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Please pray for my family...........

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I went with my mom to take my aunt for a colostomy. I had gone with my mom when she had hers back in Sept, so i knew what to expect.

Hers was a lot different from my moms. They did not put her to sleep, so she felt it alittle. We thought it was because she is on some kind of medicine for breast cancer. She was dianosed a couple of years ago.

Her doctor told my mom that they took pollocks out and for my mom and her to meet him in 6 weeks. Is that normal to wait that long? My mom only had to call a couple of days later to find out the results.

My aunt is like a second mom to me. I cant lose her. When she was dianosed with breast cancer, I never once thought she would die, but now i do.

Is this normal for the doctor to wait so long? If there was something wrong with her, the doctor wouldn't wait that long right?

PLease pray and i'll keep you updated,


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