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I'm kinda new at this....

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So I might need a little guidence....

It's my first Dukes FanFic

now this is as far as I've gotten so far.....


Narrator: looks like the Duke’s are just sittin’ down for dinner & look what Daisy’s fixed up, Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans, Homemade Biscuits,& the best sweet tea this south of the Mason Dixon!

“This looks great Daisy!†said Luke sitting down.

“Why thank you!†she said sitting across from him

“Well let’s pray & eat, I’m staved!†Bo said smiling

Narrator: Looks like Boss Hogg’s car now what do you suppose he’s doing here?

“Daisy, you might wanna cover that up, looks like we got company, & it’s J.D Hogg!â€

Said Uncle Jesse looking out the window, he looked at the boys.

“Oh No! What’s he doin’ here?†Luke said jumping up from his chair, looking out the window.

“He’s got nothing on us!†Bo said wondering why Boss always did this.

Narrator: Boss looks Troubled, what’s going on now??

*Boss knocks on the door*

“Let ‘em in Daisy, I wanna see what all this is about.†Jesse said following the boys in to the kitchen

“Hello Jesse, Bo, Luke, Daisy, by the way you don’t gotta work tonight.†Boss said

“Thanks Boss….â€she said curious as to what Boss was up to,

“I don’t know how to tell this, to you all.†He said upset,

“What are you talking about?†Bo said

"Well Bo I...I..It's" Boss said said stuttering

"Just say it JD!" Jesse said angry....


Well? Was I that bad?

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heres a little more...


JD sighed heavily "It's your parents Bo, there dead"

The room went eerily silent. "Your lyin' boss you gotta be"

Luke said. "Now hold on Luke! I know JD, & a death is something he wouldn't lie about."

Said Uncle Jesse, Bo stode there not wanting to believe it, but knew some how it was true how was his sister taking it ,HIS SISTER! “Boss! What about my sister? Where’s my sister?!?â€


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