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Two Buddies Hanging Out


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Rosco and the General, casually hanging out in my front yard



I've ordered a load of things off eBay for Rosco,but they haven't arrived yet.

I know I keep saying this, but I will make a video of Rosco chasing the General.

I was cycling Rosco home from my acting last Wednesday night at about 10pm,and I had my sports bag on the luggage rack. I was cycling perfectly legal,when all of a sudden I saw flashing blue lights and a Garda (irish police) car go by me and slow down. I stopped on the sidewalk beside the car, and the Garda asked me where I got the bike and did I know that cycling around on stolen government property is illegal.

I answered that I had legally bought this bike,and repainted it myself based on a fictionious police department.

At this point they got out of their car and began inspecting Rosco. After a quick glance they realized that I wasn't cycling one of their police bicycles, and were turning around to get in their car when one of them asked me "by any chance you didn't base this bike on the sheriff car from the Dukes of Hazzard?". I replied that yes I had and then spent the next fifteen minutes talking about the Dukes,showing him pictures of my second General Lee, and told him about my original one that was stolen. He said that he was and still is a big fan of the Dukes, and would keep a lookout for my stolen General. I asked him if he was a member on any Dukes websites, and when he said no I recommended that he sign up to HazzardNet.

It never ceases to amaze me how many people still remember Dukes,even after being off the air for almost 30 years :)

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