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General Lee voted Top Car Star

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Good article, Inga! Thanks for sharin'.

I'm not surprised at the General Lee bein' number...01 on the list. Khee!

Some of the other rankin's are subject to dee-bate. Seems they surveyed an older crowd; I'm sure most of y'all nevah seen "Bullit" . (That has one of the most famous car chase scenes in all o' movie history, but I'd question if the rest of the movie has anythin' goin' for it.)

I'm surprised that KITT didn't make the list but Herbie the Love Bug did? Gah.

At least the Bandit Trans Am made it on there.

An' ya know, sooner or later, I expect a Chevy will make the famous list. I guess there's so many great Chevy's out there, it's hard to narrow 'em down. Tho' of course I've got some bias on that subject. Heh heh.


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I agree, Inga. And for your amusement, just imagine the sight of KITT slamming into poor Herbie the Love Bug at about 180 miles an hour. WHAMMO!! *crash tinkle scrrreech*

Of course, with KITT being the polite sort, he would issue an apology. "Pardon me. You obstructed my trajectory, and I did not detect you in the roadway."

Then, KITT would run over the pieces and scatter them as far as possible... BAHAHAHAHA!!


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I've seen Bullit, Brian. Ah yes, with Steve McQueen, mmm mmmm mmmm! Sherly Crow has a song about him that pays tribute to that movie. Yeah, the chase sence is pretty intense. The end is not what I expected. Even tho' I'm not a Ford fan, that mustang is pretty sharp.

*Humming* Like Steve McQueen, driving a fast machine...



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