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Enos Strate devoted page

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I'm trying (shy and awkward attempt) to create a page devoted to Enos Strate on FB.

Feel free to add videos, pictures, memories (if you ever met Sonny at Dukesfest and so on) on it.

I wanted to create a page on Enos, collecting various things, BUT I didn't know on what site, and how. So, I decided to try to "catch" fans of Enos on FB... I don't know if FB works for such a thing... uh, anyway, if it doesn't work I'll delete it. Simply. :-)

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Just forget the previous link. THIS is the page.

Did you notice I'm a bit... ehm... clumsy about FB??

I think it's goin' to be a disaster. ROFL.

NOOOO. It's NOT a disaster.

THANKS everybody reached the page!!! I don't know if amog various friends there are some of you (I don't kow your real names).

Anyway, THANKS!!! :D

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