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Black Dog


If you have seen Black Dog what do you think of it?  

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  1. 1. If you have seen Black Dog what do you think of it?

    • I like it, I love it
    • it was okay

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I just bought a copy of the movie "Black Dog" and it has Patrick Swayze, Randy Travis and Meatloaf and it's pretty cool movie. The entire soundtrack is nothing but Country Music and it seems that my boyfriend at the time when he had went to the theatre to see didn't even like it because the musice bugged the heck out of him. Well, that was ten years ago the theatre where I had seen at in Parmatown mall is now a Dick's Sporting Goods and I dumped him because he tricked my into getting him a Bp Credit Card in which he charged around 600 dollars to it. Well, I got the last laugh because his first credit card has said "Brain instead Brian" and BP considered it a joint account and since I couldn't pay. Well they went after Brian for the money. Well, the last I heard from Brian he is working a mortage as a loan officer and he is married and is living in Madison in a Trailer as well.

P.S. No It wasn't Brian Coltrane that I'm talking about.

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I have Black Dog on DVD and Black Dog is my favorite Patrick Swayze movie

I like the movie as well, when I first saw in the movie theatre my then boyfriend hated the movie because of the Country Music soundtrack it had but I knew it was good. And don't mess with Randy Travis's dog he's his own dog. Lol. Oh by the way try to find "The Long Ride Home" it's western with Randy Travis the funny thing is my brother looks at the cover of this movie and thought it was John Schneider on the cover. Lol.

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