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The one that got away

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The boys was driving on back from a night out of partying in Atlanta

Bo was trying his best to stay awake Luke had zonked out a few hours ago

and he was dreaming away while feeling the cool breeze on his face.

Then suddenly Luke had started moaning in his sleep so Bo figured he must

be dreaming about something so he figured he would leave Luke alone.

Little did he know that Luke was dreaming about him and Candy Dix

who in his mind felt like the one that got away and he would give anything

if he could see Candy one more time so he can tell her how much he loves .

About 15 minutes later the boys pulled up to the farm and by time they got

home it was still dark out So Bo figured that he would wake Luke up

so he gave Luke a few shakes on his shoulder then Luke woke up.

" Hey just out of curiousty cuz who was you dreaming about ?". asked Bo

" I was dreaming about Candy I guess I 'm regrettting letting her go.

" Luke you can't live that way . I know but I can't help but feel bad". Luke


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