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stuff i made up about the hazzard world !!!!!!!

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character birthdays :  jd hogg nov 25, cletus june 20,enos aug 28,rosco may12, emory potter jan 16.daisy march 23,   cooter april 19, nancy lou feb 6, mary lou pringle aug 20, diane benson dec 7,luke nov 28, bo  sep 15, longstreet march 18, bb davenport may 23, adam venable oct 2, esther may 13, hughie hogg feb 7.

phone numbers :  (area code 770 unless specified) dukes 467-1714                cooter 431-2777   city office 810-5005  cooter's ex wife 256-871-9106                longstreet 404-602-0994.
vehicles :  longstreet-white 49 chevy pickup 3600, bb- 29 chevy coupe, pace arrow motorhome.

other stuff:  cooter's ex wife beverly lives in burnsville alabama and is married to scott hibbs with their children nancy, richard & diane.(rich & diane are made up by me).

 bb & longstreet are brothers.

 bo is married to diane from carnival of thrills.

  cooter sold a car to the venables in good neighbors duke to replace the one that went off a cliff.

mary pringle in hazzardville horror decided not to sell the home she inherited cuz it had centimental value, the home's address is 2629 pilvey road, the landline # that came with it is 770-682-9044.

please reply!!!! 

i need to know that someone cares

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