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Did you have met John in Person?


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I did met John at a car show in Ohio that time I was 17 or 18, I was excited to meet him because I've waited for years to meet him from watching him on "Dukes" when I was a kid! Whoo! I did shook hands with him and chatted a little: My mom told John, "My daughter loved watching you on your tv show because she's a huge fan of yours since she was a kid." then he said, "Oh, really?" then I told him, "Yeah." then he said, "Thank you for watching my show!" then I said, "You're welcome!" then I went to get a photo with him next to his general lee!

This is my best birthday present when I was 17 or 18 for my moment when I saw the General Lee was parking there when I was excited then my mom and I waited in line then saw John was coming then I was so happy because my dream comes true since watching him on "Dukes" since I was little!


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Ya, he was nice actually I had this Dukes t-shirt that my dad got me in Tenn and I still have. I do know that paid for one autograph and got two he must've like that I saved the cd covers after his cd's got to scratched to play. I want to try and see again this year and see If I can get John to autograph his 84 cd and his one he did in 1996 for Citizen Flag something.

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What Would Grandpa Say is one of my favorite modern songs of his only because I was always a Grandpa's girl and that never knew my Grandmothers just my Grandfathers. One side it reminds me of my Grandpa Varwig and in another way it reminds me of my Grandpa Szenger, he had this 1980's Dodge truck that was a stick and he was in his early seventies and he tried so hard to pass his drivers test. But he never did and I never did found out what happened after that right there.

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Well, me and my brothers and my Mom and Dad and Grandpa Szenger was with us we had went to visit him at his apartment and there was this Garbage truck that was accidently blocking my dad in at the parking lot. Well, my Grandpa says I going to get my gun out and I forget what he said how he was going to get the garbage truck out of my dad's way. But, you see my dad didn't know that he had his gun with him in the car and my dad was quite surprized. Everybody else was quite surprized as well.

True Story.

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