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  1. Note, I removed the Tyres while the construction and painting was being done so that I didn't damage them, and put them back on for the final photos :-)
  2. Thank you :-) Surprisingly, it wasn't very heavy at all :-) The Base Car had a Plastic Body, Plastic Windows, and various Metal Screws that gave it some weight....all of which I removed and threw out as I didn't need them for my Model Plus, I trimmed the Chassis a bit in both Front and Back as the General Lee is shorter than the Lamborghini The Wood that I normally use is 4mm Balsa Wood Planks, and from there, I find whatever picture I need on-line (or in some cases, draft my own), enlarge/reduce it by Photocopier to the size I need, and go from there After cutting out
  3. Here's a few Progress Shots of The General :-)
  4. Didn't actually think of doing that.... The Lamborghini is the Base Car that I used, which is available in Orange or Black....depending on what Stock is available at the time, and there's also an AUDI R8 GT available as well, available in Red or Black, and again, depending on what Stock is available at the time (which, unfortunately, is completely random), and I usually just throw out the Body as it's the Chassis I make use of, which has the R.C. Circuitry, and of course the Wheels and the Lights, all in place for me to then make whatever Car I decide to at that time....depending, of cour
  5. Thank you :-) Sorry my skills (such as they are) aren't up to the quality of the car that I used as the Base Car - a Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 in 1:18 Scale (as seen here), but, I do what I can with the skills I have :-) I have a few other examples on my Flikr if people want to see them as well? https://www.flickr.com/photos/21917009@N00/albums
  6. Here's my General Lee....sorry it took so long :-)
  7. I just checked, and I actually *do* have a Flickr Account....which, apparently, I started way back in 2006 and barely used....I'll look at making use of that for my photos here from now on :-) I've also seen people use Tumblr and Deviant Art....are they the same type of thing, or is Flikr pretty much the only one that will allow Photo Sharing for Free?
  8. Thanks for that, I'll look into it :-)
  9. You mean Photobucket? I've seen too many issues with that for me to even be vaguely interested in using it :-/ I'll look around to see if I can find a decent, and free, option....otherwise, when I've finished my General Lee, I may well have to delete this Topic in order to allow me to post photos of my finished Car :-/
  10. Incidentally, I was going to include another photo for a comparison, but it said I had exceeded my limit....even when I tried to do so in another reply.... Was there something I did wrong?
  11. You mean this as the large one?
  12. Another question I have (for now, anyway....there's bound to be others as I go....), is about the Bull Bar.... I've seen photos with and without the Bull Bar, and, with the ones with, there appear to be different styles....is there a 'definitive' Bull Bar for The General Lee?
  13. Fair enough then :-) When I get around to making mine, I'll leave the crossed-flags off
  14. :-) So, I guess the question remains....when I make mine, do I put the crossed-flags on or not?
  15. So....was it just for that one time, or was it a regular thing?
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