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All was quiet at Duke Farm. Bo and Luke were washing the dishes as Jesse dried and Daisy was tidying up. The tranquility that flowed through the house was abruptly disrupted by Atlanta Police officers breaking down the doors and flooding the house.

"What in tarnation is going on?" Jesse shouted.

An Atlanta detective entered the room in a calm mannered way and spoke "Beauregard Duke, you are under arrest for the murder of Bobby Thatcher, whatever you say will be taken down and used against you in a court of law"

Two police officers grabbed Bo and stuffed out the door and into a patrol car.

Suddenly the tranquility came back to the duke house but not to the Dukes.

Cue i1976

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"Bobby Thatcher? Murder? Atlanta police?" uncle Jesse looked at Luke, who shaked his head. Neither Daisy knew anything 'bout that.

"Uncle Jesse, we can't stay here while Bo is thrown in jail" Luke was very worried, "Why don't we call Rosco, or Boss Hogg? Maybe the Atlanta detective talked to them before coming here. Maybe he can explain us what's happening"

"Rosco? Boss Hogg? Luke, calm down, you're not reasoning at all" then uncle Jesse sighed "if only Enos was here, but he's in Los Angeles and he can't help us. Surely, Rosco and Boss won't help us"

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Jesse was furious with what had happened. "Daisy have you got Enos's number?"

"Yes uncle jesse but.."

"No buts Daisy we need something, advice , anything"

Daisy sighed, she really missed Enos, and hoped that he would come, although she worried that he would be too busy to come.

Cue anyone :)

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Uncle Jesse phoned to Enos, explaining what's happening.

Enos heard silently uncle Jesse's words, then he promised to get some information from Atlanta's police.

Meanwhile Bo was in a cell in Atlanta's prison, wondering why he was there and who Bobby Thatcher was.

At Duke's farm, the phone rang 30 minutes after uncle Jesse had spoken with Enos. It was the deputy:" Uncle Jesse, I've talked with an Atlanta detective; well, it's a muddle. Bobby Thatcher was an undercover cop, dead for a head blow last month in Atlanta. Someone saw Bo talking .... or, it's better to say, arguing .... with him the night before his death. Moreover, Bobby also worked here in Los Angeles last year, so L.A.P.D is involved in this. I'll come tomorrow with my colleagues."

"Thanks Enos. Bye"

Then uncle Jesse explained everything to Luke and Daisy.

It was really a muddle.

(Cue anyone)

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The night dragged for the duke family. They were waiting for help from Enos and his L.A.P.D colleagues. Jesse realised that they must be good, he also noticed that Enos had grown up with his job. He seemed to know what he was talking about. Jesse lay in bed, he wondered if Enos had played the dipstick deputy all this time. He realised that he would soon find out.

Jesse was woken by a continuous knocking at the door. He rushed up and opened the door to find Enos and his partner Turk.

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Enos and Turk entered.

"Hi uncle Jesse" Enos said "I'm sorry to see you 'cause Bo's capture. I would have preferred to return in Hazzard for something different"

Uncle Jesse put his hand on Enos' shoulder:" Thank you for coming, Enos. You're the only law member we can trust"

Enos stared at him; uncle Jesse seemed aged and tired.

Turk was looking around: everything was as Enos told him (in L.A. Enos always talked about the Dukes, especially Daisy, and about Hazzard).

Daisy and Luke came in; they seemed not to having slept at all, especially Luke.

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Luke raised a smile at the sight of Enos and Turk. Daisy ran to Enos and hugged him and then hugged Turk , she remembered him from when she went to visit Enos in L.A. Enos approached the kitchen table and everyone followed his lead. Turk hestitated but his hesitation was cut short by Jesse insisting he sat.

there was silence. Turk, surprising everyone, broke the silence.

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Turk said: "I know that it's a bad moment for you, but we have to understand what's happened to Bobby Tatcher; he was a cop, a good cop. Do you remember if Bo went to Atlanta last month? and why?"

Uncle Jesse answered, after few seconds: "Well, Bo went to Atlanta a month ago; he stayed two days there, to visit a Nascar pilot who's his friend and who raced that day. Right Luke? You stayed at home 'cause you had flu"

"Yeah, I remember, uncle Jesse. I wanted to go, but I couldn't"

Enos said: "When exactly Bo went to Atlanta?"

Luke talked after few minutes of silence: "21st-22nd november, Yeah. 21st-22nd november"

Turk watched Enos: "Bobby died exactly that night"

Enos sighed:" It's not a good news. Well Turk; we have to go to Atlanta to speak with Bo and to try to understand what's happening that night"

Luke stood up:" I'll come with you"

Daisy stared at her cousin, than at Enos and Turk: "Me too"

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Enos disagreed "you can't come you won't be allowed for one thing and i don't want you to".

"Daisy and luke stood up. daisy ranted at Enos. "He's my cousin Enos and he didn't do it!"

"Daisy" Enos said calmly "I beleive you but before we say who did it we need to find out what happened , re-examine the evidence and well, go from there"

Enos and Turk stood and got ready to leave.

They both said their goodbyes.

Jesse noticed luke and especially Daisy's reactions and spoke.

"he knows what he is doing, they both do, they will get Bo free"

cue anyone

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Enos was driving silently; Turk said:" Why are you so quiet? In Los Angeles you always speak 'bout Hazzard, and now you seem not happy at all to be here. I thought that I could stop you talk 'bout Hazzard and Daisy only shooting you"

Enos sniggered:" Am I so annoying?"

Turk laughed:" Well, if you ask me.... yeah, sometimes you are a bit.....flat"

Enos laughed too:" Thank you for sincerity", then he returned serious:" I would like to be here for something else than save Bo from prison, also because it won't be easy. And if I fail......"

Turk interrupted him:" You won't fail. WE won't fail. It's a police investigation, don't forget. We'll find out the truth. Or are you worried 'cause you think that your friend is really guilty?"

Enos looked at Turk surprised:" Absolutly not. I'm sure that Bo isn't guilty. I .... we have to speak with him"

Meanwhile Bo was in his cell, upset, when a cop told him:" Mr. Duke. Want you talk with some Los Angeles cops or want you keep quiet again?"

When Bo listened that words he somehow felt better, and he asked hopeful:" What's their name?"

The cop was surprised:" Their name?"

"Yeah, the name of Los Angeles cops who want to speak to me"

"Officer Strate and officer Adams"

The young Duke smiled for the first time since he was there:" Well, I'll talk with them"

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Bo was escorted to a small dull room. He was told to sit by the atlanta officer. Then Turk and Enos entered.

Both officers signalled for the atlanta cop to leave.

Bo stood up immediately and grabbed Enos's hand. "I need you Enos, someone has framed me!"

"I know Bo but if we are going to free you, then we will have to do this officially. All 3 men sat down.

Enos spoke, "Bo can you tell me how you know Bobby Thatcher?"

"Well i didn't really i knew him cuz' he was being mouthy to one of my friends, the friend i was visiting"

Who was this?" asked Turk.

"Curt Coben"

"where is he now?" quizzed Enos.

"i don't know"

cue anyone

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Enos stared at Bo:"Bo, don't lie to me. You knew Bobby Thatcher, right? You quarreled with him the night he died. We know everything. But I want to know why. Why did you quarrel?"

Bo looked away:" When I went away, that night, Paul... I mean.... Bobby.... was still alive. See, I've known only yesterday that his real name was Bobby Thatcher and that he was an undercover cop, but I, and Curt Coben knew him as Paul Frasier, his false name"

Enos snapped:" Bo, I don't give a damn if you and Curt Coben knew him as Bobby, Paul... or Sally. I want to know, and I'm asking to you, WHY you were quarrelling that night"

Bo was surprise by Enos' tone, on the contrary Turk seemed to be used to that.

At that time Bo understood that it wasn't friendly chat, but it was a police interrogation.

(cue anyone)

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During his time in L.A Enos had learnt that you had to use hard tactics to get information. Suspects lied too often, and too easily. Enos had learnt to take things seriously ,especially when one of his closest friends was involved.

Bo looked away and sighed. he was beginning to realise the seriousness of the situation.

"we were quarraling because...........well everything was fine we brought him a drink, and then he started asking these stupid questions about drugs and gangs, saying he was just talking about the news in the paper but he was implying that we were involved, fair enough the pub was a bit run down and dodgy but he shouldn't have gone accusing people!"

"What was the name of the pub and the address?" asked Turk.

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Bo gave Enos and Turk the pub's name and address.

Enos asked:" Do you know if your friend was involved in drug abuse or if.... he was a ... pusher?"

Bo looked at him, shocked:"Curt?"

Enos snapped again "Yeah, of course, your friend Curt; I'm not talking about me or my aunt. Wake up, Bo"

Turk looked at Enos:" Calm down, buddy", then he turned to Bo: "Bobby was investigating about drug in NASCAR. There are pushers and drug abusers in NASCAR; and there are a lot of bets around races. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

Bo nodded, but he avoided to look at Enos; he was worried about his possible reaction.

Enos spoke again:" Where's Curt?"

Bo turned to Enos:" I don't know, Enos. Really. I don't know. That day, after Curt raced, we went in the pub. There we met Bobby, who approached us. He talked a bit about NASCAR and that day's race, then, I don't know why, he began to talk about drug and NASCAR pilots, he said that racing in NASCAR implies a big stress and so on"

Enos continued to stared at Bo, so Bo continued to speak 'cause he didn't want to roil his friend:" When we left the pub, Bobby was still there. We went in Curt's apartment and I slept there. Curt stayed there all night. The next morning I returned to Hazzard"

Enos stood up and put a hand on Bo's shoulder:" OK. I'll help you, buddy"

Bo relaxed. It was again Enos.

Then Enos and Turk left, and Bo returned in his cell.

In the car, Turk shook his head:" When you want to play the "bad-cop" role, warn me. You scared me. Usually I play the "bad cop" role and you the "good cop" one, but I have to admit that your play worked"

Enos sniggered:"Bo expected that I was the good one, so, puzzling him, I made him talk"

Turk sighed:" You can be a b####d, if you want"

Enos laughed:" Thanks for the second praise of this day"

Turk replied: "Don't worry, it's only morning"

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Both cops continued to laugh. They were on there way to the address that Bo had given them.

The pub, The Exchange, was relatively small and had an air of mystery about it, the sort of mystery you didn't want to get into. The dcoration was just about hanging on the walls and the carpet housed several patches of stale beer.

both men took in their new surrounding.

"This place obviously has it's fair share of fights"

"your right there Turk" agreed Enos.

At the bar sat 3 men, 2 engaged in conversation and 1 alone. Enos and Turk approached the bar and started conversation with the barman.

"can i help you fella's, you look kinda official?"

Both officers showed their badges.

"yes sir, we are from los angeles police department and we are investigating a murder that has led us here" Enos said sounding serious.

"Do you own this pub?" asked Turk

"sometimes, you could say i might aswell, i do the dirty work the bar work, all the work , but not the paper work, so i don't officially own the place but i am sure i can answer your questions, sounds serious"

"It is an undercover L.A.P.D officer was killed and we are trying to get it cleared up A.S.A.P, have you seen this man before?" Enos held out a photograph of Bobby Thatcher.

cue anyone

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The barman looked at Bobby's photo, then he nodded:" Yeah. Sometimes he came here for a beer. He was a quiet man. I confess that I didn't talk with him very much, so I don't know how to help you"

Turk looked around:" Is this place always so empty?"

The barman looked at the costumers:" No. If you come this evening, you'll see more people"

"A lot of people?" asked Enos.

"Really, this place is never crowded, but in the evening there are more people than now" the barman answered, so Enos kept talking: "So you can note if something strange happens, right? Last night you saw this man" Enos showed again Bobby's photo to the barman "did you note something strange?

The barman remained silent few minutes, then he answered:" It's a lot time ago. But I remember that he argued with two others costumers. I remember this fact 'cause I was surprised to see a so quiet man arguing with someone. I don't know who the two others men were; it was the first and last time I saw them here"

Turk and Enos looked at each other, then Turk asked:"Did they leave the bar all together?"

The barman shooked his head:"The two men left together, and this man" he looked again at Bobby's photo "stayed here, alone, for a couple of hours. When he left he was alone. It was the last time I saw him here"

"Ok. Thanks" then Turk and Enos left.

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Enos and Turk decided to take a look at their victim and get L.A.P.D's resident expert Steven McBain to give them a verdict on what could have happened to Bobby Thatcher.

They arrived at the Atlanta police department and procided to find Steven. They found him a large laboratory type room that housed people, all dead apart from Steven.

"you know i don't how you stay in here alone with all these dead people " said turk shivering

"well they don't say much, unlike you two" he smiled "how can i help you gentlemen?"

"We would like you to tell us your opinion on the cause of death please stevo?" Stevo was everybodies nickname for him, when Enos arrived in L.A he knew steven McBain as stevo for 2 months before finding out his real name.

"There is a ruptor hole just at the back of the neck" Stevo pointed as both officers looked.

"Shot at close range" Enos said with no hesitation.

"right " agreed Stevo.

Turk looked deeper" shot with a 9mm, huh cause there is not many of them is there " he said sarcastically.

"thats the least of your worrys " replied Stevo.

"what do you mean" said Enos

"well the shot wasn't the cause of death, he suffered a Haemorrhage before he was shot, he must have been hit hard, fell to the ground with the back of his head at some force, which forced the skull to crack massive bleeding exposed to the brain, voila one haemorrhage"

"ouch" winced Turk

"indeed, he was beaten pretty bad there is also lots of bruising and 3 broken ribs"

"this looks to me like a hit, maybe some atlanta gang found out he was an undercover cop" Enos said realising this case was getting into something Bo could never have orchastrated.

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In the car, Enos was doubtful: "I don't know, Turk. Maybe you're right, maybe Bobby has been killed by a gang. But I think that Bobby knew something dangerous 'bout drug and NASCAR. He died after that talk with Bo and Curt. It could be a accident; he talked with a NASCAR pilot and his friend, and then, after he left the pub, he met his killer (or killers) who are not related at all with Bobby's investigation ... maybe a gang.... But I think that NASCAR is somehow involved in Bobby's death".

Turk replied:" The barman told us that Bo and Curt left the pub together, whereas Bobby stayed another couple of hours, alone. Moreover, Bo told us that after he left the pub with Curt, they reached Curt's apartment and they slept all night long. So Curt couldn't kill Bobby. Bo is Curt's alibi"

"And Curt is Bo's alibi" Enos continued "but he's disappeared and even if we find him, and even if he supports Bo's words, you know that Atlanta's police suspect not only Bo for the murder but also Curt. So they can't be each other alibi. Curt is not in jail 'cause he's disappeared, and Atlanta's police is searching him. And my trust in Bo's words is not enough to clear Bo and Curt's situation."

"But if Curt and Bo didn't kill Bobby, why and how you think that Bobby's talk with Curt and Bo was the cause of his death?" Turk quizzed.

"Maybe someone in the pub listened to that talk... I don't know, Turk. I'm confused..."

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While all this was going on, Jesse, Luke and Daisy were worried sick. Enos and Turk phoned very occasionally to keep them in formed of what was going on, well as much as they could tell them.

Pretty soon the whole county knew, Jsee, Luke and Daisy had people telling them how sorry they were everyday. Boss even let Daisy have days off!

But the dukes were getting upset, none of them could get any sleep, they hadn't visited him yet and they didn't want to. The sight of Bo in prison talking behind glass was something the dukes , Jesse especially, never wanted to see.

Daisy was worried the most she didn't let on her grief as much as luke and Jesse. Not only was she scared about Bo but she was woried sick about Enos. His job in L.A worried her so much, after all it was murder capital of the country, now he had to try and save his friend from being framed for murder.

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Bo was in jail since one week. He missed his family, and he didn't know how to stand that situation.

Enos and Turk visited him every day, and Turk and Enos's visits were the only thing that gave him the strenght to stand.

Like every day, Bo was escorted to the small dull room he knew so well.

Enos and Turk entered, and Bo saw that both men were very tired.

He was worried. Enos spoke:"Bo, I have to gave you a good new and a bad new" then he sighed "OK. The bad new is that your friend Curt is dead, killed"

Bo put his hands on his eyes:" Oh my God... Oh my God... Curt...."

Enos remained silent for few minutes, then he talked again:" Curt has been killed by a gun, a 9mm, the same used to shoot Bobby (the bullet belongs to the same gun). He died four days ago, but we found his body only today. Four days ago you were already in jail, so...... you are innocent. If you are innocent for Curt's murder, you're also innocent for Bobby's murder. You are free"

Bo looked at Enos, shoked:" Can I go home?"

Enos smiled:" Yeah. I phoned to uncle Jesse. They are waiting for you"

Bo stood up:" And when can I go home?"

Turk said, smiling:" Immediatly, if you want. Or want you to stay also this night?"

Bo approached to Enos and Turk:" Immediatly"

Enos and Turk laughed:" Ok. Go"

In the car, the three men didn't know what to say. Bo was coming home; he was innocent, and everyone was glad about it. But his friend was dead, and Bobby's murder wasn't solved.

Enos and Turk let Bo driving home; driving relaxed him.

They were in Hazzard County when Turk spoke for the first time since they were in the car: "Hey. That car behind us is following us since we left Atlanta. It's strange."

Suddenly, a shot broke the silence. A tire blew out, Bo loose car's control and the car upset.

Bo and Turk came out the car.

Bo was bleeding from a cut on forehead and he had a bad headhache. Turk had some broken ribs, and also his left arm was probably broken.

They looked each other.

Turk said:" and Enos?" Bo yelled "ENOS"

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Both men began to panic. The car was still on its roof and there was no sign of Enos. Bo ran to the doors and knelt down. There was his best friend, unconscious. His face was no longer pale, but red with the result of the accident. Bo screamed to Turk "phone an ambulance , now!!!" tears were beginning to show with Bo.

Meanwhile Jesse, luke and Daisy were worried.

"Bo was supposed to be back by now" said luke.

Daisy was getting worried to "Where are they"

"I knew something was wrong i got that feeling in my toe again" Jesse said, he stood up and approached the C.B.

Cooter was on the other end, he had gone spotted the ambulance and was at the scene of the accident. Cooter didn't start the conversation with his usual C.B talk, Jesse knew something was really wrong.

"Cooter, whats going on?"

"ahhhh........ uncle jesse there's been an accident"

Who , cooter , who" Jesse said showing signs of panic in his voice. Both luke and daisy realised something was not right.

"ok Bo and turk are alive at least, just injured but....." cooter's voice began to dissapear.

"Enos is bad, really bad they've rushed him to hospital.

Daisy fell into the seat at the kitchen table, lowered her head to the table and cried.

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Uncle jesse, Bo and Luke arrived at the hospital, where they met Cooter, Bo and Turk.

The Dukes hugged each others; uncle Jesse, Luke and Daisy were very glad that Bo was out of prison. Bo had a bandage on his head, and a black eye.

Uncle Jesse looked at his nephew:" How do you feel, Bo?"

"I'm fine, uncle Jesse" Bo answered "I suffered a mild head trauma; I have headhache, but doctors said to me that I won't have consequences. I have to stay in hospital a couple of days, under observation, then I'll can come back home." Then Bo shook his head, trying to stop tears:" It's all my fault. Enos and Turk were in Atlanta for me, and I was driving the car when....", he stopped, unable to go on.

Turk put his right hand (his left arm was broken, and it had been plastered) on Bo's shoulder:" It's not your fault at all. Someone shot us, the same one who killed Bobby Thatcher and your friend Curt. It's HIS fault".

After a deep breath, Luke asked what everyone was wondering about but anyone hadn't the courage to ask:"How's Enos?"

(cue anyone)

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Turk sighed. "well the doctors haven't told us much, they just rushed him into the emergency unit, the doctors said they would keep us informed".

Bo couldn't control his tears much longer, "Why did this have to happen? the arrest, everything, look where its got us, my best friend is ....... well we don't know"

Jesse placed a reassuring hand on Bo's shoulder, "Enos is a fighter, he will be alright, he's in good hands" Spotting Daisy close to tears again he took her in his arms. She cried into his shoulder.

Moments later, a middle aged doctor entered the room. Everybody stood up awaiting the news on Enos.

"well, is he gonna' be ok?" asked Turk.

He is still unconscious, we have cleared the wound he recieved to his head, but until he wakes up we won't know whether there is any long term damage.

"he will wake up won't he?"

"yes , we just don't know when, could be hours, dyas or even weeks, hopefully he wakes up as soon as possible"

Daisy needed to see him, "Can i see him please?"

Yes of course he is a private room now where we can observe him"

Daisy approached the door and slowly turned the handle.

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Before Daisy entered in the room, doctor informed her that she could stay only for an hour. Daisy nodded, then she entered in Enos room.

The room was dim. She sat on a chair near Enos bed and looked at him.

He looked like ha was sleeping, but for the bendage on his head and monitors around him.

Daisy took his hand, holding it. She whispered:" Enos...", but he didn't open his eyes. She carressed his cheek, without response.

She didn't know what to do or what to say, so she stayed near him, wordlessly, holding his hand.

It seemed that only few minutes had gone by, when the doctor knocked at the door, then he entered, saying:" Sorry, Miss. But now you have to leave".

Daisy nodded, she leaned toward Enos, kissing gently his lips (and, as everytime she had kissed him before, he didn't react); she said:" See you tomorrow, honey", then she stood up.

The doctor asked her:" Is he your boyfriend?"

Daisy shook her head:" No. He's my best friend" but her voice sound doubtful.

The doctor stared at her:" Sorry; observing you, I believed that he's your boyfriend"

Daisy reached his family, Cooter and Turk, and she told everyone how Enos was.

Then they went to the farm. When they arrived in Hazzard, everyone knew 'bout Bo's comeback, the accident and Enos.

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Daisy went back to visit Enos again the next day. Boss had given her time so she could go and visit him. Turk was going to visit Enos too, so they decided to go together.

In the car, there was not much conversation, Turk was still shook up from being in the accident and Daisy was deep in thought. Turk broke the silence "at least i have someone quiet in the car with me for a change" They both laughed

"what do you mean?" asked daisy

"Enos..... that guy doesn't stop talking"

Daisy laughed.

"no seriously he is a great guy"

Daisy nodded and agreed.

"all he would go on about was hazzard and you, occasionally our actual job oh and you again"

"what would he say?"Daisy was eager to know what Enos said about her.

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