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  1. TurkeyDay Hazzard Syle. A BIG THANKSGIVING DAY IN HAZZARD Y'all People Give me An Epoisde for that on.
  2. You know your right lol The General running off air lol who would have that it. lol
  3. Hey WHERE DID U GET THAT PITURE??? please tell me i want one
  4. Yeah they never needed gas, i like the General ran on air. lol
  5. It's Funny. Bo and luke sometimes Fixed the General and sometime cooter and some thing funny too They never Need Gas either. Have u peeps say that too Let me now
  6. L.B. was ok i did not like him i like COOOTTTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Bottom line cooter was cooler.
  7. Yeah Daisy is my favorite because Cathine Bach is so hott. AND I LIKE YOUR PICK OF DAISY U HAVE IT'S SMOKING. But The General Lee is my favorite car
  8. Here U Guys Give me a SHOW for that name. Cuz here's mine It Started out with bo and luke going to get Halloween Costumes For a Big Halloween Party at the Boar's Nest. And Then luke lookes in to the rearview mirror and sees Rosco and he tell bo to hit it and he does and they lose rosco then later on The Bank is Robbed By a man in a Franksien costume. and Of Course Boss thinks it bo and luke so he send Rosco and Eno to the the Duke Farm. and then when they get there Rosco says to bo and luke WHERES THE MONEY. Bo and Luke say what money, than Rosco says U 2 robbed the bank. then bo and luke kno
  9. Well your right The Car's Fast and it's just a show But 69 Charger are all fast they are a racing car.
  10. Maybe not Bert and Erinie but Boss and Rosco u can says are like Fred and barney. So Yeeeeeeeeehhhaaaawww to that.
  11. Yes it is also sad. But why would i get mad at u cuz u like the 1st season?
  12. Yes bubba that is the funny one i think, yo Heavy if u didn't care then why did u reply to it.
  13. Well like i said COOOTTTERRR DDDAVVVONNNNNNNPORRT. what a guy. he help the duke boys bo and luke get out of trouble.
  14. Yeeeeeeehaawwwwwwwwwwww, to that. man boss and rosco were the funnys team since bert and erinie. i wish they would bring back the dukes to t.v do u ?
  15. Yes your right. Cooter was the only and best Mechanic in Hazzard Country. yes T-man AMEN to that he was great is right
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