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  1. With the help and guidance of General Lee guru Justin Cornette and Lee #1 replica owner Serge Klaucke from the Netherlands, we take a look at the life of General Lee #1 and what you’ll need to do to build your own correct example. Lee #1 began its life as a T3 Light Bronze Metallic 1969 Dodge Charger with a 383 big-block engine and air conditioning wearing the VIN XP29H9B193680. Lee 1 was featured several times in the first episode, titled “One-Armed Bandits” that aired on January 26th, 1979. The only cast member that drove the car is John Schneider who played Bo Duke.
  2. General was a Black 69 Mopar, then Cooter painted it 1975 Corvette flame Red.. the only hemi Orange that was on anything was on 426 hemi engines
  3. Don't forget pilot The General was Black.. Cooter had cans of 75 Corvette flame red. The Charger was black 1st.
  4. Numb turd it's not hemi Orange, Yes it should have been, Mark Worman painted the jump car hemi Orange, but its 75 Corvette exclusive Red with a ton of Orange..
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