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Attention all Strate fans: Chat

Val Strate

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Howdy all,

Seeing the growing number of 'Enos Strate fans' out there, I was wondering if ya'll want to have a chat this Sunday the 11th. I disscussed the idea with another DOH/Enos fan on the board and it sounds like a good idea. However, due to the fact that we all have different time zones and I noticed there are many international Enos fans out there, chat time this Sunday will be 1:30pm EST.

I know that's early for most people who live in EST to be online, but I set it on a Sunday so that way it's the weekend and there is an actual possibility you can work around it and attend. It's also earilier for anyone else in the US who lives more westward but that's why it's on Sunday.

I've heard form one international user that they are 6 hours ahead, of EST! Which puts them at 7:30! Wow! Maybe at least they can attend for a little while. We'll see what happens.

Other DOH fans are welcome to attend as well, of course more the merrier. However for those that are fan's of hearing 'Possumonagumbush' you don't want to miss this. So break out the buttermilk and get yourself a corn dog on Sunday because we'll be talking about our 'hopeful rommantic' deputy, Enos Strate in the forum chatroom.

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