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Anybody meet John?

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Well, I know at least a couple of people have met him and I want to know what it was like. I've read a couple experiences but I have specific questions.

What was he like?

Were you able to maintain some kind of composure? (Especially for the girls)

Where did you get the chance?

Did you chat? Or was it a really quick thing?


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He's a nice guy and an awesome actor from "DOH".

I met him 2 weeks after my 18th birthday in 2000. I was excited to meet him since I was a kid waiting to meet when I grow up that day I asked my parents for that then one of my parents told me, "You will meet one day when you grow up older." then I was happy. I grew up older, I was so excited and first saw General Lee was parking there and later, he arrived then I was happy then I thanked my parent because I waited to meet for 18 years finally and my mom and I chatted with him about me that time I was a kid loved watching his show and huge fan of his and he said, "Really?, cool! Thanks for watching our show!" then he signed my Dukes in Hollywood renunion shirt and other stuff, too when I was 18. It was the best moment of my life for my 18th birthday present! :D

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