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Wanted : 1977-78 Dodge Monaco / Plymouth Fury sedan in L.A.


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Hey y'all,

I'm looking for a 1977-78 Dodge Monaco / Plymouth Fury 4-door sedan

("downsized" midsize model ; not the fullsize Royal Monaco/Gran Fury)

75-76 Dodge Coronet / Plymouth Fury also OK.

It should be in the Los Angeles area. I'm from Belgium, but the people that could help me transport have a base in L.A., so they could check it out for me.

- Engine: V8 only, no 6 cyl.

- Transm.: Automatic (& column-mounted shifter)

- Condition: Well-running car. No projects. Original version (no customizing).

- All paperwork must be OK (registration, clear title, etc …). This is a must for customs clearance and re-registration here.

- Interior (preferably beige) nice & clean.

- Body & chassis: No rust (neither surface nor 'rot' & rusting through).

- Faded / old paint ok, is not necessarily a problem.

“Straight†body , no 'accident-car'.

- Mechanically 100 % in good condition : engine, transmission, suspension,

brakes, steering, etc... (not too high mileage and well maintained;

without bad seals/gaskets & bearings; no knocking- & ticking noises,

no slipping transmissions, etc. …).

The reason it should be in very nice condition is simple: In the USA junkyards are full of parts, but here in Belgium spare parts are nearly impossible to find, so car must be good from the start.

Any info will be highlyt appreciated.


A Dukes fan in Belgium wanting to make a Rosco cop car...


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