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New Fic: "The Story of Us" - Backstory for "Beneath a Hazzard Moon"

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First, I want to thank everyone here for their encouragement on my fic "Beneath a Hazzard Moon". It's because of all your wonderful reviews and support that I decided to write the back-story down that I used while writing that novella.

This fanfiction, "The Story of Us", is a collection of vignettes - following certain events in the lives of Enos and Daisy while growing up.

Each chapter begins a new story and can be read as stand-alone stories without having read "Beneath a Hazzard Moon" - in fact, it would probably be best to read at least the first chapter of the back-story before you do.

This first chapter follows mainly ten year old Enos's POV, but the other chapters will focus more on the two together.

Chapter 1 - Justice

Life is hard in the back hills of northwestern Hazzard County where moonshining is a way of life. When 10 year old Enos's aunt goes missing, he believes he holds the key to her discovery - but telling the truth isn't always easy.

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I don't know who Vector 426 on FF.net is on here, but in the hopes that they'll see it or someone knows who they are, I just wanted to thank them for their reviews and send them a reply.

I didn't grow up in the hills, but before writing these stories I did a ton of research into the moon-shining way of life. My dad was older (50) when I was born, but we were really close so I always felt like I belonged in a way to the generation before mine. He was a civil engineer and his company designed most of the water systems in rural Arkansas. Sometimes when I was a kid, he would take me along to the town meetings and then later I worked summer jobs at his office.

My dad was one of those people who could talk to anyone, and he took the time to actually listen to people - whether they were an executive or a back-woods moon-shiner. The character of Otis Strate is sort of loosely based on him. He taught me a lot about how everyone has a story and everyone is important, no matter how much they make or what their job is.

Again, thanks so much for your encouragement :)

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Here's Part II of 'The Story of Us'.

As before, this chapter is also a stand-alone story and can be read by itself as well as part of the back story for the fanfic "Beneath a Hazzard Moon". You'll notice it's quite a bit longer than a normal fanfic chapter, sorry it took so long!

In part II, Enos is 13 and Daisy 11. After a chance encounter with the Beaudrys, Enos and Daisy struggle to find their way back home.

Link to Part II -----> "The Story of Us"

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Part III, Chapter 1 is up on "The Story of Us".

This is such an emotional story for me, as you'll learn why at the end of the 2nd chapter. I really want to do it justice, so instead of slamming it all together, I'm going to go ahead and release it in 2 chapters. This way I won't be in such a hurry to rush through the second part of it.

Part III, Chapter 1 - After his father has a close call with the law, fifteen year old Enos wonders if living life on the straight and narrow is really a good idea, after all.

Link to Part III, Chapter 1 ---> "The Story of Us"

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I know this isn't really part of my fanfic, but I figured I'd put a link in this thread as well to my new Enos/Daisy fanvid. I've been wanting to do one with this song for a long, long time. It just screamed "Enos" to me the first time I heard it.

It can be found on YouTube here:

or if YT gets cranky and takes it down, it can be found here permanently:


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