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  1. I changed my username! I used to be Dixie2004, but I realized that we got my namesake, our boxer, Dixie, in 2005. So, I figured I'd change it to the name I use every where else. 

    Dixie passed on 10/17/2014. I miss her very much. Her "brother", our cat, Jack, passed away at the end of August this year. 

    We now have a one year old Boxer named Ace (I laughed when I remembered Ace Parker from Repo Men! I'd wanted to name him "Duke" to keep with tradition, and I arguably did anyways! 

  2. The REAL Rosco? Oooh I love it I love it,Kiew kiew kiew!

  3. good question,Probably Bo,I Wanna drive just like him,and yeah,goin' to Cooter's was a dream of mine.

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