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How to save a friend

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Time to announce a new story from me.

I've already posted 4 chapters along the last months, but I've waited before to announce it, in order to bring the story a bit further.

It's called "How to save a friend":

Friends are the family you choose: Enos has chosen the Dukes and the Dukes have chosen Enos. When the deputy is in danger, the Dukes will be involved in a dramatic and cloudy case, and they will fight in order to save their friend and family.

Hope you're going to enjoy it... beside "Missed chance": two stories ongoing at the same time, :roll: OMG

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Posted chapter 21, "The botany of feelings."

I have decided to announce this chapter 'cause it has a strong meaning for me.

Time ago I was planning to write a story about Daisy falling in love, again, with a bad boy. I admit that I have always been stunned in her falling for bad boys despite her being a so indipendent and strong woman. In order to write this story I started a research about pathological relationships, emotional manipulation, psychopaths and the so called emotional vampires. I didn't write that story and I won't write it 'cause painful to me to write a so sad story about Daisy... and difficult too.

So, I have decided to use my research for an OC in my actual story (brief side story) 'cause I think it's an interesting and important topic for any woman and not just women (emotional vampires are among family, friends and coworkers, destroying people own self in a really subtle and toxic way).

As my signature says, writing is a way to understand yourself and people around you, a fantastic journey into human mind and feelings.

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