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  1. tonight on the dukes rosco is in hot pursuit when he has a heart attack ya'll better hang on ya hear? it's a typical day in hazzard and of course rosco is in hot pursuit of those dang duke boys "i love hot pursuit !" as he jumped his cruiser over the pond he felt a sharp pain course thru him like lighting , his cruiser thumped w/ a heave onto the ground the dukes already had left the area rosco keyed his mic "bo,luke i......need...help" before he passed out on the steering wheel.
  2. let's see someone write a fic about while in pursuit of the dukes rosco has a heart attack and calls for the dukes on the cb? sound good?
  3. write a fanfic about hazzard pd's newest fleet 3 2007 crown vics
  4. http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=11/30810271997.jpg&s=x11
  5. if i won 200 million today i would build a boar's nest replica and the duke farm w/ barn the yard of the farm would have jesse's truck ,daisy's jeep and the general the barn would serve as storage the house would have java enabled webcams so you can look around outside/inside the house the boar's nest would have 3 patrol cars and the caddy and that would have cams too ... imagine having dinner at the dukes house! or having daisy serve beer and stuff .... it would be a great tourist attraction....
  6. actually it is a model 1/18th scale to be precise!
  7. http://b.wouldyouhitthis.com/member_files/2004/08/19/103008/forum_attachments/1130692998IMAGE0001.JPG http://b.wouldyouhitthis.com/member_files/2004/08/19/103008/forum_attachments/1130695452IMAGE001.JPG http://b.wouldyouhitthis.com/member_files/2004/08/19/103008/forum_attachments/1130022970hazzardjump.JPG http://b.wouldyouhitthis.com/member_files/2004/08/19/103008/forum_attachments/1129246279IMAGE0003.JPG.JPG http://b.wouldyouhitthis.com/member_files/2004/08/19/103008/forum_attachments/1128639062leejump.JPG http://b.wouldyouhitthis.com/member_files/2004/08/19/103008/forum_attachments/1128113544hazzardone.JPG http://b.wouldyouhitthis.com/member_files/2004/08/19/103008/forum_attachments/1127838361IMAGE0001.JPG.JPG.JPG
  8. http://img142.imageshack.us/my.php?image=image0016jpg4ht.jpg
  9. my daisy jeep http://img142.imageshack.us/my.php?image=image0016jpg4ht.jpg
  10. tonight on the dukes: rosco and enos try to save a little girl in a burning barn but enos is trapped inside and makes the ulimate sacrifice saving rosco's life..... "attn rosco and enos whhere are you?" boss hogg grumbled into the cb "boss there's a lady yelling for help on rickridge road her barn's on fire!" rosco bellowed on his cb"and her daughter's inside!!" enos and cletus both drove up in their cruisers and ran inside the burning barn "collen!?!?!" all 3 officers yelled enos found her huddled scared but mobilzed "hey rosco!!"enos handed the frighted young to the others then it happened:a massive explosion rocked the barn things are falling enos leads everyone towards the stairs then enos got hit square in the chest with a metal ring enos screamed as fell to the ground rosco handed the girl to cletus who promptly took her outside rosco carried enos outside to safety and laid him on the grass and began to cry uncortbally" enos....my dipstick"rosco bellowed boss hogg embraced rosco and began to cry himself by now all of hazzard knew their was a fire the duke family looked in horror and disbelif jesse duke even shed a few tears himself ....at the funeral everyone in the surronding countys came to pay their respects to a honest lawman who sacrifed his own life to save others as taps began to play rosco saluted w/ 40 other officers around eno's casket draped w/ a conferdate flag the general lee lead 100 cars and cruisers to the hazzard cementary where it overlooked hazzard pond draped around his tomb was a pic of his true love daisy duke and a model of his police cruiser and the general lee...........
  11. dude can you do hazzard in hollywood?? the opening credits? been a while since i 've seen it!
  12. dude can you do hazzard in hollywood?? the opening credits? been a while since i 've seen it!
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