goin' to work out all the same." Kira hopped off the trunk and walked over to Rosco and slipped her arm through Rosco's giving him a smile. She hoped that Cooter was ready.

"Well, how about we go on in and I'll buy ya a drink?"

"That's mighty nice of ya. I'd be just a pleased as punch to accept your offer." Just as Rosco went the close the door to the patrol car, the CB came to life.

"Breaker one, Breaker one. I might be crazy but I ain't dumb. Cr-A-zy Cooter comin' right at ya. Rosco, you got your ears on? Come back."

Reaching in to grab the CB mic, "This is Rosco P. Coltrane. I got my ears, eyes, and nose on. What do you want?"

"I thought you told them kids not to be drag racin' down by the Mudd Flatts over on Pinehurst Ridge."

"I did! Are you telling me them dang-blasted kids are back again?"

"Now I ain't sayin' they are, and I ain't sayin' they ain't. I just figured you'd might want to ride out and take a look for yourself."

"Oooh! I'll get them kids. I'm down and I'm gone." Turning back to Kira, "Looks like I'll have to take a rain-check on that drink."

"That's alright. Maybe when I'm back in town, I'll run a speed trap and we'll play tag, instead." Kira laughed as she heard Roscoe giggle to himself.

"Oh, Hot pursuit! I love it, I love it! I'll catch 'cha later." With that Rosco sped off towards the Mudd Flatts.

"Not if I can help it." Kira mumbled to herself as she watched the patrol car speeding down the dirt road. When the car was out of sight she signaled the all clear to Cooter. Climbing out of the stock car, he busted out laughing causing Kira to join him.

"Just what would you have done if he hadn't of fallen for that?"

"I would've thought of something," Kira paused then added, "or prayed."

"Fortunately, it worked. Let's go see if those two are still at it, now."

Once back inside, Kira saw that Luke had Bo back at the table and it looked like some of Ernie's friends was trying to convince him that it was time to leave over in a corner. By the looks of it, there hadn't really been a winner. It also looked like Bo wouldn't be driving home considering his right eye was already swelling shut. Taking her seat, Bo looked over at her.

"Where did you two disappear to?" Kira picked up her glass as she answered.

"While you were in here two steppin' with Ernie, I took Cooter outside to take advantage of 'em," Kira took a sip to mask the smirk as she tried to keep a straight face. After a pause to allow eyebrows to be raised and looks exchanged she added, "Puttin' him to work on a little shuck 'n jive on Rosco."

"And one fittin' of a Duke. I 'bout died when old Rosco tore out of here towards the Flatts. The whole time he thought Kira was just as sweet as can be. She even told him that they'd have a game of tag the next time she's in town." The cousins all laughed at the image of Rosco getting excited over having a new Duke to chase. Then just as Kira went to take the last sip of her scotch, Cooter added, "For the record, Darlin'. You can take advantage of me anytime." That caused everyone to laugh once again while Kira choked on her drink.

"I'll admit I opened that door, but don't ya think that you could have waited until AFTER I'd finished my drink?" Kira asked as she tried to catch her breath.

"Could have, but it wouldn't have been as much fun." Cooter answered.

"On that note, I think that perhaps we should get out of here before the sheriff gets out to Pinehurst and finds that no one has been up there racing. Wouldn't do at all if he came back and we were all still in here."

Bo knew that teenagers had been racing in the Flatts since Uncle Jesse was a teenager. Still, with their luck, this would be the one night that every teen with a souped-up engine would be grounded. So despite the fact that the likely-hood of Rosco catching on was as slim as a Boss deciding to go on a diet, the Dukes (plus one Davenport) all headed on back out.

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A Secret Slipped


The next day, Kira was wandering though stalls at the festival that resembled a lot like a county fair. In fact it was held at the old fair grounds at the edge of town. Several of the local merchants and craftsmen had set up to take advantage of the Thanksgiving Day Festival to kick off the Christmas shopping season. There were dozens of stalls selling everything from baked goods to knick-knacks. Ordinarily, Kira did not like shopping for anything. Typically she would shop as quickly as possible unless she was with Sam. She'd long since learned that shopping to Sam was more like therapy. She loved to take her time and when Kira was with her, so did she. Today, though, it didn't seem like shopping as she went from stall to stall. It was exploring. She was able to tell a lot about the county by the wares that it sold. She was currently at one of the stalls trying to find a present for Sam. Kira was debating between two music boxes. One was a light lavender, the other a pale pink. Even though Kira personally didn't care for the color pink, she knew that Sam loved it so much that her room practically looked like a Pepto-Bismol bottle had exploded. Well, you are suppose to buy the gift for the person, not for yourself. So she told the nice woman running the stall that she'd take the pink music box that played Some Where Over the Rainbow. That was when Bo came up behind her and threw his arm across her shoulders. Seeing the the box, he chuckled .

"Didn't really picture you being the powder-puff type. You never liked pink if I recall right." Kira rolled her eyes.

"I don't, but I thought Sam would like it. Her room is practically a nightmare of pink. Plus she loves watchin' old Judy Garland movies. So she'll like the song too." Looking around, Kira tried to decide what to do next. "What's everyone else up to?"

"I think Daisy is over at the tilt-a-whirl with Enos. Luke met Becky Ann over at the Ferris Wheel last I saw. Not sure about the others. You want to ride any of the rides?"

"Are you kidding? After that ride here in The General Lee, they all seem just a bit tame in comparison. Not to mention, I doubt that the female half of the Hazzard population would forgive me if I monopolize your day." Kira had noticed the looks she had been given by many of the women in town since arriving at the festival. She'd bounced between annoyance and finding them hilarious. She knew that no one but Boss, Rosco, Brody and Cooter knew who she was. With the fact that she'd already been seen twice at the Boar's Nest with the Dukes and she was a stranger in a town where everyone knew most everyone else and their families, tongues were wagging. Gossip spread like a wildfire in small areas like Hazzard.

"Why would spending the day with my sister be a problem for anyone?" Kira looked at her brother and saw he really hadn't put things together. Could he be so dense? So as she answered, she popped her palm against his forehead.

"Because, Bo-Bear, no one KNOWS I'm your sister." Okay, she couldn't help it. She had to laugh as Bo realized just WHAT the townsfolk had assumed about him and Kira.

"So that's why Mary Jo gave me the cold shoulder earlier today." Mary Jo was Bo's latest fling. In fact, he was supposed to have taken her out last Saturday. In everything that had happened Bo had stood her up and forgotten all about her last week. "Oh No! Dang-it. How am I gonna explain this without it sounding like a Shuck 'N Jive? She ain't gonna believe me."

"You'll think of something." Kira answered as she continued to chuckle at her brother's predicament. "I'm sure this ain't the first time you've gotten in hot water with a girl only to bail your way out." Kira took her wrapped present from the lady at the stall as she began to walk towards the center of the festivities. Across the square, Bo saw Mary Jo walking arm in arm with Ernie. Scowling, Bo got ready to head over.

"Doesn't look like I'll have that chance." Following Bo's gaze, Kira saw the two heading over to one of the rides together.

Looking back at Bo, knowing exactly what he had in mind, she put a hand up on his chest to stop him. 'You sure that's a good idea. After all, you already can't see out of one eye. Plus Jesse wasn't too happy about last night. You really want to get into it again so soon with Ernie?' Bo looked back and forth between his sister and the couple across the square before blowing out a breath. Turning away with Kira, he figured that she was right about letting this one go. Jesse would tan him good for sure if he started anything here at the festival.

"Well, how about I start to introduce ya around. The looks we get ought to be entertaining enough." Bo tried his best to grin at her even though he'd rather be putting his fist through Ernie's teeth right now.

As the twins wandered in the opposite direction, they came across Emma Tisdale. As she walked up, she looked like she was on a mission and Bo was pretty sure WHAT that mission might be. "Well Bo, how are you?"

"Just Fine Ms. Tisdale, and you?"

"Fine, fine. You plannin' on introducin' that young lady to me or should I just go back and listen to the gossip floatin' around instead." Well, she's always been a bit forward and direct.

"Yes ma'am. Kira, this here is Emma Tisdale. Our post-mistress. Ms. Tisdale, this is my sister, Kira."

"Well, I remember something about how you had a sister, but I didn't know YOU knew. Why, let me look at you child." Emma squinted through her glasses as she studied Kira. "Well, you seemed to have done pretty well for yourself," she said as she noticed that the green sweater that Kira was wearing didn't seem to be an ordinary wool or cotton blend. Cashmere if she guessed right. Folks in Hazzard didn't bother wasting their money on expensive sweaters like that one. "Well welcome back to Hazzard. Where you been keeping yourself lately?"

"I live in Atlanta, ma'm." Kira answered.

"Atlanta, huh? What do you do in Atlanta?"

Time for them odd looks, Kira thought to herself. "I'm a Defense Attorney."

Emma looked Kira up and down, then over to Bo. "Good, maybe you can help keep your brother and cousin out of trouble. They're good boys, just a bit high spirited."

"I can try. They'll even get the family rate." Kira winked at Bo as she grinned at the elderly woman. "Of course, that's providin' that they don't keep me so busy I can't take on PAYIN' clients." The three chuckled a bit as they all knew just how often the Dukes just MIGHT need legal help given the fact that J.D. Hogg had a vendetta on the Dukes.

"Well, I hope you'll be around Hazzard more often now. I have ta get goin' but ya'll tell ya'lls handsome Uncle Jesse I said hey. They're gonna start the cake walk without me if'n I don't get movin'."

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"With Miss Tisdale knowing who you are, word will get out fast. Everyone in Hazzard has to see her to get their mail. Now if we can just find Maybelle, the operator at the telephone company, the whole county'll know by night fall." Bo said as he and Kira continued walking. Looking towards the band stand at the center of the square, Bo saw that folks had been setting up instruments and now the town's folk were all taking turns getting up and singing their favorite songs. Grinning, he turned to Kira who stopped him before he could suggest anything.

"You wanna go up there, be my guest but I AIN'T gettin' up there Bo so forget it." A little disappointed, Bo didn't push it. Instead, he went and signed up to be put on the list. Already, Becky Ann had sweet-talked Luke into getting up on stage and was singing Up on Cripple Creek. Bo chose to sing In the Driver's Seat. He even saw Jebb walk over to the list and wondered what he'd sing. About an hour later, both he and Kira were applauding Daisy as she finished singing a song that she had written when Boss went to read the next name off the list.

"Alright, let's see who we have up next. Well, well, well, and well. It seems we have another Duke want'n to croon a little. Next up is Miss Kira Kyle DUKE."

"BO! You didn't!" Kira swung around to her brother. She had told him specifically that she did NOT want to go up.

"I didn't! I swear!" Bo saw the look that Kira gave him that said she didn't believe him so he added holding up his hands, "Cross my heart, hope to give up women! I didn't"

Despite the fact that she was peeved, that made her have to bite the inside of her cheek so she wouldn't laugh. "Well if you didn't, then who?" Taking a quick glance around, her eyes landed on the only other person that she could think of that would have signed her up then stormed over to where he was watching the stage. "Jebb! You did it, didn't you? I'm not going up there."

"Why not? You were great in Mobile last year."

"I only did it then for a couple of reasons. A) It was for charity. B) I did it on a dare. C) I'd known most those people for a couple of years..."

"D) You've known me for years." Jebb added with a grin.

"E) I'm beginning to wish I haven't." She answered in a huff. Looking around, Kira saw that people were waiting on her. Reluctantly, she headed up to the band stand as she did her best to calm her nerves. Once at the microphone she looked directly at Jebb before beginning to speak. "Before I start, I'd like to invite ya all to the wake of the soon to be late Jebb Stewart Duke. Never let it be said that he died a WISE man." Kira paused as a few laughs went out at Jebb's (and her own) expense. "Well, I guess I should say that this song could never be done as well as Dottie West does it, but since I've been VOLUNTEERED, I guess I'll give it my best shot." With that Kira started to sing A Lesson in Leavin' with just enough sass that made everyone who was listening to forget the fact that she hadn't wanted to go up in the first place. When Kira left the stage, she walked over to Jebb and spoke quietly but harshly to him. Bo tried to get over to them fast enough to over hear what his sister would say to their blond cousin, but by the time he reached them both were silent. Kira still looked annoyed with Jebb while he was just grinning at the reaction he'd gotten from his fiery-tempered cousin.

Walking up to Jebb, Bo clapped Jebb on the back as he went to say, "Better you than me. I actually considered pulling that same stunt but thought better of it. Want to share with the class just what she said to ya when she came over?"

"Nope. She'll get over it though. She just inherited one minor flaw that most Dukes don't get a fair share of. Modesty. She doesn't think she's any good at it is all. As far as the stunt goes, I kind of thought that you DID sign her up when I saw the two of ya'll talking before you went over to sign up on that sheet."

Grinning, Bo just said, "Why bother when she can get mad at you instead of me? It's nice to not be the one stickin' my foot in my mouth for once." Both men laughed as they saw Kira had nearly gotten out of sight before they both decided to follow her. With any luck, the two of them will have the red headed Duke laughing and joking around again in no time.


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A short time later Kira had indeed forgotten the incident with Jebb and had once again had begun to enjoy herself at the festival. Making her way to a huge bulletin board, Kira saw that this must have been the project that Daisy had been working on last weekend. Scanning the board, it must have had hundreds of pictures on it. There were baby pictures of nearly everyone in town posted on it. And of course, Kira wouldn't know any of them but some of them were funny enough to look at anyway.

'Thought I'd find ya here.' Kira turned around to spot Bo walking over. He was still several feet away when he had seen Kira at the Who's who? game. The game that Daisy had been digging through pictures for this time last week that had turned the world upside down. Not that he'd want it right-side up no more. But looking at the board, he had mixed feelings about it all the same. 'Eventually anyway.' With so many people around, Bo didn't really want to be over heard so he fell back on to his and Kira's link instead of speaking. Luke had pointed out to him that he and Kira seem to do that a lot already, though he hadn't really noticed until after Luke said something about it.

Kira turned and saw Bo eying the pictures. She didn't have to say what she'd been thinking. He'd been thinking the same thing too. Not really sure of what to say, Kira just didn't say anything. After a few moments, she heard Bo curse under his breath. Following Bo's gaze on the board, Kira saw what he had.

"He's goin' ta kill her." Kira looked at the picture that had drawn Bo's attention. She recognized the young child in the photograph as being none other than Luke Duke. Looks like Daisy was good to her word. Luke hadn't helped her find a picture to his likin' so she used the one that had been found of him as a toddler right after he had been given a bath.

Laughing, Kira leaned into Bo before saying, "I'd defend 'em. I'll say it's justifiable." That got Bo to laughing too until he looked back and saw Luke was coming their way.

"Uh oh. I think we'd better see if we can keep him from coming over and seein' this." Looking to Kira, they both did their best not to laugh as they approached Luke and turned him as they walked with him, one on each side. Kira slipped her arm through Luke's and Bo tossed an arm across Luke's shoulders. "Hey Luke, you already runnin' from Becky Ann? I thought we'd be lucky to see you again before preachin' tomorrow. What's wrong, can't keep up with her no more in your old age." Kira grinned as he ribbed Luke. Though it wasn't strictly because of Bo's antics. The way those two interacted was a class act. Worthy of any stage. And it appeared that they were succeeding in leading Luke AWAY from the pictures.

Luke looked back and forth between his cousins as Bo continued to kid him. Truth be told, Becky Ann's brothers showed up and hadn't been too happy to find their baby sister with one of the infamous Duke Boys. He couldn't read Kira as well as he'd like yet but he could definitely tell that Bo was up to something. He couldn't really figure out what. He had been coming to find them to see if they'd had enough when he found them over at the ... GUESS WHO'S WHO GAME! She wouldn't. Luke turned around so fast that Bo and Kira hadn't been able to stop him. Luke ran over to the board and before the twins caught up to him they heard, "DAISY! DANG IT!" Luke went off in search of Daisy as he ignored the irruption of laughter from the two cousins behind him. As Luke went in search of Daisy, the remaining two cousins came over to find out just what he was now going on about. Showing Judd and Jebb, Bo explained that that had actually been the first picture that Daisy and he had kidded Luke over last week and that Daisy HAD warned him.

"Just how did you avoid the same embarrassment, Bo?" Judd asked still smirking at his older brother's baby picture on display to the whole town to see, protected by a plate-glass covering.

"Simple, I gave her a picture to use." Bo pointed to the picture he'd handed Daisy. It was the photo that had been hidden in the brown envelope for more than two decades.


"Come on Kira, ya gotta come back down next weekend. We'll all be starting in on the holiday preparations. You don't want to miss that do you?" Daisy had picked up the argument where the fellas left off.

"Sorry Daisy, I promised Sam that we'd go out next weekend. I don't intend to break my promise." Then Kira added with an evil grin, "Course, I told the fellas that they're more than welcome to tag along, though I just can't picture these two going to the ballet." Daisy choked on her breakfast as she got the image of any of her cousins duded up to attend the ballet, then being bored stiff for hours as they were trapped there.

"So this Sam fella must be special. Why don't 'cha bring 'em along." This time it was Bo's turn to choke, which earned him some odd glances.

"Daisy, Sam is the judge's fourteen year old daughter that she told ya'll about her first night here." Bo croaked out before taking a sip from his milk to help the eggs down that had gotten caught in his throat.


"Plus I told her that I'd take her skating if she aced her last Science test. So I may or may not be doing that, too, next weekend. Look, I promise that I'll be back on the fourteenth. According to my datebook, I don't have any cases scheduled the next day. So after work on that Thursday, I can drive in and not have to leave 'til Sunday. Then I'll be back for Christmas, too."

"One thing to be grateful for," Bo said after setting his milk down. "We get to save on long distance charges. No need for the phone."

"Just don't 'call' while I'm in court. That could cause problems." Looking up, she saw Judd was looking at her and Bo confused, as was Jebb. Oops. Looking over at Jesse, she wondered how they were going to explain this to them. It had been decided not to tell the whole family about her's and Bo's link. Coy and Vance knew since they both were here when Kira arrived. The older family members may suspect, but they didn't know for sure. But here she and Bo (Bo first she thought to herself) just spilled the beans over breakfast. 'Now how are we going to EXPLAIN THIS!'

Bo realized what he'd let slip and glanced Jesse's way as well. "It's alright you two. We might as well fill these two in. Judd should know anyway since his daddy was involved too."

Jesse poured himself another cup of coffee as he filled his two nephews in on the fact that Kira and Bo shared the same unusual ability that their father shared with Luke's and Judd's father shared. Of course those two didn't quite believe it. Before the family loaded up to head on in to church, the two split the twins up to test what they been told. Judd took Bo out and tested them by having him pass a message on to Kira then had her tell Jebb. When Jebb and Judd compared notes, they just stared at the twins as they tried to process just what this could mean. By the time they all loaded up in the vehicles to head to town, Jebb and Judd's heads were spinning from the effort of trying to grasp this new family secret.

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I'll be home for Christmas


Kira had just gotten on the road back to Atlanta. She hated having to leave out before her two cousins but she still had work that needed to be done before she headed into court the next morning. So as soon as she had finished lunch, she said her goodbyes to her brother, cousins, and Uncle. That alone took atleast twenty minutes. Strange how it had never taken her that long to leave anywhere before. Kira guessed it was because she never really had left anything or anyone behind that she hadn't wanted to. True, she'll be back, and soon. Judd would be back for Christmas too. This holiday season promised to be like one she'd never experianced. She also saw a very interesting life ahead of her as a Duke. So sure that adventure would be waiting for her everytime she made her way back to Hazzard.

Nearing the county line, Kira turned on her radio and as expected, the station had begun to play all Christmas music. "White Christmas" was winding down and went straight into the next song. A song that until now she never had really cared for. Now listening to the song, she heard it in a whole new light. On an impulse, Kira grabbed the portable CB that Jesse had insisted that she put in her truck since she hadn't had one installed. Pressing the mic. the whole county was treated to her unusual goodbye via the radio as the song played over the airways.

I'm dreamin' tonight of a place I love

Even more then I usually do

And although I know it's a long road back

I promise you

I'll be home for Christmas

You can count on me

Please have snow and mistletoe

And presents under the tree

Christmas Eve will find me

Where the love light beams

I'll be home for Christmas

If only in my dreams

Christmas Eve will find me

Where the love light beams

I'll be home for Christmas

If only in my dreams

If only in my dreams

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