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Filmin AGAIN! ! ! !

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HEY its me again----I was an extra in teh DOH movie-and i kept all of yall updated

well here s an update for ya! ! ! ! Hadnt had a chance to post -been very busy.

Got a call last week from someone thats involved in the filming of

the movie.

She told me they need me to go back to Clinton, LA tomorrow (6/2/05)

because something about they forgot the openin scene that tells about

the town of Hazzard or some sort. So she had gotten a call from LA last

week tellin her to round some of the extras up for shooting-ALL of the

main actors got called in also--she said it s really crazy, bein that the

movie will be out AUGUST 5th! ! ! !.

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Hmmm. Sounds interesting for sure. Not that I'm doubting your word, but it hardly seems reasonable to me that the filmmakers would "forget" to shoot an important scene, especially where there's time and money involved. The movie is only two months away from being released. Plus I read somewhere else on here that Seann William Scott is already filming his next movie, and that he shaved his beard and cut his hair for it. That wouldn't look right if they called him back in to shoot a scene with him looking like that. That would be a huge continuity error.

Again, not doubting you, but that just seems kinda crazy to me. But what do I know? I'm definitely not in the movie business.


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well..........I called in for my call time Wednesday nite and me and 14 others were cancelled --I do have a friend that was still scheduled to

go--I havent talked to her yet-but when I do I will make a post on

what happened Thursday. And Im not a liar--everything that I have posted is God's Honest Truth, I dont have any reasons to make up stories-

I dont have anyone to impress and dont care if I dont impress anyone-I just figured that some people on here would like to hear whats goin on

on the inside of the makin of the NEW Dukes of Hazzard movie.

ANd I posted just what I was called and told. And I also noticed that I made my post up under the wrong subject heading--and I apologize for


Also A BIG THANK YOU GOES OUT TO MARYANN for helping me with my loggin in problem. I appreciate it TREMENDOUSLY :D

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Thanks luvdmedukes for the new post about more filming on the new Dukes movie. I know that alot of movies have to have bits re-filmed and bits added. I wonder how many of the cast they have got back and how many can't make it and how many days it will take to film? Also I put an up-date about this post on the movie new forum. Hope you can post a report on this soon.

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