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I'm back from my trip.

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I'm back from my trip, and I cant think of a word to describe the trip.

I got there Thursday afternoon and my Mom was not talking to anyone. I was so tired, I didn't care. I slept most of the rest of the afternoon.

On FRiday, my mom was basically laying a guilt trip on me and my older brother JOhn because we were the only ones without kids. I tried to tell her that Josh choose this. You raised him and we had him for 30 years. Now he wants to learn his new family and spend time with them. She wouldn't listen to me, so I threatened to have something tattooed or piecred (sp) and she yelled at me, which was great.

On Saturday, we went shopping. I stayed away from everyone. That night we went out to eat and all hell broke lose. THe moms finally had it out, because my nephew Kyle (Josh's son) was doing something. I cant remember what. They yelled at each other and I think my mom got everything out that she was building up, and then right there at the table, my mom slaps her right across the face and walked out. How embarassing. :(

Sunday morning, I was packing and my sisters Dawn and Amy were telling me to go into the living room. I did and the 2 moms were hugging and crying. I didn't know what happened, but turns out Josh had talked to them. So everything is fine untill Mother's Day or Thanksgiving.

THank you for your thoughts,


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