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  1. Hey dodge charger, i've been near Mirimichi a couple years ago, my buddy and I drove out to PEI and we ended up driving through NB up near Mirimichi, thats some redneck area for sure dude.. lol.. we were driving up this one road, go around a bend and I see the back end of a pickup truck, sticking out of the ditch, I slow to check it out, and the drivers door is wide open, thr front of it looked to be brunt and sure enough the front end was buried in the ditch while the rear bumper was sticking out into the highway.. apparently that was some indian reserve from what I was told.. i got a redneck one curtessy of my sister-in-law in Lexington South Carolina: if your shovel handle breaks and instead of replacing it you stick a tree branch into the shovel, you might be a redneck.. orr.... if your BBQ runs out of gas so instead of buying more propane, you just fill it full of charcoal and call it a hibachi, you might be a redneck.. LMFAO! it's a trip to visit my wifes family.. I lived in Columbia SC for a month, had a very redneck trailer too.. oh and a friend of mine down there has 28 dogs and 2 horses on her half-acre land.. lol..
  2. I actually got a response from CMT, they say they own the rights to all seasons and that they would be playing them all.. I dont' really mind that they are playing them again, since I missed a few the first time around, but still, I'd like to see them run them all in correct order from season 1 to season 7... here's the reply I got:
  3. yeah I seem to think it was in a second episode too.. but I'm not sure as to which one.
  4. thanks for the welcome looks like a cool board... thats sweet that they will be airing the shows there! .. yeah, i dont' know why the networks like to air syndicated shows in random orders.. esp a show like this that hasn't been on for ever.. thsi week they started with the very first episode again, same one they started with in Oct..
  5. wow, cool, I never noticed those things in Smallville, and I watch it every week.. In Canada, it's on CITY on tuesday nights at 8 East and Pacific. but it's one week behind teh WB which airs on Wednesday's at 8pm East and Pacific.. (handy that I get both CITYand WB form both sides of the continent, so I never have an excuse to miss it.. lol..
  6. hey, i know most of you know this but the DUkes are on CMT in Canada, well the problem is, that like most syndicated TV shows tehy are not running them in a very good order, and now after just 2 months they are starting teh same ones over! they never ran any with Clets at deputy, or when Rosco had FLash, or any with Coy and Vance.. what I think is that we need to all write to CMT Canada and coplain, i wrote a e-mail last night, have no idea if they will even care about it, but if enough ppl write to them it has to be noticed a bit anyways.. plus American's should be writing both CMT US and CMT Can, and tell them you want the Dukes in teh US too.. I have friends back in South Carolina that wish they could see the show.. Hi btw.. I'm just new, I found the board last night, but I couldnt' register, it gave me an error
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