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A Past That is Haunted

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Some say that a past could be checkered. So checkered, that often times one would find themselves haunted. Haunted or in more cases, Hunted! But how was one to distinguish one from the other? How did one find themselves both Haunted and Hunted at the same time? Some one should have given Dusty all this information before she met the one man who would turn her life upside down with a snap of her fingers. Dusty Rose Duke was born in Hazzard County, GA to Joseph Duke Sr. and Cordelia Duke but was raised by her Uncle Jesse along with her cousins.

If only some one had told her that by meeting Dean Winchester, in a seedy low-tell/motel, in New Orleans, and that she would end up getting her heart broke in the process, she would have stayed clear and far a way from him. But then Uncle Jesse would say you have to follow your heart, she did! And now she was on the run back to Hazzard with a broken heart and a determined older Winchester on her tail. And didn't help that she was using a beat up old car that she low-jacked to make her escape. All this would be so much better if she had her '69 Dodge Charger- "Ridge Runner" with her to help her outrun a '67 Chevy Impala that was no doubt hot on her heels. Could things get any worse for her?

Cue Anybody  

Edited by Dusty Rose Duke
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