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any ideas on season 3?

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No confirmation on this yet, but I heard Season 4 is scheduled for a September release. From there it's gonna get interesting, as Season 5 is the Coy and Vance era. There is speculation that Season 4 will be the last seasonal release. (Nobody panic, this info has not been verified, this is just some front-porch gossip.)


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I *really* hope they'll put out all 7 seasons! I'd be pretty upset if they didn't! There were some great stories in seasons 6 and 7 (not all, but there were some favorites!). I'd buy season 5 too, myself. I suppose I don't hate Coy and Vance as much seeing as I actually first got introduced to Hazzard with them. When season 6 came along, I was like "who *are* these "new" guys!" <chuckle> Of course, quickly I learned how special Lukas and Bo are. But still... I'd take all 7 seasons.

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I get some dirt from industry speculators, and this rumor on Season 4 and the rest shouldn't be treated as anything more than that. Critics never dug the Dukes of Hazzard, and so there are some folk that doubt that the series is salable past the 4th season. But that's an opinion and not a fact. I personally think that as long as the DVD's keep selling, they'll keep releasing them.

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