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Untitled Story Three

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Everyone in the Duke Family had gone to bed or at least they thought so. In truth Bo had faked being asleep and snuck out the open window and got dressed outside. It was a record breaking heat in Hazzard that night. Bo went to the hay loft in the barn since he had snuck some books he had found when he went through his parents things for the first time early that morning so that night he was sitting in the hay loft reading them by lantern light. He was wearing a tank top at the moment and boxers; he had his jeans sitting nearby. He learned a lot about his folks reading these books since a couple were journals written by his father. The heat had woke Luke who looked over to check on Bo but, found Bo's bed empty. There was the soft glow of a lantern’s light visible from the window in the bedroom coming from the hay loft. Luke got dressed and went outside and headed for the hay loft in the barn quietly.

‘What could Bo be doing out here this late?’ Luke thought.

Luke snuck up on Bo and found him nose deep in a book.

"Bo?" Luke asked.

Bo jump a bit and looked at Luke.

"I thought you were asleep." Bo said.

"I was, but the heat woke me up." Luke said.

"Darn heat."

Bo nodded. He hadn't volunteered what he was reading and started to go back to.

"What ya reading?" Luke asked.

Bo looked back at Luke.

"Some of my parents books." Bo stated matter of factly.

"Oh." Luke said climbing all the way into the loft.

"Apparently they were dog breeders over in Altanta where we moved after I was born. Mom was the breeder according to dad and he trained 'em for the PD." Bo said.

Two names jumped out at him.

"I gotta test this." Bo said as he read.

"Uncle Jesse wants us to get Maudine some feed in town later saw the empty bag and him write a list." Bo told Luke.

"I'll test it then." He said this part as more of a mumbled.

'Rosco may not like it. But, I gotta show 'im that he ain't usin' her to her full potential. Not from what I'm readin'.' He thought.

"What exactly do you have to test?" Luke asked.

"Flash." Bo simply stated.

"Oh, no. Don't you dare." Luke said thinking it was something bad.

"Nothing bad just wanna test her training…see if she remembers it." Bo said.

"You'll see what I have planned in the mornin’...cause you have a major part in it."

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