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  1. My childhood was all about the Dukes of Hazzard. I found the Facebook page for Hazzardnet and have been following the posts and enjoying the memories that come with them. I was born in 1978 and while all my friends watched the show for Daisy, my love was the General Lee. I had the die casts growing up and eventually lost them however never lost my dream of having an actual 69 dodge charger painted like the General blaring the Dixie horn. I still do not own one unless you count the 1/25 scale car sitting next to my bed. Although I have driven one a few years back when I used to work at an auto repair shop a local came in for an alignment on his General Lee, boy did I feel like a kid in a candy store driving it out the bay, and yes I even got to play the horn. I found a link on the facebook page to the forum and started browsing through and as you can see, decided to join. I've already read alot of posts, and I realized there's alot I didn't know. I look forward to reading more and interacting with everyone.