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  1. 'I Finally Passed The Bar'? I have not heard of this one, what's that about?
  2. Well, Tom didn't have those famous abs from the original tv series, but he did have a chest that was well worth a look! Not bad at all! YEE HAA!
  3. The autograph will be protected with some sort of contact paper that I have organized to get from a 'sign writing' company! They know what to do! It's only going to cost about $10, but it will have 2 wait til wednesday! That's pay day, but don't worry, the buggy has a proper clothed car cover on it when not in use! Thanks for the kind words!
  4. On April 22nd 2006, Bernadette and Paul, from Toowoomba in Queensland Australia, made the two hour trip to Brisbane, with their brand new General Lee Buggy, to meet John Schneidder. We arrived at about 9:30 am , met Daniel, the organizer and parked The General. Paul blew the Dixie Horn (yes, it has one!) infront of the waiting crowds and they all cheered, which got Paul going! I'm sure John heard it too, he would've been there by then and EVERYWHERE you went, you could hear it! Most of the day was spent hanging around, we answered some enquiries about The General and took some photos for people. At about 2:30 pm, John did a seminar, in which he answered the audiences' questions for an entire hour (I will write a separate report!). He mentioned our buggy in that seminar, even though we didn't mention it, so that was pretty cool! He also asked me (Bernadette) at one point, if I was going to do a Luke Duke and fly across THAT bonnet (it's nearly as tall as me!) This, mind you, was infront of the whole room of about 200 people, so shocked as I was, I shook my head with a funny smile! He replied: "I didn't think so!". Not sure whether that was embarassing or funny! Straight after the seminar, we headed for Johns' signing table and organised with Daniel, to meet him. John came downstairs not five minutes later and it was on! He seemed to be standing around waiting for someone to do something so I (Bernadette) made the first move and went up to John and shook his hand and said "Hi, how r u, it's nice 2 meet u". John replied with the same answer and one big smile! After that, it was pretty quick and I can't remember much of what was said, but he signed the buggy and my season one dukes dvd cover where his picture is (you all know the pic I mean!). The last thing he said to us was: "Make sure you get some dirt on that thing guys! And some scratches too!". We said "We will!" and I (Bernadette) said "Thankyou and have a safe trip home". I'm not sure if he heard me as he was being swamped with people, but I hope he did! For those who have been to our website and read the captions on the pics: John suggested we wipe the dust off the bonnet (don't know how that got there!) cause he had his own cast members sign his General over dust before and the dust rubbed it off over time! Paul didn't have anything on him to wipe it off with, so he used his shirt and that's when they broke into laughter (re: the photos). We want to say a HUGE thankyou to Daniel, the show organizer, whom without none of this would've happened and to John Schneider: Thankyou and YEE HAA!!!!!!!
  5. Yes, of course we are going to get it protected! It's a public holiday today, so when we get a chance, we will buy something to do that: the buggy has a proper car cover on it as well! Thanks for your concern
  6. John Schneider visited Australia this past weekend and we got to meet him! He signed our General Lee Buggy which we've just finished building and posed for photos! To see all of the pics: please visit our persoanl website at prm01.co.nr Use your address bar instead of your regular search engine to get to it! There's a quick wrap up of the day in the 'News' section as well, but I will be writing a full report in the days ahead, so stay tuned! Also, I have a post at this website under 'Latest News' "john schneider in australia" with a bit of chit chat going on there. We hope you enjoy our pics and don't forget to sign our guestbook! From Bernadette
  7. John wrote on the bonnet of The General: "To Paul and Bernadette, keep it 'tween the ditches!" yee haa John Schneider "BO01" 22-04-06! He actually mentioned it in the question and answer seminar and said something like: I've seen everything dressed as The General, chargers, mini's, lambergini's even, but nothing like that 4x4 downstairs! That's cool!" Paul and I were chuffed as he wasn't actually answering our question, but someone elses', yet he mentioned our vehicle! We stuck our hand up when he mentioned it and he pointed to me and said: "Oh that's yours? Wow!" All of this mind you was over a microphone for the whole room to hear! It was all very exciting! When he signed the buggy later on, his last words to us were: "Now you make sure you get some dirt on that thing guys, and some scratches too!" We'd explained to him that we'd just finished it and hadn't taken it out yet. We said "We will!" but Paul is actually wondering now how far he'll go with it, because the bonnet is signed and everyone reckons it's too nice to bushbash! We're glad you like it!
  8. You must have missed that at the question and answer forum? John took his time answering a question and at the end said "well that was a marathon answer! blah blah blah" All of a sudden, a little kid in the audience starting singing 'blah blah blah'! The whole audience went into laughter, including John. Maybe that was Harrison? LoL!
  9. I got your pics! Thanks a bunch! I sent you a proper email! I'm going for breakfast now! Speak soon!
  10. No, not writing on the buggy, she was drawing in her own book, but leaning on the buggy to do so! Paul didn't like that. Yep, that was probably us! You couldn't miss Paul's shirt, that's for sure! You should've said hello, we would've been happy to oblige! We actually told some boys to get into the buggy during the day and took their pic with it. They were just going to stand beside it, but I said, nah! go on, get in! They were excited, so it was fun! There was a film crew going around all day filming the buggy too, so I'll have to get onto Daniel (the organizer) and see if a copy is available. It was being filmed for the convention. Daniel was great to us! A tiny man, but with a BIG heart! He organised the whole thing for us after we asked him if we could do it .
  11. Are you kidding me?! That's when we were there trying to take our pics! And there was a lady leaning on it drawing? We got rid of her quick ourselves! Perhaps you saw us? Paul had the bright orange and black business shirt on! That's weird!
  12. Oh wow! Can you send some pics of our car through too? I hope you won't mind? We tried to get some pics, but there were people standing around it and leaning on it etc all day. We hope you liked it! Were you there when we got it signed by John? I call him the 'Blah blah blah' man now! I'm sure you know what I mean from that! That was a crack up! LOL!
  13. That's cool Jansen! Do you have a pic of you and him that I can put at our personal website (Mine aren't great either of me!)? I'd be glad to! Did you go to the seminar that day? It was the funniest thing. He's a very funny yet sweet man. Our website for our pics with John is at pmr01.co.nr Use your address bar instead of the regular search engine to get to it! If you want to send a pic for the site, send it through my email address on that website. I'd be happy to do so! B
  14. John came to Australia on Saturday April 22nd 2006! To see the pics, go to our personal website at pmr01.co.nr Use your address bar to get to it instea of your regular search engine! I will post a written review in the next few days! I need some sleep!!!!!! from B
  15. Now ya'll! I just saw Hazzard In Hollywood for the FIRST time: ya'll didn't warn me about Tom throwing his shirt off in the first five minutes! Shame on ya'll! THUD!!!!!!
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