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Full Moon In Hazzard

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It Was a nice spring day in Hazzard the bee's was Buzzing , the birds was making nest's all the Cherry Blossom's was in bloom. And O'l Bo and Luke is happy as two clams on accont they ain't be in any trouble this past week but how long you reckon it's gonna last.

Speaking of Bo and Luke they was dogged tired from spending all yesterday afternoon plowing the back forty , chopping wood O'l Luke was taking a snooze while Bo who tired too was driving back to the farm after picking up some chickenwire for Uncle Jesse to fix the fence that Bo had broke when him and Luke was being chased by Rosco last week.

Then Bo Looked over at Luke who was sleeping and dreaming away he said " Hey Wake Up Sleepy Head we is home Cuz ", Luke said " Oh Bo i feel so tired from yesterday (Yawn) Uncle Jesse must be waiting for that Chickenwire then Bo said " Well Cuz we is pulling into the farm now then Luke began to feel sleepy again then Uncle Jesse said " Well hey boys what took you ? ", Then Bo said " Well nothing really just Luke and Me was too tired from yesterday i guess we was just being lazy but here's the chickenwire ", Then Jesse said " You boys is late for supper them PorkChops is probably cooled by now but at least you got the chickenwire but don't be late again.", Then Bo turned to Luke and said " You Know yu could have told me we was running late cuz ".

Balladeer : O'l Luke is gonna be acting more strange then a wolf under a full moon when he get's hypnotized

Cue : Anybody

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Even though Bo was exhausted from his hard work on the back 40 he was grinning from ear to ear and it wasn't just because he was driving the General but also because he'd run into his girlfriend Jessica in town and convinced her to go back to the farm with him.

He looked over at her, where she sat on the passenger side gazing out the window. Her long hair blew in the wind that came through the open window. She looked over and caught him looking at her and smiled. Bo found himself once again taken in by her beauty.

She was definitely pretty and knew it though she didn't let it go to her head. Suddenly sirens started wailing behind them and they turned to see Rosco's patrol car pull out behind them. "You better step on it Bo or the only dinner we're gonna be eating tonight is gonna be jail food." She said.

Bo nodded and pressed his foot down hard on the gas and tightened his hands on the steering wheel as the General shot forward, racing towards Hazzard Pond.

Rosco was muttering softly as he followed the retreating General Lee. "This time I'm gonna getcha, I'm a comin', I'm a comin'." He said, chuckling smugly. But he wasn't prepared to see The General turn around and come racing back towards him.

"Bo, what are you doing?" Jessica cried, staring at him, her blue eyes wide. Bo turned and grinned at her. "Just you watch Jess, he ain't gonna catch us." He said. Jessica rolled her eyes. She was used to Bo's daring stunts when he was driving and knew that when she drove in chases with Rosco she tended to be the same way.

Bo skidded to a halt and spun the wheel, turning the other direction. "Bye Rosco." He yelled, and turned heading back to Hazzard Pond. Jessica tensed for a moment and then relaxed when she felt the General hit the ramp and make a clean jump through the air and over the murky pond water.

"YEE-HAW!!" She heard Bo yell and couldn't help but laugh.

When they reached the Duke Farm Luke had just returned from the back 40 and Daisy had gotten home frpm the Boar's Nest and dragged Jessica off to her room for some girl talk. Bo watched the two girl's disappear down the hall and then turned to Luke. "You wanna shower first or should I?" He asked.

Luke grinned and gave him a gentle shove. "I'm going first, then I'm gonna go find out what them girl's are saying bout us." He said and went into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

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So As Luke was in the Shower washing the sweat from working out in the back 40 he was thinking about what the girl's is saying about him and Bo um " I wonder what them girls is saying about Me and Bo i sure hope Daisy ain't telling no embarrising stories about me and Bo ", Then Luke got some shampoo in his eyes " OW that burn's why me this always happens when i'm washing my hair ", then by that time his shower was over unfortunetly his left eye was all red from the shampoo.

Then Luke said " Oh Great now Jessica is probably gonna laugh at me maybe she won't notice but with my luck she probably will ", Meanwhile Bo was wating by the bathroom door to get into next to take his shower he knocked on the door and said " Luke you almost done in thier Cuz i'm smelling pretty bad i need to get in the shower ?", Then Luke opened door with a towel around his legs he said " I'm done Bo all yours ", then Bo said " Thanks Cuz me and Jessica have a date tonight at the Boars Nest i need to get ready for it hey why is your eye red ?", Then Luke sighed said " Oh i got some Shampoo in my eye lord it always happens to me ," Then Bo chucled " Well Cuz you sure look funny but it'll go away don't worry but uh don't let the girls see it or they is gonna tease you fur sure ".

Balladeer : But unfortunetly friends little does Luke know that tonight Luke is gonna be acting pretty strange .

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Luke heard giggling coming from Daisy's bedroom as he passed and wondered for a moment if the girl's had heard his con verstaion with Bo and found out about the shampoo in his eye and the redness but then he caught part of the converstaion and realized they were plotting a trick to play on Bo and wondered if they'd allow him to help.

"Let's get Luke to help us and get Bo good." Daisy said with a laugh and Luke grinned to himself continuing down the hall to his room to get dressed.

Bo was singing loudly in the shower forgetting about the girl's and Luke until he heard laughter coming from outside the door and rolled his eyes in mock annoyance. "Y'all better be gone by the time I'm outta the shower or I'm gonna make y'all wish you had." He yelled, but all hea heard was more laughter and then soft whispering.

He shut the shower off and stepped out, wrapping a towel around his waist and stepping to the door, ready to open it. Just as he started to turn the knob he heard a female squeal and then feet run down the hall, the screen door open and close and the General's engine roar to life a moment later and knew Luke and the girl's were about to make an escape in the big orange stock car.

He opened the door and ran down the hall to his and Luke's room and grabbed some clothes and pulled them on and then ran outside in time to see the General take off, with the musical notes of Dixie trailing behind. Bo jumped in Dixie and started up the engine, speeding after the his cousins and girlfriend in the General

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Bo was starting to catch up with Luke and the two girl's, though he was having a tough time since the General was about ten times faster then Dixie was and even if Luke was driving it would still be faster then Dixie. Besides him Jessica was one of the fastest drivers in Hazzard and he knew if she was the one driving her that he may not catch her.

Suddenly he lost sight of the General all together and knew that it must have been Jess who was driving and not Luke or Daisy as he had orginally thought and hoped.

As he neared where he had lost sight of the car he heard giggling over the sound of Dixie's engine and swung around catching a glimpse of the front of the General and a pretty blond girl sitting on the edge of the driver's side door with her elbows resting on the top of the car.

Bo braked and backed up stopping in front of the General so they couldn't escape and then jumped out of Dixie and stomped over to where the girl's sat. "What did y'all think you were doing?" He yelled angrily. Jessica swung her head around and leveled steely blue eyes on his. "It was just a joke Bo." She said calmly and swung her legs out of the car and landed lightly on the ground.

Bo flushed when he realized that it had been all in goodd fun and no one had meant any harm. "That darn Shampoo." Luke muttered and heard laughter from Bo, Jessica, and Daisy. "Not funny." He muttered.

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So after Bo , Daisy, and Jessica went back to the farm Luke decided to go for a walk by the pond as he was walking he thought he saw something moving in the dark and talking going on too so he decided to go get a closer look he noticed that it was a few people in a van who was up to no good .

But unfortunetly as Luke was trying to run away before one of them people spotted him he tripped and then he fell backwards down a hill then a log fell and hit Luke in the head then it was light's out for Luke he had a bruise on his forehead about the size of a goose egg he was not looking good at all.

Meanwhile back at the farm Bo and Jessica was getting ready for their night of fun at the Boars Nest Bo was so happy that he was going on his second date with this pretty girlfriend of his " Oh Jess I'm so looking forward to tonight and i just am having so much fun with you ", then Jess said " Bo that Joke we played on you was pretty good you fell for it and we knew you would it was all my and Daisy's idea but we thought Luke would make a nice addition ".

Meanwhile Back near Hazzard Pond O'l Luke was laying facedown on the bottom of the hill and not looking too good he is out like a light and he has bruise about the size of a goose egg and some swelling but thankfully Luke don't have a clue as to what is coming fortunetly he is gonna be forgetting this night happened on accont of he is gonna be in a different state of mind not have a clue to anything that involved tonight .

Balladeer : Help Better Come To Luke Soon cause i can't look !

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Jessica and Bo had a great time at the Boar's Nest, drinking and dancing and just plain having a good ol' time.

When they got home Bo didn't want the night to end so he asked Jessiaca to take a walk with him around the pond and she eagerly agreed and took his offered hand.

They both jumped when they heard a low groan. "What was that?" Jessiva asked, peering into the darkness trying to see whatever it was that had made the noise.

"Bo, there's someone there." Jessica said and took off ahead of him before he could stop her, but a scream from her moved him into action and as soon as he reached her he slid to a stop. "Luke." He cried and dropped down next to his injured cousin.

Jessica reached out and gently turned Luke over. Bo gasped when he saw Luke's pale face and the large bruise on his cousin's forehead. Jessica looked up at him. "We gotta get him to the hospital and get him some help, it looks like someone hit em over the head.' She said.

Bo nodded and lifted Luke and placed him over his shoulder and walked towards the General with Jessica close at his side. They got in the General and headed to the hospital.

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The General roared to a stop in front of Tri County hospital and Bo played Dixie letting the doctors and nusres inside know that they needed help right away.

Bo got out and helped Jess out his side as some interns ran out and eased Luke out of the open window since the doors on the car were welded shut.

Jessica took Bo's hand and they followed the interns inside and over to the information desk to tell the secreatary what had happened and how they had found Luke so she could write it all down in Luke's chart.

Jessica went back out and parked the General ad radioed Uncle Jesse and Daisy letting them know what was going on and why she and Bo hadn't returned from their date yet.

When she got back inside the doc had just come out and stood talking to Bo. "What's the news?" She asked. "Well he's lucky, but he does have a concussion." The doctor said.

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So Meanwhile in Luke's hospital room he was just sleeping away unaware that their was strange people one was dressed up as a doctor , the other a

nurse the reason these two bad people are here is because they want to get the dukeboys back for putting them in jail . So Michele the girl says " C'mon Shawn let's go hypnotize him and he won't know what hit him ', then he says " What if one of his family member's show up they may suspect something if they spot us ?' then michele turned to him and smiled " trust me Shawn nothing will go wrong besides he won't even remember a thing."

So Then Michele walked over to Luke's bed she said " Luke , Luke , wake up , Luke , she shook him a few times he moaned some he said " Oh my head Bo is that you cuz i can't see who is their ? " then Shawn said " Luke i'm your doctor i'm just here to check your reflex's then luke looked up he jumped then one of them said " Relax we ain't gonna hurt you just gonna check to see if your reflex's are okay ",

Unfortunetly Luke had no choice in the matter considering he was dizzy , his head hurt , and he couldn't move to save his breath so then Michele took out a little watch she said " Your eyes are getting tired , the lid's are getting heavy , you wanna rest in sleep deep sleep , Luke tried to fight at first but unfortunetly he lost in the end and his eyes began to shut and then michele and Shawn began to Chuckle he said' I don't believe it it worked ", Then Michele said " Luke you won't remember us , you won't remember anything that happened in this room , your gonna go home and go to bed , .

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So Later on that Night at the Hosp. Bo and Jessica came to see Luke unaware that he had been hypnotized but unfortunetly he won't remember

anything about tonight when he wakes up the next day but hopefully Bo and Jessica can get to the bottom of why they hypnotized him before it get's to late . Anyway Bo walked over to Luke's bed he bent down he said " Luke it's me Bo wake up , C'mon Luke please wake up cuz , then Bo looked up at Jess he said " Why won't he wake up do you think he fell into a coma i hope he ain't cause i don't wanna lose him".

Bo was about to give up hope until Luke made some type of movement he said " Bo is that you i must have fallen back to sleep again geeze what happened , why am i here ? , Then Bo said " well Luke you got hit in the head by something what we don't know only we is so happy that your awake finally we thought you was in a coma but um good news is that you

just have a Concussion you can go home tommorrow ain't that great ?

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Luke blinked sleepily and stared up at his younger cousin and his cousin's pretty blond girlfriend, who stood next to Bo, her hand held in his, concern in her pretty blue eyes and across her pretty features. He'd always admired Jessica. Not only was she pretty, but she was strong, had a good head on her shoulder's and didn't put up with any of Boss and Rosco's crap.

She was a good driver and instead of learning to shoot a gun she had insisted on learning to shoot a Bow and Arrows, just like him and Bo. She had learned very quickly for a girl. He remembered it taking them longer to teach Daisy how to shoot.

He felt Bo and Jess' eyes on him as he pushed himself up with his arms and felt a sharp pain go through his head. He released a groan and caught Bo and Jessica exchanging glances and then Bo went over to the other bed and grabbed one of the pillows, propping it up behind Luke's head so he could sit up better.

Luke smiled gratefully at his cousin and wondered if he should ask when and how they had found him the night before. "When did y'all find me?" He blurted out, surprising Bo and Jessica. "We decided to take a walk after our date and we found you laying by the pond." Jessica said softly, tears in her eyes.

Luke wondered how bad he had looked when they had found him and how much it had hurt both of them to see him that way.

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Then Luke sleepily said " Bo how bad did i look when Y'all found me ?

then Bo looked concerned at Luke cause he was wondering how he could forget what happend and why he was acting so confused and lost he said " Well Cuz you looked pretty banged up you had a big bruise on your head , you was pale , and bleeding you scared the heck out of me i thought you was dead".

Luke said " I don't remember that Bo oh i'm so sleepy why can't i just stay a... wake after that Luke fell asleep again as Luke was sleeping Bo was wondering why Luke is acting so funny he should know why he is here he got into a accident but i don't understand why he is so confused ",

Then Jessica says " Bo Luke is probably confused because he has a head injury his head is swollen right now when that goes down he'll be better don't worry he'll be fine Bo but for now i think we should let him get some rest ".

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Bo nodded though he wasn't convinced. He'd never seen his cousin act like that before and he was worried. "Let's go see the doc while Luke is restin." He said, and led the way down the hall to see about talking to Luke's doctor.

The nurse smiled at Bo but he basically ignored her and asked to talk to Luke's doctor. "I'm sorry, but you can't right now." She said and flashed him another smile. Bo opened his mouth to reply, but Jessica rested a gentle hand on his arm and moved forward, her blue eyes flashing.

"Look, the doc told us if we had any questions about Luke's condition we were to ask one of the nurses to get him, so unless you want me to go above your head darlin' I'd suggest you do as we ask." She said. The nurse stared at her in surprise and then her surprise turned to a glare though she did go to find the doctor.

Bo and Jessica went to the waiting room and sat down to wait for the doctor to come and talk to them about Luke. Bo watched Jessica as she stared out the window, gazing down at the parking lot. He didn't remember the last time he'd ever seen her so mad. She was even more beautiful when she was mad and he liked that.

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As Bo and Jessica was waiting in the waiting room Luke was sleeping and dreaming away unaware that he had been Hypnotized still he will be so confused and lost when he goes home tomorrow that he ain't gonna know what to do. So a few minutes later Luke's doctor comes out to the waiting room to see Bo and Jessica he notices that they look pretty concerned he says " What is wrong with Luke is he okay ?

Well Doc he is acting so funny he is asking all of these weird questions i'm really worried about him he ain't acted this way before i hope it ain't nothing serious then the Doc said " Well Bo it probably has something to do with his Head injury cause he suffered a blow it'll all come back in given time just try to relax and just remind him of stuff treat him like you would every day and then hopefully in a few weeks he'll start to remember again.

So Then Bo went back to see Luke he noticed that he was awake he said " Cuz is you feeling any better he said " Well Bo i feel tired and my head hurts but other then that i'm okay but why is you looking at me funny what is going on Bo ?

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Bo and Jessica exchanged glances and then sat down in the chairs beside the bed. "What's going on guy's?" He asked, fear racing through him. Jessica squeezed Bo's hand and then leaned forward towards Luke. "We just got done talkin' to the doc." She said gently, not quite sure how to begin.

Luke stared at her and Bo. "What did he say?" He asked. Bo leaned towards him and studied him curiously. " He said that the reason you don't remember what happened is cause of your head injury and that you may have a slight case of Amnesia." He said softly.

Luke shook his head. "But how can that be? I remember you and Jessica and Daisy and Uncle Jesse and even the General, the only thing I don't remember is how I got hurt, why I got hurt, or when I got hur t." He said.

Jessica sighed and got to her feet, walking over to the window. Luke watched her as she stared down at the parking lot below. "Isn't there some way for me to get my memory back?" He asked.

Jessica turned back around and smiled gently at him. "We'll work on that tomorrow when we get you home. We'll take you to where it happened." She said. Bo nodded in agreement.

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So As Bo was trying to stay awake to keep an eye on Luke and Jessica had gone to get Bo some coffee she ran into Luke's Doctor she said " Doc

Luke can go home tommorrow right ? cause he don't have any serious injuries ', Then the Doc said " Well i don't see why not considering he only has a Concussion but when he does go home he'll have to take it easy", no horseplaying , no reckless driving , he needs to rest cause he'll be very dizzy , confused, and sleepy and he needs to be kept an eye on for at least 24 hours ". Then Jessica said " So Bo will have watch him tommorrow even when we take him home cause i thought he would be okay when he got home but i'll tell Bo the news thanks Doc ", Then he says " your welcome Jessica ".

So Jessi makes her way back into Luke's room she sees Bo is asleep and Luke so she says " Oh those two are so close i'll tell Bo in the morning he needs a goodnight rest ", So as the boys was sleeping Jesscia was figuring out a way on how she and Bo can take care of Luke and finding the people who did this to him which taking care of Luke is turning out to be a harder task then they thought possible . So later on that night Bo woke up to a weird noise he looked over here it was Luke he said " Luke you okay cuz ?" Luke , Luke , Luke didin't wake up he said " I guess he was just dreaming ", So then come following morning Luke woke up to a headache unfortunetly since his head was still hurting him he was happy cause he was gonna go home today he said " Bo i don't remember much about what happened why am i here ?, Luke still feeling groggy he yawns then he sits up he suddenly get's this sharp pain in the back of his head he is about pass out when Bo catches him he puts Luke in a wheelchair he wheels him out to the General.

Luke is Sleeping on the way home and Bo looks over at him he is worried about his Cousin cause he is acting very strange not like the Luke Duke he knows and Loves anyway Jessica starts to tell Bo that Luke can't drive , or do any horseplaying while he is healing still " so you have to take it easy on him okay Bo cause he is very Dizzy , Confused , Sleepy.

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Luke wasn't too happy about having to use the wheelchair, but Bo wouldn't let him walk after he'd almost passed out, so he made no argument, although he did notice that somewhere along the line Jessica had disappered and he wondered where she'd gone too.

That mystery was solved when Bo took Luke outside and Luke saw that Jessica had pulled the General up to the doors. She was sitting on the edge of the passenger side door, her arms resting on top of the car. "I coulda walked." He grumbled.

Jessica caught Bo's gaze and raised her eyebrows curiously. Luke never acted like that. She wondered what had gotten into him. Bo shook his head and shrugged. Jessica slid in through the window and moved inot the middle. Bo helped Luke in through the passenger side and then took the wheelchair back inside.

Jessica didn't say much as she was stuck in there with Luke but when Bo came back out and got in the driver's side she lit right up and seemed to slide closer to Bo. Luke watched them for a moment and then turned away to look out the window.

"So when you gonna take me to where you found me?" He asked. Jessica looked over at Bo, waiting for him to answer.

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So then Bo says " Well first Cuz we is gonna take you home to the farm so you can get some sleep cause you need your rest then tomorrow we can show you okay ?" Then Luke said " Bo i feel like i have been sleeping all the time my head hurts still but i can manage it", Bo says " Luke you is not well yet your Dizzy , you have a Concussion , and your weak so you is gonna go home and sleep okay cuz ?," Then Luke said " Fine i don't mind but i don't like being treated like I'm a baby ," Bo said " Luke we ain't treating you like a Baby it's just you have a head injury right now and you'll end up causing us more harm then good now okay buddy ".

But Bo didn't get a response he looked over and saw that Luke was asleep he said " Well Cousin i guess you is just gonna have to wait until tomorrow now ", So a few minutes late they pull into the Farm's driveway Bo is the first out to help Jessi out then he goes over to the passenger side he bends down he tries to shake Luke he says " Luke , Luke , we is home Cousin c'mon Wake up Luke is still asleep so Bo gently picks Luke up he carries him into the farmhouse he lays him down on his bed in the boys bedroom then he tucks him in he says " Sweet Dreams Luke i'll see ya in the morning ",

So Then he goes and shuts the bedroom door he sees Uncle Jesse in the den he says " Hey Uncle Jesse i just tucked Luke into bed his Concussion keeps putting him to sleep the Doc says " He'll be Dizzy , Confused , Sleepy for a few weeks then he should be back to normal but i just don't get it why he keeps asking all of these strange questions.

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The remaining Dukes and Jessica sat down for a bit to eat. Uncle Jesse looked at his younger nephew and his nephew's pretty girlfriend. "I want the two of you to get out there and see if you can find out what happened to Luke and who did this to em." He said.

Bo and Jessica nodded and slid their chairs back simultaneously and headed for the door. "Wait for me, I'm going with y'all." Daisy said, hurrying to join them. They went out the door and over to the General Lee.

Jessica and Daisy got in the passenger side with Jessica in the middle while Bo slid in the driver's side and started the engine, heading out of the yard. "I hope Luke ain't too upset when he wakes up and finds we went without em." Bo said.

Jessica smiled. "Bo, he may not even wake up until mornin' and if he does wake up and is upset cause we went along without him, he'll have to deal with Uncle Jesse." She said.

Bo shook his head as he pulled up next to where he and Jessica had found Luke the night before and slid out his window while Jess and Daisy got out their's and walked around tthe car to join him. "What do you expect to find here,Bo?" Daisy asked. Bo shrugged. "I dunno, I just know we better not go back to the farm until we've searched this area good." He replied.

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So Bo Daisy, Jessi was looking around the area where the found Luke Bo was about to give up hope when he came across some tire tracks he said " Hey Y'all look at these they probably are from the people that hurt Luke ", Daisy and Jessi come over say look at them wonder where they lead so then Daisy says " Hey Bo what we follow them they may take us to whoever hurt Luke ?", so then Bo says " Okay Daisy i sure hope they turn up something cause i really am worried about Luke ".

So As Bo , Daisy , And Jessi was following the tire tracks over at the Dukefarm Uncle Jesse was trying to wake up Luke for his lunch cause it was almost noon unfortunetly he is having trouble . So Uncle Jesse then says " C'mon Luke wake up i got some declious roast Chicken , mashed potatoes , and corn ", "C'mon Luke wake up you don't wann be sleeping the day away now ", So Luke groans then he says " Uncle Jesse why did fall asleep again ," He says " Luke i bet it is from your Concussion since the doctor said that you was gonna be pretty out of it for a couple of weeks", Then Luke said " I'm so confused , Dizzy , and i feel sleepy all of of the time ".

Jesse looked at Luke he said " Well Luke it will just take time you'll get better you know Bo , Daisy , and Jessi should be back soon then Luke looked at him curiously he said " Where did they go uncle Jesse ?" he said " They went to see what happened to you , if them bad people is still in town ", Then Luke said " But Uncle Jesse they was gonna take me with them i wanted to see where they found me ", Then Jesse said " Now Luke you know that you is hurt you can't do much now the doctor want's you to take it easy now just relax come it your lunch.

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Luke slowly ate his lunch though he wasn't too happy cause Bo, Jess and Daisy had gone off and left him at home. He hated missing out on all the action even though he had been hurt.

Meanwhile Bo, Jess and Daisy were continuing to follow the tire tracks and soon came upon a car that seemed to be hidden in some bushes and then he spotted a girl sitting on a nearby log and eased the General to halt and slid out the open window.

The girl jumped to her feet and started to back away as Bo moved closer, his eyes dark and angry. Jess and Daisy watched silently from the front seat of the General. "What did you do to my cousin Luke?" Bo yelled. The girl continued to back away though from what Jess and Daisy observed she seemed to be waiting for something or someone to appear.

"If you move one more step plowboy, you're gonna be a dead man." A male voice rang out. Jess and Daisy turned to see a man standing a few feet from the girl holding a gun at Bo. Both girl's gasped and ducked down in the seat of the General though Jess fought the urge to reach back and grab the bow and arrows resting on the floor behind Bo's seat.

"Look mister, I just wanna know what y'all did to my cousin Luke and why he's acting so funny." Bo said, slowly holding up his hands and backing away towards the General. "We ain't tellin' ya hayseed, but y'all better git before I get any angrier." the man said.

Bo backed away and then turned and got up on the edge of the door sliding in through the window and starting the engine.

As soon as they were out of earshot of the man and woman Bo halted the General and turned to look at Jess and Daisy. "Bo, what are we gonna do now?" Daisy asked. Bo sighed but Jess cut in. "We're gonna radio Uncle Jesse and let em know we found them people but didn't learn nothin." She said.

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Bo leaned forward and grabbed the CB off the radio. "Lost Sheep to Shepherd, Lost Sheep to Shepherd, you there Uncle Jesse?" He asked. Jessica shifted next to him and whispered something to Daisy.

"This is Shepherd, come in Bo." Uncle Jesse responed to Bo's message. "Uncle Jesse we found them people that hurt Luke, there's a man and a woman, but they wouldn't tell me what they did to Luke and the man threatened me with a gun." Bo said, looking over at Jess and Daisy were they sat and seemed to be discussing something.

Meanwhile Shawn and Michelle were plotting what to do next since the younger duke boy had found their hideout and would probably tell the Sheriff. "What do you say we go an' pick up our guest?" Shawn said with a grin at Michelle.

"But Shawn, what if he recognizes us an runs away?" She asked. Shawn grinned and held up a bottle of Chloform. "That's why I'm taking along a little inscurance." He said as they headed out to their car and drove towards the Duke farm.

Luke was sneaking out to go find Bo and try to help find the people that hurt him when he came across a slow moving car though he knew it wasn't the General Lee. He stopped as a girl got out the passenger side and smiled at him. "Hi Luke, remember us?" She asked as the driver got out and came towards him too.

Luke knew something about those two wasn't right but he couldn't quite place it.He turned to run and at that moment a rag went over his mouth and nose smelling heavily of chloform and he slumped to the ground.

Shawn grinned and picked the duke boy up and hauled him over tossing him in the backseat of the car and then got in the front and sped away.

Meanwhile back at the farm Bo, Jess and Daisy were once again retelling the story of their encounter with the man and the woman. "Uncle Jesse I got a feelin' them people have something personal against Luke, I just ain't sure what." Bo said, his eyes full of worry.

"I'm gonna go check on Luke." Daisy said and got to her feet and headed to the boy's room. "Uncle Jesse, Bo, Jess he's gone Luke is gone." Daisy screamed a moment later.

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Bo says " WHAT" them people must have taken him but i ain't gotton the slightest idea why ", Then Uncle Jesse says " Well Bo i ain't got a clue either but we have to look for him so you , Daisy, and Jessi go in the General their and i'll take my pickup ", So as the Dukes was searching high and low for Luke he was laying zzz's in the backseat of them baddies car totally unaware of what's in store for him .

So about 10 minutes later they pull up to the hideout which is the Hazzard Swamp after they park the car Shawn goes over to the backseat and drags Luke out who is still out of it he put's him over his back he takes him inside ties and gags him to this chair and Luke moans a little but he doesn't stir then Shawn says " Oh Luke you have quite the bruise their i should know i gave it to you now sleep good ", As Luke is dreaming away Bo is searching every place he can think of only he keeps running into dead ends no clue yet as to where Luke is at he better find him quick or that Gator at the Swamp may have O'l Luke for breakfast".

Unfortunetly friends O'l Luke was having trouble waking up on accont everytime he would try he would fall back to a deep sleep he ain't making any improvements so then Shawn walks over to him he sees that he is still out cold he says " Well that stuff is really working see Honey i told ya this will pay off ".

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Bo looked tired and worn out from all the looking and worrying about his lost cousin and where to look for him next. Jess and Daisy were watching him in concern but he just ignored it.

"I'm going to take you girl's back to the farm and then I'm gonna go to the swamp an see if maybe they went there." He said. Jessica and Daisy both stared at him. "I'm going with you Bo." Jess protested. Bo shook his head. "Jess that man had a gun, I ain't gonna risk you or Daisy gettin' shot." He said.

Jess glared at him. "But you're willing to risk getting yourself shot?" She cried, tears in her blue eyes. Bo opened his mouth to respond but Jess turned and climbed over Daisy, sliding out the window and heading towards the farm on foot.

Daisy shook her head at Bo and then climbed out and went after the angry and upset young woman. Bo sighed and turned the General heading towards the swamp to see if he could find Luke and tried to block the hurt and diappointed look on Jess' face out of his mind.

When he got to the swamp and into the marsh he spotted a alligator and stared at it for a moment. "I know Luke has got to be around here somewhere." He mumbled and then spotted a small cabin and guided his boat over to where there was some partially dry ground and got out and snuck up to the cabin and slowly went inside.

He looked in a mirror and thought he saw something move slightly in the corner but before he could turn and investigate the man appeared in the mirror, holding a gun. Bo spun to face him and glared at him. "Where's my cousin Luke?" What do y'all have against him?" He yelled, his face reddening in anger.

Shawn grinned. "We ain't gonna tell you and we ain't seen your cousin today. Have we dear?" He asked, looking over as the girl came out of what appeared to be the bathroom. "That's right dear." She said and then smiled flirtaciously at Bo. "To what do we owe this visit?" She asked sweetly, going to his side.

Bo stared at her. "I want you to ttell me where my cousin is." He said in a dangerously low voice. He'd taken his attention off Shawn and while Michelle was flirting with Bo, Shawn was taking Luke out to their car and getting ready to leave their hideout. Bo finally left and Shawn stepped back to the door. "Let's go dear." He said.

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"Where are we gonna hide now Shawn, it seems like every time we find a decent hiding spot, that other Duke boy shows up and makes us have to leave an find another one." Michelle said. Shawn rolled his eyes. "We're gonna have to do something about that Duke boy." He said. He hit a pothole and Michelle turned around to look in the backseat where Luke lay and saw he was still sleeping. "He's still asleep Shawn." She said. Shawn smiled at her. "Good I was afriad he was gonna wake up when I hit that pothole." He said.

Jessica was feeding the chickens when she heard Dixie playing as Bo pulled into the yard and parked the General in front of the farmhouse and then slid out the open window and dropped to the ground. She could feel his eyes on her from across the yard and turned her back on him and finished feeding the chickens. She then went to the gate and opened it, going out of the pen and caught movement out of the corner of her eye and turned away walking towards the barn.

"Jess, wait I can explain." Bo cried. Jessica stopped but didn't turn around until he took aholde of her arm and turned her to face him. "Jess, I had to find Luke, I'm worried something has happened to him and Jess I'm scared." He said. Jessica shook her head. "Bo, you put yourself in danger and you know better." She said, starting to turn away again but Bo once again stopped her. "Jess, I didn;t find him, but I did find those two people that we encountered before." He said. Jessica shook her head again and pulled her arm from his grasp and kept going towards the barn.

"There's a deserted cabin, let's stop there." Michelle cried. Shawn brought the car to a halt and turned the engine off and then got out and opened the back door, pulling Luke's body out and hauling him into the cabin. They found a bed but no chairs so they put Luke on the bed and then covered him with an old musty smelling blanket they found in a closet.

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