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  1. It happened just two days after his fiftieth birthday. I'm just curious as to whether he was there. I know he did 9//11 themed show with Sigourney Weaver called 'The Guys'.
  2. Their friendship really showed this year with the release of the Christmas album. Long history together and when you think of their ages on Dukes, they literally grew up together.
  3. Hi, I'm Loriann and I have an idea that maybe one of y'all could cobble a story out of. I was mulling over the idea that maybe Bo and Luke are not cousins, but brothers. Suppose that Luke's and Bo's parents were extremely close to each other. Bo's parents want a baby and cannot either carry a baby to term or cannot conceive. So Luke's parents gave the gift of a lifetime and had Bo and gave him to Luke's parents to adopt. Uncle Jesse knows. Perhaps Roscoe knows. Maybe boss Hogg's wife knows. Daisy and the boys grow up never knowing. It comes out when suddenly Uncle Jesse passes away and some
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