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Runaway Car (1997) (Movie)

Lost Soul

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I've watched this movie a number of times, it's a good movie. A lot of people here probably haven't seen it or heard of it because it's a rare movie. It's about a nurse who picks up her car from the garage and while she's at the garage, she meets a business man who is trying to get to the airport; his car is not ready yet. While on the way to the airport, to drop off the business man (Ed), she picks up her sisters baby. While on the way to the airport, she almost runs over a pedestrian. He asks for a ride to the phone so Jenny (the nurse) let's him get a ride with them. As there driving, their brakes fail and an officer (Bo) tries to stop the car. He stops Jenny earlier for "reckless driving".

At the first of this movie, it says based on true story. I can't find anything about this event, but I'm still looking. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about it or could help me find it. Dunno when the event actually took place but the movie was filmed in 1997.

If you want to watch the movie, you can download a torrent. Just search Runaway Car torrent, it should pop up. There should be at least one seed because I'm seeding it from my computer.

It's pretty much the only way to get this movie since none of the video stores have it and the DVD is rarely seen for sale. I get real lucky and bought it off a website. It took me a long time to find this movie before I bought it. I saw it on TV like 10 years ago, but only saw the 2nd half of it.

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