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Now why didn't they do this with the 2006 Charger ?


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Check out the new Challenger...

I know it's just a concept and probably won't look anything like this when/if it comes out but at least someone at Chrysler heard the complaints.

Maybe now, they'll redesign the 2007 Charger to be a two door 1969 concept... I can dream can't I :D


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Im a little dissappointed with dodge, but then again Who isnt after they came out with a challenger like that. The challenger were proud of, But Why didnt they bring back the charger to look like a sporty car, and muscle car like. The charger was a supreme muscle car, for good looks and well Power. And now we see old people driving the new chargers around,. We need to get us younger people into them, and they can do this by bringing back some of the features of the 1968-1974 charger features and working them into a 2007 Dodge Chager. Changing the Body alone would make the car look so much hotter than the 2005 or 2006 is.!!!! WHOS WITH ME!? :lol:

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