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Hot Tamale(2005)


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Hot Tamale is a movie with James Best, Janeen Daneen(His Daughter) and it's a story about his grandson in the movie wants to be in a Salsa Band so he leaves Wymoning and goes to L.A. and all kinds of things result act of this but if you want more check www.HotTamale.com or just google. Oh by the way the grandson is played Randy Spelling brother of Tori Spelling and Jason Preistly is in the movie and Carmen Electra as well. Matt Cedano is his foreign exchange best friend that lets his stay at his apartment and then leaves and there is surprize at his friends place as well. There is a scened Jimmie's daughter and family find out that her husband as fell under the ice after ice fishing and he's frozen and Harland Williams plays the deputy and his daughter as him for the ring and he snaps off his dead son-in-law's finger and gets the wedding ring and tosses the finger at the deputy. You got to see the scene, it's pretty funny scene.

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