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The General was in Cooter’s one day being repaired and Luke was at the farm.

“I need to be home before supper.†Bo said.

“Go a head and borrow my truck.†Cooter said.

“Thanks Cooter. I’ll have it back after supper.†Bo said.

So Bo borrowed Cooter’s truck while Cooter fixed the General.

It was almost eleven o’clock at night and Bo hadn’t come home yet. Bo had missed supper which was unusual.

“I wonder where Bo is.†Luke said worriedly.

“I think he’s in trouble.†Uncle Jesse said worried as well.

“Uncle Jesse…†Luke started to ask.

“My big toe is hurtin’ and that only happens when one of you boys are in trouble and since you are here Luke…that means it’s gotta be Bo.†Uncle Jesse said.

“I’m sure he just lost track of time at Cooter’s.†Luke said picking up the phone and called Cooter.

“Hello.†Cooter answered.

“Cooter, is Bo still there?†Luke asked.

“No, why?†Cooter asked worriedly.

“He isn’t home I was just hoping he was there.†Luke said.

“No, he borrowed my truck about five hours ago to get home for supper.†Cooter said.

"Five hours ago and still no sign of Bo. That can't be good." Luke said.

"Yeah. I fixed the General, do you want me to bring him out and help look?" Cooter asked.

"Might be a little too dark to see anything." Luke said worriedly.

"Tomorrow at 5 in the afternoon he can be reported as missin' if we don't find him by then." Cooter said.

"Yeah...I'll be out looking at first light." Luke said.

"Then I should bring out the General." Cooter said.

"Yeah." Luke said.

Cooter dropped off the General.

The next morning at first light Luke was out looking for any signs of Bo. Cooter had joined him not long after.

At five that night Cooter went back to Hazzard and filed a missing persons report along with Uncle Jesse.

"Rosco...we want to report Bo as missin'." Uncle Jesse said.

“Why?" Rosco asked

"He never came home yesterday and Luke and I have been looking for him. He left my garage at five last night but never got home." Cooter explained.

"It ain't like Bo to miss supper, Rosco." Uncle Jesse said.

At that moment two things happened one thing was Luke found Cooter's wrecked truck with no sign of Bo around. The second thing that happened was a voice came of the CB at the police station.

"Breaker one, breaker one, this is tri-county to Sheriff Coltrane." The voice said.

Rosco picked up the mic.

"This is Roscoo P. Coltrane whatcha need Tri-county?" Rosco asked.

"We're looking for contact info for a patient. We found his ID in his wallet says he's from Hazzard." The voice said.

"What's his name and how long has he been a patient there?" Rosco asked looking towards Uncle Jesse and Cooter.

"Bo Duke and close to 24 hours." The voice said.

"His uncle is with me." Rosco said.

"Cooter, radio Luke from Black Tillie." Uncle Jesse told him.

Cooter nodded and ran out to raise Luke on the CB those looking for Bo had all been on channel 19.

"Breaker one, breaker one, I maybe crazy but I ain't dumb this here is Crazy Cooter come at ya…ya got your ears on, Sitting Duck?" Cooter asked into the CB.

"This is, Sitting Duck, whatcha need Crazy C?" Came the reply.

"We found Bo." Cooter said.

"Where is he?" Luke asked fearing the worst.

"He's at tri-county...they had to use his ID in his wallet to find out who he was." Cooter said worriedly.

“They’re on the CB with Rosco right now. They said he’s been there nearly twenty-four hours. The fact that they needed to use his ID to ID him can’t be a good sign…right?†Cooter added.

Cooter’s truck was in pieces having gone over a cliff…the same one that Daisy’s old road runner had gone off.

‘I hope he ain’t hurt bad.’ Cooter thought to himself worriedly.

Uncle Jesse came out to Black Tillie about then and took the mic from Cooter.

"Sitting Duck, this is Shepard why don't you meet us over at Tri-County." Uncle Jesse suggested.

"Right, I'm on my way there now." Luke said.

"They said he's in the ICU now." Uncle Jesse.

This scared Luke a bit but he hid it well.

"Right...I'll meet you there. I'm gone." Luke replied.

Uncle Jesse sighed worriedly with a knowing look.

“They tell you how he is?†Cooter asked.

“Comatose at the moment…there’s a chance he may not even know us when he wakes up.†Uncle Jesse told Cooter.

Cooter’s eyes went wide at that.

"Lets go. I'll drive." Cooter said.

Uncle Jesse nodded and got in the passenger side of Black Tillie. Luke was sitting on the hood of the General when Black Tillie pulled up and parked.

"Have ya been sittin' there since ya got here?" Cooter asked getting out.

"Yeah." Luke said.

"Found your truck right before you radioed me, Cooter."

"That doesn't matter right now." Cooter said.

"All that matters right now is Bo."

Cooter and Uncle Jesse glanced at each other with knowing looks on their faces.

"You guys know something…I don't what is it?" Luke asked.

Cooter sighed.

"He's in a coma, Luke. He may not even know who any of us are when he wakes up." Cooter said.

Luke's eyes widened, and he gasped. Cooter sighed.

"They told Uncle Jesse when they radioed Rosco." Cooter said.

"Can I see him?" Luke asked.

"Yeah but try an prepare yourself first." Uncle Jesse said.

"Cooter, Daisy may not know."

"I'll tell her." Cooter said.

"You can take the General." Luke said standing up.

"You don't have your truck after all and I think Jesse prefers getting in and out of Tillie."

"Good point. Thanks, buddy." Cooter said.

Luke gave Cooter the keys. Cooter headed over to tell Daisy about Bo. Luke and Uncle Jesse went into the hospital to go see Bo. Daisy was working at the Boar's Nest.

"Daisy?" Cooter called coming into the Boar's Nest.

"Yeah, Cooter! Be right with ya." Daisy said putting a tray of dirty glasses on the counter and walked to Cooter.

"What do ya need?" she asked.

"We found Bo...but, he's in the hospital." Cooter told her.

Rosco at that moment walked into Boss' office in the Boar's Nest.

"What happened?" Daisy asked.

"Don't really know. He's been there almost 24 hours and Luke found my truck today...didn't say what shape it was in." Cooter said.

"Course it's not like I asked or care at the moment. Cut him off and told 'im it didn't matter." He added.

"Uh......uh.......I need to get there right away." Daisy stuttered.

"Go I'm sure Rosco is telling Boss right now." Cooter said.

"I have the General if ya want me to drive ya."

"Thanks Cooter." Daisy said frantically.

Cooter took her out to the General and drove her to tri-county.


"Boss…" Rosco started when he walked into the office.

"Rosco…" Boss started looking at Rosco.

"Sorry but there's been an accident. Bo's being taken to tri-county." Rosco said.

"Actually he's already there. Been there since yesterday." He added.

About that time Luke and Jesse sat at Bo's bedside and he moved starting to come too. Bo's legs hadn't moved. Bo's baby blues open and confusion was clear to see in them. Luke knew based on the truck how lucky they were Bo was still alive. Luke pulled a small fire damaged piece of metal out of a jacket pocket.

"Luke…" Cooter started when they walked in.

"Biggest piece I could find. It's a piece of your truck." Luke explained holding up the piece of metal.

"Then my truck is demolished." Cooter said.

"Yeah." Luke said.

"But, if Bo was in the crash…" Luke started to point out how lucky they were that Bo was still alive.

"Then wouldn't he be dead?" Cooter asked.

"Maybe he got thrown before the truck…" Luke started.

"Good point." Cooter said.

“In any case we’re lucky he’s alive.†Luke said.

“Who are you?†Came a confused question.

Everyone looked at Bo. Bo's face and eyes showed confusion and a bit of fear. Luke sighed and looked at his uncle and Daisy; then Cooter and finally Bo.

"We're your family and we're going to help you through this I promise." Luke said.

Bo found himself trusting the dark haired man next to him implicitly.

"OK…but, you haven't really answered my question." Bo said.

"Oh. I'm Luke, this is Daisy, your Uncle Jesse, and Cooter." Luke said.

Bo nodded. His legs weren't moving at all.

"Why aren't my legs moving?" Bo asked.

"Doc said you hurt your back." Luke said.

"How?" Bo asked.

"Car crash." Luke said.


"We're gonna help ya though." Luke said.

"And I mean though everything." He added.

"OK." Bo said softly.

"I'm gonna look into something's." Cooter said.

"Cooter…" Daisy started.

"Knowin' a certain someone he'll want to be driving as soon as his memory is back or at back enough. And in the chance that this paralysis is permanent I thought I'd look into if there was tech out there to let him drive now." Cooter stated showing he'd thought this through while they were there which seemed to show an intelligence normally hidden so well no one noticed it until then.

"Yeah." Daisy said.

"I'll let ya'll know what I find." Cooter said leaving.

"Thanks." Luke said.

"No problem." Cooter said and left.

"Huh?" Bo asked in confusion.

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