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  1. where the ball to shoot from is normally a plunger rod but on this game it won't have one and wanted to have a charger style key ignition where you twist the key to activate a ball launch can someone post up a nice clear picture of a dukes charger key ignition please as will use that to model off thanks in advance
  2. cheers guys, and that Dukes of Hazzards pinball is a fake as it is a Lord of the Rings with some photoshop art. but it will have a jump ramp for sure, wouldn't be Dukes Pinball if it didn't have one. Also I will start rferring to the Dukes of Hazzard pinball as DoH
  3. G'day everyone, I have been very quiet and haven't posted alot really but have started a cool Dukes of Hazzard project - custom pinball. What can I say other than this will be a massive project that is going beyond my current skill set (hoping to learn enough to finish this dream project). It will involve CAD designing, timber work, steel work, artwork and god help me programming. It will be a full size pinball with a cabinet designed off the well known and typical Bally / WMS 90's cabinets with some unique mechanisms inside. It will have a Cooter's garage, Jessie's Barn, Boss Hogg's Off
  4. thanks heaps Hoss, very much appreciated and something for me work on. also congrats on the 4000th post.
  5. Just found this youtube series and quiet enjoying and found a fun one with a 68 charger and one of the guys keen to turn it into the General Lee. Enjoy
  6. Just wondering how many organised races were held across the original full series? If you know of any, do you know if they had a particular name or related to a event?
  7. added a Mopar Ring as well https://www.shapeways.com/model/2934578/mopar-driver-ring-size-22-2mm-id.html
  8. After I found the graphic the other day with the dimensions I created the cad graphic yesterday and thought it would be cool to design a themed General Lee "01" Dress / Driver ring just for fun. As a past time I enjoy 3d designing and mainly do pinball parts to help friends out as parts are no discontinued for many of the pins that are 20 or more years older. This ring is approx 7mm wide in the band and 1.5mm thick so not too chunky and uncomfortable with a slight taper to the outer edges for a more comfy fit. On the top is my interpretation of a V8 motor cylinder which is 16mm round with a sl
  9. Great work on all the art, looks awesome and seen your other artwork as well, excellent as well. I found this on the net when will help me with the 01. Once drawn I will post up here for others.
  10. Hi guys, I am new to this site and I have started working on a large project that I am sure many of you will love as it is centred all around the DoH. I didn't want to immediately raid someone else's thread and ask for artwork as that is not right and very happy to start fresh with my project. Once I get a few general features designed I will ask for ideas and advice but until then I need to work on some mechanical designs and art. Does anyone know what the font is for: - the "General Lee" on the roof - the "01" on the door other wise any links to super clean, straight on images of the above.
  11. Hi guys, I am wanting to draw up in illustrator the artwork for the Hazzard County Police Department police badge for a project that I am working on that I will release when it looks a little more serious than just some sketches. Can anyone point me in the direction of a nice clean, large, sharp image of the logo that is on the police doors please. Once done I will make it available here for others to use. Thanks in advance.
  12. Cheers guys for the welcome. I was aware of the pinball but didn't know the name of it - thanks. when does personal messaging open up as can't figure it out.
  13. G'day everyone you have a cool site here and glad to be part of it. I normally live on pinball forums but have been getting back into The Dukes of Hazzard lately. Even picked up a the Dukes of Hazzard card game to play with the kids as well as a Dukes of Hazzard Spiral Pinball for the kids (80's toy). I really enjoy 3d designing / 3d printing as well as pinballs and have started on a few dukes of hazzard pinball concepts so what better place to get advice on layouts, rules, art etc other than the pinball forum but from the Dukes of Hazzard fans forum. The ultimate dream is to get a pinball com
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