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  1. In the episode with the APC cigarettes are still being tossed out AFTER everyone bailed out and as it's crashing into the Boar's Nest.
  2. I seem to remember seeing the headlights on in the "strange visitor to hazzard" (alien)episode. One of my favorite shots of the General Lee is in one of the Georgia episodes where they pull into town and only one headlight door is open. Dunno why...lol
  3. I know Smokey and the Bandit very well, even own a KW and matching black TA! I just thought I remembered somebody saying he made an appearance on the Dukes. I've probably seen about every episode but it's funny how much more you actually see as an adult watching the show instead of as a little kid.
  4. Why is it that Roscoe was replaced from time to time? I don't think they ever gave an explanation as to why in the show and I haven't been able to find anything online that gives a good solid answer. Also wondering if there's a list anywhere about the 'guest sheriffs' that subbed for Roscoe. Didn't both Jackie Gleason and the Louisiana Sheriff from the 70's James Bond movies come thru?
  5. Wow thanks! Honestly thought that nobody would know what I'm talking about LOL. The sign actually looks better than I thought it would. I did notice as a kid how there were very few night scenes on this show.
  6. For years I've noticed the Hazzard Police sign at the WB set had neon tubes but I don't think I've ever seen it lit. Was it a real neon sign or just for 'show'?
  7. I most certainly won't be buying with them then. Thanks!
  8. For several years now I've been seeing Ebay adds for fresh built General Lees from various places in Indiana always with a "Buy it now" of $22,000 to $25,000. The photos are always the same as is the description but the seller's user name is different on every auction. The auction promises a freshly built General Lee with a warranty and free shipping. Anyone here purchase their General from this fellow? Doesn't seem legit to me.
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