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Kickin It Old Skool 2007


Have you seen or planning on buying "Kickin It Old Skool"?  

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  1. 1. Have you seen or planning on buying "Kickin It Old Skool"?

    • Oh ya, I bought alreadry
    • No way
    • I thinking about it.
    • Jamie Kennedy is the best.

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Kickin it Old Skool has Jamie Kennedy, Micheal Rosembuam and I believe Nick Lachey lady as well. This is the story of Justin who went into a Coma after a breakdancing fall back in 1986 and wakes up twenty years later. Micheal Rosenbuam everybody will remember from playing Lex Luthor on Smallville in this movie he reminds you more of Hughie Hogg. Now rich and successful Ryan Seacrest type host that was Justin's rival, his character's name is Kip and he has the girl that Justin loved back in 1986. There is alot of 1980's mentions and even David Hasselhoff and Kitt have Cameo's in this movie. Christphor McDonald and Debra Jo Rupp play his parents that don't understand why he wanted to go back to what caused his coma in the first place. You got to see the scene with the tv and what happens to his father's Tivo unit and not to mention the scene where Justin is first introduced to the Internet. Well, there is big Breakdancing contest in which he enters to save his parents house.

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