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What's your favorite way to edit photos?


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Well I was just editting some DoH pics and a question poped into my head,"What way to other people like to edit pictures?" I like to use picnik. I also like to use some of the apps on muzy.com. Mainly the photo brush which is where they turn a photo black and white and then you can turn any part of the picture you want into color. Thats what I'm doing right now and I have some fun seeing what DoH picks I can work with.

So, what do you guys use to edit pictures?

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I use Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 and have had pretty good luck with it. I like to do desktop wallpapers and banners.

It's nice to see the free online photo editors now tho'. At the time when I was startin' to do photo edits, there weren't any so I bought the software to do it.

My previous laptop was a Vista system and the Paint Shop Pro software I had on that had an animated .gif maker which I had fun with. Unfortunately, the Windows 7 versions does not and I really miss that.

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Those are so cool. I don't have many but I have some on muzy. Tell me what you think. You can also send my some pics that you might want done. You can also download the pics on there too if you like. Thats what I have done.

I also have an album on here with all these pictures of ones I've edited or created.

Hope ya like.:p

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