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The Shakiest Gun In The West (1970)


The Shakiest Gun In The West should this movie be remade?  

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  1. 1. The Shakiest Gun In The West should this movie be remade?

    • Yes, I would love to see a remake
    • No, way.

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The Shakiest Gun In The West, is a Don Knotts Movie and he plays a Philly Dentist and first scene with Dental School Final Exam will have laughing out of your chair. He's one determined dentist, what his mother pulls out of her purse for a tip for the porter will have you cracking up as well. Don Knotts looks pretty nice when he gets his all black cowboy outfit out west and the Indain Scene you got to see as well.

Don Knotts plays Dr. Jesse W. Heywood and he is heading west and kind of green with a gun and everything western at this point. Barbara Rhoades plays this is outlaw named "Bad Penny" and she is the good shot of the movie. You'll like the Indian lady in the Stagecoach and what she pass's out in the stage as they are going. Oh the Father from "Mash" as a part in the movie and once it gets going it never stops.

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