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Hey everyone!  I have a new fanfic annoucement (now that Halls of Stone and Iron is finally completed!).  Come over and visit and stay awhile!

Title: Evergreen
Rating: Teen
Summary:  Some things are temporary - some things endure forever. When an accident changes Daisy's life completely, the quest to recover what she has lost leads her on the journey of a lifetime. Angst/Drama/Angst/Adventure/more Angst...probably lots of Angst 


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Hey everyone, Evergreen has been updated through Chapter 11!   Link to Chapter 2

So for anyone wanting more info than the nebulous first summary, this is an amnesia trope, but written realistically (none of that 'bonked on the head and now I'm cured stuff' or 'I can't remember my name or who I am').  With my background in psychology, I've always loved amnesia stories, but I've never written one.  Since I intend for this to be the last fanfiction I write, I thought I would take a stab at it. 

There is also a big crime element to this story, as well.  More of a murder mystery that weaves itself through the story.


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