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New Fic: "Beneath a Hazzard Moon"

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Just a little 'thank-you' to everyone here who's been reading this and reviewing for me. Y'all are so encouraging. :D

This is the first fanfic I've written where there's actually a decent sized fan-base. My other novel-length fanfics are both for "Drop Dead Fred" and that's about as obscure a fandom as you can get.

I also just wanted to mention here, like I did in the author notes on the last chapter, I'm planning on writing a sort of prequel to this story. It's been so fun making up the backstory between Enos and Daisy, that I feel like I should write it down. It just keeps growing in my mind.

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That's right...It's finally complete!!

Thanks to everyone for all your encouragement!

For those looking for more:

I'll be posting the first vignettes in the back-story that I made up and used for this one very soon.

It looks like it will be titled "The Story of Us" unless I come up with something more creative by then. I'll be posting the link to HazzardNet when it's up.

Without further ado ------>Chapter 21 "Beneath a Hazzard Moon"

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Just a note that Part 1 of "The Story of Us" has been published!

If you ever wanted to read about all those little bits I put into "Beneath a Hazzard Moon" about Daisy and Enos growing up, this series is where you'll find them.

I changed my mind about how I'm doing it. I'm just going to put each part up as separate parts on FF.net, that way I can put up the description of each individual story, not just "a collection of stories", lol. Part 1 begins when Enos is 10 and Daisy is 8.

You can find the link to it in the "Fanfic Announcements" section here.

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