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Jame Best and David Hasselhoff are they related by some chan

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Is James Best and David Hasselhoff related by some chance because they kind of look alike or maybe it just me?

They both have that dark hair, and I have seen movies and tv shows where is show James Best pre-Dukes era. Well , certainly before 1979 and when he was in "Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair" he gives a great one-liner to the lady that is talking to him after church. Before I bought that movie I had never seen James Best being a Smart aleck in anything else much before that. But James Best when he was young was very good looking and he had that smile , and probaly our grandmothers went to see his movies when he was younger. Oh, I like his role in Hooper and that Hat is one nice western hat and he gets along great with Burt Reynolds as well. I could see that he was a Clark Gable of the fifties and the sixties and did you know he has a small part in the Bogie film "The Caine Mutiny".


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