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Desperate Times=Desperate Measures

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Summary: Bo becomes tangled in somehting dangerous and against the law for, you probably guessed by now, a girl. When Bo's newest , and most serious, girlfriend has gone missing he goes wacko trying to find her. When Luke tells him she probably used him and blew town, the Duke vs. Duke fight of the whole Duke time breaks out. Afterwards, Bo goes to stay with Enos who is helping him find her. With Cooter as the main suspect, what will they do?Will Bo ever find Her? Will He and Luke ever make up? And with Uncle Jesse on his death bed, who will He leave the farm to? And who will he give the Duke familly shine recipe to? Find out.

Bo sat on the park bench in Hazzard square and pretended to read a car magazine. He was really watching Cooter and his new assistant work on Roscoe and Enos's patrol car. To hear Cooter tell it, he"Just couldn't not give her a job." Bo lauged as Madi and Cooter got into an argument over which part went into which car. Bo heard that Madi was taking her lunch break. Bo stared down at the car magazine.

"Care if I sit here, Bo?" Madi asked, two cans of beerin her hand.

"Na, I don't mind." Bo said, scooting over to make room.

"Want one?" Madi asked holding out a beer to him.

"Sure. I can't believe they wrecked their cars agin." Bo said taking the beer with one hand and pointing at the cars with another.

"Na. Boss is payin' tripple to fix'em up like the General Lee. Says we're the only ones that know the build of the General." Madi said, wiping the grease off her hands onto a grease rag.

"So how long are you off for lunch?"Bo asked.

"Rest of the day." MAdi said.

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"Really? Cooter never is usually like that. He tries to get the most out of things." Bo said, taking a drink of beer.

"Yep. It's my Birthday."Madi said, folding her legs up underneath her.

"Hey, Madi. Do you wanna go to the Boars nest?"Bo asked, standing up.

"Sure. What's the deal?" Madi asked.

"Well, ever since you come to Hazzard, I've had strange feelings about you. It's almost like, like, well I just ain't never felt this strange a'fore." Bo said, taking Madi by the hand.

"No, stop." Madi said,swatting his hand away and looking into his eyes.

"Madi, I ain't never felt this way about anyone, ever. Sure I thought I loved people but that wasn't real." Bo said.

"I love you." Bo said

"I don't love you like that. I love ya as my friend and thats all."

At the Boars Nest...

The phone rang and Daisy picked up. It was Luke.He sounded scared and he was talking to fast for Her to keep up.

"Sugar, you're gonna have to slow down. I cain't understand a word of what your sayin'." Daisy laughed nervously.

"Get Bo and get over to tri-counties hospital. Uncle Jesse just had a Heart Attack."Luke said, stumbbling over every word.

"Bo!" Daisy ran over to Bo and Madi Leaving the phone hanging, "Bo. Somethin's happened to Uncle Jesse!" Daisy screamed.

"What happened?" Bo asked.

"Luke Just called He said Uncle Jesse had a heart attack." Daisy said with tears streaming down her face.

At Tri-Counties Hospital...

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"Oh Luke." Daisy said, hugging luke. "What are we gonna Do?"

"I don't know. I really don't know." Luke said.

"Doc says y'all can go in and see 'em now." Madi said.

"What about you, Madi?" Bo asked.

"I got an emergencey over at Cooters and sides, this is family matters." Madi said, turning on the heel of her boot to go. She started to walk off, but, she turned back around at the end of the hall and walked back to where Bo was standing.

"I hope this works out all right." Madi said, hugging Bo. Then she turned to go.

At Cooter's...

"Okay, Bo told you that he was in love with you." Cooter repeated.

"Yes. ."Madi said.

"And ?" Cooter asked

"And he said that he had never felt this way before. About anyone." Madi said.

"He thought he did. Countless times. Turned out they all just used him for somethin. Like to wipe there hands on." Cooter said.

"Well, you helped me piece it toegether. Thanks." Madi said.

"Oh yeah, don't forget, we're workin on the cruisers tommorow startin at noon." Cooter said.

"Okay, I won't forget." Madi said.

Madi got in her wrecker and turned the keys. It died.

"Oh come on. Baby, don't do this." Madi siad, turning the keys some more.

"Need me to give you a ride home?" Cooter asked.

"I sure would appreciate it." Madi said.

Madi's house...

"Well, thanks for the lift. Hey, wanna come in and have a beer?" Madi asked, getting out.

"Sure thang." Cooter said.

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Madi and Cooter went inside and had a beer. When they came back outside, a boy was leading a horse to the watering trough.

"Who's That." Cooter asked.

"Oh, Him. That's my cousin Drew. He was having problems behaving so they sent him down here to go to school for a while. But he loves it. My cousin Amber, his sister, should be around here somewhere." Madi said.

"Well, thanks for the beer." Cooter said.

"Your welcome. Now where is that girl?" Madi asked.

"Well good luck findin' Amber." Cooter said.

"Oh, you need to go to the hospital. Jesse Duke just had a massive heart attack." Madi said. "Bo and Luke need someone to be strong for them. And I think you would be the best person for that." Madi said, putting both of her hands on his shoulders.

"I will. Thanks for lettin' me know." Cooter said.

At Tri-Counties hospital...

"Hey Bo, Luke, Miss Daisy." Enos said. "I heard bout'cher unlce Jesse an I just wanted to let you know how sorry I was for ya."

"Well, Thanks Enos. We preciate it." Daisy said.

"Hey y'all. I heard bout uncle Jesse, and I came as soon as possible." Cooter said. "And I need to talk to Bo."

"What is it Cooter?" Bo asked.

"You really need to give Madi some time." Cooter said.

"What? How do you know?" Bo asked.

"She has it rough. She's only twenty-two and she's tryin to raise a twelve year old and a ten year old. She also has to run a farm, keep track of all her horses, and keep up with the bills. And you wouldn't even know what to do in her situation. You just run around in your little General Lee and when you wreck it you come cryin to me. You ain't never payed your own way. And shes payin the bills, the vet bills, and shes savin for them two kids college. Just slow it down." Cooter said, walking back down the hall to talk to Daisy and Luke. Bo stood there, shocked at what Cooter had jsut told Him. Give her some time? He was deffinetly confused.

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Emma and Billy Bob was traveling because she wanted to see Uncle Jesse and she see's Luke and she says "Hey Luke, what's hurry you look upset and it's nice to see you again."

Billy Bob says "Hey Luke, I'm Billy Bob her husband and what's dang hurry for you."

Emma says "Honey, lets go to the hosptial something tells there is something wrong with Uncle Jesse I just know it."

Cue runningwild

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After Cooter left Madi went looking for Amber.

"Drew, hon, have you seen Amber around here today?" Madi asked.

"Ya," Drew said, currying Maverick, "She took off on Limp a while ago."

"Okay, Thanks. Which dirrection did she go?" Madi asked picking up a hoof pick and began to pick his hooves.

"She said she was going to the creek." Drew said, dropping the currycomb in the bucket and picking up a soft bristle brush and began to brush him down.

"Well, as soon as I'm done with Maver- ya know what?" Madi paused.

"What?" Drew asked, stopping his brushing.

"I think it's high time you learned to pick a horse's hooves." Madi said.

"Really?" Drew asked excitedly.

"Yes really. I learned how when I was just about your age." Madi said, squating down so that their eyes met.

"Okay. First, you gotta get the horse to pick their feet up. So you put your hand right above the hoof. Then you apply pressure and they lift their foot up. You try." Madi said, putting Maverick's foot back on the ground.

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"Okay." Drew said, bending over to pick Maverick's hooves.

"You do this while I go and look for Amber. And when your done, if I'm not back yet, saddle up Maverick here and take 'em after me and Amber, K?" Madi asked Drew.

"Yes, Madi. I won't let you down." Drew said holding the pick in his hand and looking up at Madi as she stretched back up to her full height.

"And when we get back we can have a horse groomin' party. How's that sound?" Madi asked.

"Awesome. Can I put the buckets together? I mean with all of the brushes and combs in them, can I?" Drew said.

"Sure thing."Madi said, ruffling his hair. Madi went in the barn and got out James's tack out. She carried it out to the pasture and sat it on the fence.

Madi sat on top of the fence and whistled for James to come. He trotted up to the fence and nudged the saddle.

"Okay, Boy. We'll go for a run. Don't worry." Madi said, sliding off of the fence. She grabbed the tack and began to put on the saddle.James whinnied loudly.

"Your right. I was testing you. But what exactly did I forget? Was it the bridal? Or was it the saddle blanket?" Madi asked James. "One or two?"

James stomped out the number two in the dirt and whinnied loudly.

"Good Boy." Madi said taking off the saddle and putting on the saddle blanket. She replaced the saddle and put on the bridal. She mounted and took off at a gentle pace. Soon after she looked back and saw Drew on Maverick. She stopped James and waited for Drew to catch up.

"Got done early?" Madi asked.

"Yep. And I watered the cows and I let the dogs out to run. And I fed the Chickens and Goatses and I watered the Goatses and dogs." Drew said.

" Good. Now lets find your sister." Madi said.

"Can we run?The horses have been in the stable most of the day. Me and Amber turned the horses out a little before she left." Drew said.

"Sure Thing little buddy." Madi said, coaxing James into a run and Drew did the same.

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  • 2 months later...

The Next Day....

The talephone rang at Cooters shop just as he got in.

"Hello? Hazzard County Garage." He answered.

"Cooter, you gotta help me. I cain't find Madi. I found Drew and their horses but Madi wasn't no where to be found." Amber rushed over the phone in a sobbing tone.

"Well last time I saw her was about 5 yesterday afternoon. She went out looking for you." Cooter said.

"Well, I need you to come and get Drew he's so shocked about everything I still cain't geta a single word out of him. He just sits and stares at the wall."

"Don't worry darlin' I'm down and i'm out. You can reach me on the CB." He said.

"Oh thanks Cooter. Thank you so much." Amber said. Cooter slammed the phone down on the reciever and jumped into his wrecker. He turned the keys and gave it a start. He gave it all the gas it could handle and he sped thru town.

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