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Rosco as a Vallet

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Um... Brian... were you stealing patrol cars agian?

08police55510viazizaep0.jpg and don't blame maryanne on that one, that's not her patrol car! It's too new!

hmm... maybe I aughta start a thread for funny traffic signs you'd only find in Hazzard... found a few of those already....

"Hello, Operator? Would you help me place a call please...." ROFLMAO

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What's a little vee-hicular mayhem between friends? Heh heh.

Actually I'm very careful with my car. Well, mostly. I do have a 67 Impala in real life, to put it that way. And I've done stupid things with it, very stupid things. Nowadays, I'm much more careful.

Back to MaryAnne... she's a good driver. Really. But she can't parallel park to save her life. In fact, she struggles anytime there's a parking space with lines painted on either side and the car has to fit between them. I mean, thank goodness Walmart parking lots are huge because she can kinda sprawl the car out in a diagonal and make it work.

Yeah, if it wasn't for the "P" on the gear shift display, she'd forget to park altogether, and just get outta the car and let it mosey off in neutral to fend for itself. Wherever it ended up stopping on it's own, that'd be parking. *bonk!*

Heh! Good thing MaryAnne isn't watching this thread.

I was wandering Brian Coltrane, anybody know who my co-worker parks like here has a newer Chevy Cavalier 4dr and she use's the bump and park method. I was also wandering what do you think of Impala with target taillights they better take those cars out in a wooded area during hunting season. What color is your 67 Impala then?

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Hmm... with the thing about forgetting to put it in park.... in real life my boss did that a few weeks ago... whew that was a day...

Same day, earlier that day, I told him not to drive through a muddy field in a pickup that doesn't have fourwheel drive and he did it anyway. Told him he'd get stuck, but he didn't listen. Then about an hour later, the poor guy stops the truck so we can gather limbs and he forgets to set the parking break... and leaves it in drive.

Personally, in real life I don't have a car, however, in real life I did finally get my drivers license!

Hmm... crazy stuff? Sounds like my mother or my mother's exboyfriend! Shoot... she had a stationwagon that seen almost as much airtime as the General Lee! I kid you not!

My father got airtime with a 1984 Chevy Caprice Classic with the family in the car in Georgia. True Story.

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Who says I'm not watching this thread?

You know, I am a girl of many, many wonderful talents. I had no idea that anybody would ever wonder about my parking skills!

Certainly the fifty car pile up would appeal to my style of mass chaos. However, if I have a limited amount of space to work with, I prefer to apply the "Officer Mahoney" theory of parking. Put the car up on two wheels and slide it between two other parked cars. Upon successful parking, shout praise to the heavens: "It fits! The damn thing fits!"

Hilery had a fine example of that with this pic....


But this pic...


Man, now that takes some talent. I haven't graduated to that level just yet. Gimmie time tho'...

Now, what's this about the P meaning "Park" ? My car's a standard, there is no "P" on the gear shift....


Now I got a reference to the "Smallville Pilot Episode" I prefer Clark's method of parking the school bullies Pick-up truck. He stacked them right on top of each other. It's the funnies scene in the pilot episode according to me. And Maryanne, don't worry about your parking back in 1993 a boyfriend was trying to teach me how to drive and he told me about the gas but he forget about the brake and go slow in a parking lot and I took a fence boy was he mad, It was 1984 Chevy Cavalier Wagon, but he later tried to take a Buick with in the next Febr. By the way, I didn't have a learner's permit at the time so he took over driving and he hightailed out of that parking lot before the owners came out or the Cleveland Cops came around.

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I gotta say this much. At least MaryAnne uses the lights and siren when she parks, so everybody can clear outta the way.

At least, those that don't have the stupid iPod earbuds in their ears! Those people never hear anything!

Didn't know she had lights and siren on Maverick... and I don't think she does.

hmm... you know Brian, I think we should be worried about YOUR driving abilities as well. Wheelman in the past or not, you do still have the Coltrane Blood in your veins. :-P

Ah yes...tell 'em about tearing off BOTH mufflers on Diablo a few weeks ago, cousin... :D

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At least, those that don't have the stupid iPod earbuds in their ears! Those people never hear anything!

Ah yes...tell 'em about tearing off BOTH mufflers on Diablo a few weeks ago, cousin... :D

that must have been a sight to behold... and I wonder how he did it. Well, on the brighter side of things, least he ain't hurt... least not bad enough for anyone to detect anyway...

Not glad you pulled a Rosco with Diablo, but Glad ya pulled a Rosco by not getting hurt too bad during it brian.

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Brian, Brian, Brian,

That usually involves 1 of 2 things at least. Either ya ain't taki'n' care of Diablo which I doubt, considerin' he's your pride and joy, or option 2, you hit something. I'm going with option 2. Now to drop an entire dual exaust system... that had to be a pretty interesting accident. That doesn't happen with a little itty bitty one. What did you do, run up on a curb? On a baracade? Did you try to jump Diablo? I mean, I've heard of knocking one muffler off, but BOTH?

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