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Duke Rides with pics!

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Hey all,

I have been lurking around here for years but have never posted before now. I have been working on building models from the show for years but just recently got serious about it. Enjoy!


I am presently working on Jesse Duke's truck. On deck is Boss Hogg's Cadillac, Daisy's 74 Road Runner, Revell's 69 Charger to do the General right, the Jaguar from Duke of Duke and Rosco's police car.

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Then you ought to see what I'm doing with a Batman "Goon Car/ Gotham patrol car" I took the racing green made to go with the Chad Green "97" Pontiac when he raced and painted the Monaco that color. Like the color alot but kept calling it a Taxi. So I had put the windows in the Superglue and the Interior and accidently gave it foggy windows. Well, I thought why scrap so after I put various Taxi decals on it, I asked my brother to dullcote and It had one coat on it but them my older brother said to needed another so then Doug put another coat of Dullcote and what it ended up doing is a a green like in Days of Thunder.

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