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Where's My Baby


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Tonight On The Dukes : Luke finds out that he maybe someone's missing child

The Dukes was just sitting down to eat a nice Pancake breakfast when Jesse

heard a knock on the door so he got up and walked over and answered it.

" Are you Jesse Duke ?". the stranger said

" Yes I am and you are ?". asked Jesse

" My name is Judd I'm Luke's Brother ". said Judd

" your uh ... uh .. uh... Luke". said Jesse

Luke couldn't believe his eyes he was speechless ".

Once Luke got over his shock he told him to come in and he shook his hand.

" How can you be my brother I was an only child ". said Luke

" before my mom died she told me that I have a brother named Luke". Judd

" What was your mom's name ?". said Luke

" Her name was Sara ". said Judd

" She died in a car accident when I was a baby ". said Judd

" Why didn't you come looking for me before ?". said Luke

" Well I didn't know anything about you until I read in the newspaper". Judd

" I can't believe this you can't just claim your my brother without proof".

" If you want to have proof I could show you my birthmark ". said Judd

Unfortunetly Luke didn't know what to believe he was really thrown for a loop

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