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One moring at the Duke farm, everyone was just getting up as Uncle Jesse and Daisy were fnishing making breakfast. After evryone was dressed they began to eat. Then the phone rang and Daisy went over to answer it.

Daisy-"You got the Duke farm this is Daisy Duke....Ow it's you, how are ya?....How can I help ya?...OK, is everything Ok?...Sure thing, see ya soon...bye."

Uncle Jesse-'Who was that Daisy?"

Daisy-"Uncle Jesse I gotta go, but I'll tell ya later..OK."

Uncle Jesse-"Ok Daisy you just go on."

As Daisy leaves she leaves the boys and Uncle Jesse wondering about what's goin' on and who she's goin' to see.

Luke-"Wonder what that was all about?"

Bo-"I don't know, but she sure was in a hurry."

What they didn't know was that Daisy had just gotten a phone call from Deputy Enos Strate, who was just about the most nervouse sounding person on the phone. Since Enos and Daisy had been goin' out for quite some time now they were gonna mett and have a little discussion, at speed trap number 1.

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About twenty minutes later Daisy was pulling up to Enos' patrol car, as she got out she had seen that while he was waiting for her he had fallen asleep. So she quietly opened the door and got into the passenger seat. As she put her arm around him and lay her head on his shoulder he woke up and jumped in his seat , and his hat fell off.

Enos-"That wasn't ver nice Daisy"

Daisy-"Ooh Enos I'm sure you can forgive me."


Daisy-"So what do you need to talk to me about Enos?"

She saw a worried/nervouse look on his face that she had never seen before.

Daisy-"Are you alright Enos?"

Enos-"Yeah...uh...I just wanted to talk to you about...well...about us."

Daisy-"Enos yer so cute when you get that look on your face."

Enos-"Well Daisy what I want to ask ya is..well if you..."

Daisy-"If I love you?"

Enos-"Well yeah."

Daisy-"Well ofcourse I love you."


Daisy-"Of course, is that all you wanted to talk to me about?"

Enos-"Well for now it is."

Daisy-"Are ya gonna be at the Boars Nest later?"

Enos-"You bet."

Before Daisy got out of the car she gave Enos a little kiss on the cheek and he turned beat red. Then she got into Dixie and went back to the farm to change for work.

The rest of the day was kinda dull, no one got a ticket, Rosco didn't even bother chasin' the Dukes. Which was kinda his hobby.

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Later on that night everone was at the Boars Nest, exept Enos. Daiys was startin' to wonder if he would ever come when someone pulled up and she saw him come walkin through the door. He went up to Daisy and asked if he could talk to her outside alone, so they went out side. By this time everyone had seen them got out and they were all ondering what was goin' on, especially Daisy.

Bo-"Wonder where they're goin'?"

Luke-"I don't know but he did look awful nervouse."

Boss-"Well they better not go anywhere, Daisy is still working ya know!"

Outside, Enos looks at Daisy and takes both of her hands in his.

Daisy-"what are you doin' Enos?"

Enos-"When you said you loved me earlier..did ya mean it?"

Daisy-"Of course,I did Enos."

Enos-"Well do you love me enoug to marry me?"

Daisy(in shock)-"Of course Enos, nothin' would make me happier."

As Enos slips the ring on Daisy's finger they begin to passionatly kiss for atleast a couple of minutes.

Well everyone inside was wondering what was goin' on they all went outside to see if they were there, but when they opened the doors all they saw was Daisy and Enos makin' out.

Luke-"Wonder whats gotten into them two?"

Uncle Jesse-"Ok everyone just go back in and leave them two alone."

As everyone went back in Daisy and Enos were still kissin', but they finally, but reluctantly let eachother go.

Enos-"Are ya sure you want to do this?"

Daisy-"Of course Enos, we've both waited so long, especially you."

A big grin came over Enos' face as they held eachothers' hands and went back into the Boars Nest.

Uncle Jesse-"Where in tarnation have you two been, did ya get lost or somethin'?"


Rosco-"I wouldn't ant to come back in either if ya had me in a liplock like that."

As everyone giggles , Daisy gives Rosco a look.

Daisy(turning towards Enos)-"Do you wanna tell em or do you want me to?"

Enos-"You better do it Daisy."

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Luke-"Tell us what?"

Bo-"Yeah were waitin'."

Daisy-"Well this mornin' I got a phone call, as some of you might know, well I had to leave. Well it was Enos, so I went to talk to him, and just a couple minutes ago he pulled me outside to talk to me again"

Bo-"Well what did ya talk about?"

Daisy-"Well I was just about to tell ya...Well Enos asked me to marry him..and I said yes."

As everyone was congradulating them Boss of course had to say something.

Boss-"Well it's about time, cause i'm tired of not being able to find that boy on acount of himalways being in the locker room, after he sees ya."

Daisy-"Well why was he in the locker room after he sees me?"

Bo-"Ya mean ya don't know?"

Daisy-"Know what?"

Enos-"Come on Bo ya don't gotta go tellin' her."

Luke-"Well he's always takin' a shower."

Rosco-"Yeah, a real cold one."

Daisy-"Well I din't know I did that to ya."

Rosco-"At least he always smells good."

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Well a couple wekks later Daisy and Enos were married. The wedding went off without a hitch, much to everyone's surprize, but Daisy and Enos were finally married. After the wedding they went off to Boss' cabin in Chickamahoney for their one week honeymoon, which everyone was surprized that Boss even gave Daisy and Enos two days off let-a-lone a

whole week. They were back soon enoughand much to their surprize, Bo, Luke and a whole bunch of other people that wanted to help finished fixin' up Enos' house and moved all heir things in, and let Lulu arrange and decorate everything. So when Daisy and Enos get home they got one very big surprize.

After they went home everything seemed to be very normal for the first month and a half, but everything was about to change for a couple people.

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Daisy hadn't been feeling well so she had asked Boss for the day off, and told Uncle Jesse that she was gonna go see the Doc, but she didn't tell anyone else. When she was at the Doc's she found out some very exiting news, and couldn't wait to tell everyone.

As Daisy pulled up to the Boars Nest she was trying to figure out a way to tell Eveyone the good news, especially Enos. So she figured that she would tell him a different "good news" before she told him the really really good news.

So when Daisy walked into the Boars Nest she had here eyes dead set on Enos as she walked towards him, soon enough he noticed her and got a veryupset look on his face.

Enos-"Daisy, what's wrong?"

Daisy-"Come with me...we need to talk."

So as Daisy pulls Enos off to the side to talk to him Bo, Luke, Uncle Jesse, Boss, Rosco and Cooter, were all wondering what was going on.

Luke-"Wow, I wonder what he did, Daisy never looks or talks to him like that?"

Uncle Jesse-"Well we'll just see, now wont we."

Everyone was watching as Daisy and Enos were talking.

Enos(whispering)-"What's wrong Daisy? Are you alright?"

Daisy-"Yes I just wanted to know if you still wanted one of Flash's puppies, I already talked to Rosco and he Said it would be alright."

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Enos(very excited)-"WOW, Really are you sure?"

Daisy-"Yes, I'm sure."

As Enos had found out what to him was the only good news of the day he began to get a huge grin in his face and gave Daisy a big hug, nearly picking her up.

Meanwhile all of the guys were still watching Daisy and Enos and wondering what the heck was going on.

Cooter-"I wonder what's going on, those two can be so cunfusing sometimes."

Boss-"Tell me about it"

But Daisy still had some other "good news" to tell everyone.

Daisy-"Enos settle down, why don't you go sit with the boys I have to tell everyone something."

Enos-"Ok Daisy"

So as Enos went to sit down next to Luke everyone started questioning him.

Luke-"What was that all about?"

Enos-"You'll see"

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Enos thought Daisy was just going to tell everyone what she had just told him, but he was about to get the biggest surprize of his life.

Daisy-"Okay everyone, I have something to tell you, so listen up."

Of course everyone but Enos was paying attention, he was to busy talking to Rosco about the puppy to hear Daisy's good news.

Daisy-"Well I went to the doctor today, and I found out that...well that I'm pregnant."

Everyone was happy, except for Enos who obviously hadn't heard what she had just said, he just stared at her for a moment.

Daisy-"Enos...did you hear what I said?"


Daisy-"Enos, I'm pregnant."

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Enos was obviously happy as it started to sink in that he was going to be a father, as he stood up to give her a big hug he realized that that wasn't what she had told him a few minutes earlier.

Enos-"But that's not what you told me a minute ago?"

Bo-"Wait a minute, what did she tell ya a minute ago Enos?"

Rosco-"Well she told him that he's gettin' a puppy from Flash."

Luke-"Well Enos does this look like your lucky day?"

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