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    Country boy born and raised, loved Hazzard growing up. The values in the show set an example for me.
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    Born in Columbus, Ga. Live in Oklahoma city, OK
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    Reading, writing, music (singing, composing), sports
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  1. No problems. I was busy the entire month of March with the anime convention. Just let me know. I am also willing to sign a nda or non disclosure agreement, for your piece of mind and protection of your intellectual property, even though neither of us can claim "real" copyright...lol. let me know what up and i will send you my email in a private message.

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH! It's the biggest joy I've ever experienced since my wedding day....and night, if we are being honest. lol. I have gone ahead and started the process of having my first book published. While it is not Dukes of Hazzard related, I do hope to use this project as a launch pad for all my other projects, including This one. I'f you're interested, come on over and check it out at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kingdom-of-Asphalt/499103733486786?ref=hl I started a kickstarter project to help get it launched, also. If you feel inclined, give it a look as well. http://www.kickstarter.
  3. Sorry for being away for so long. first off, lets address the General Lee. Warner Brothers has issued a statement that all future incarnations of the car, in either merchandise or picture, will no longer carry the confederate flag on top of the car. With that being said, your idea of a dukes show with the classic car just cannot happen. I am sure that if the show got off the ground, things could happen that would allow the good ol General to return as it should, but it would be just too expensive to keep fixing old out of production classic muscle cars. As for any other scripting and writing
  4. Sorry for taking so long to respond. I have been so busy that I just have not had the time to respond. I am very much looking for any help with script writing. We can talk at a later time and discuss working together.

  5. Just wondering how the script is going? I am an amateur screenwriter with a film degree and thought I would offer my assistance if needed.

  6. This was part of the proposal and outline I submitted to my agent. I wanted to post this at a later time, but I think everyone is curious. And last but not least, the true star of the original show……The General Lee. The amazing 1969 Dodge Charger R/T that made Hazzard famous with its amazing antics and stunts and last minute saves will be immortalized in the show’s canon. While we will not see the General Lee in action at the beginning, it will be mentioned and referenced several times, as well as a few glimpses in the barn with it’s tarp covering it, only exposing a front hood and g
  7. I was wondering when someone was going to bring up the pink elephant (or maybe red-orange) in the room. this is something that me and the agent team was talking about. Obviously, the star was the General Lee, and I can assure you....there will never be another car named General Lee. But to continue the story, you must understand that a 69 Dodge Charger R/T can not survive in today's world, rebel flag or not. I envision amazing car chases and wild driving, but no jumping. The focus is the characters. I think the original show died because of poor writing.....and that was with the General
  8. Ok......first draft completed! Now let's see what the agent says.
  9. Heck no....doing a rewrite on it. Agent said it was too much like a book and didn't give the director freedom......blah
  10. Most definitely! I want to focus on the generations as the show progresses. I have plans for the other Dukes, and some interesting stories.
  11. Thanks man. I'm on day two of writing a script. The support so far keeps me motivated. This is so much harder than writing a book.
  12. Ok guys, quick lil note. I just got finished talking with the agent, and we both think a good choice for the Balladeer would be Trace Atkins. Anyone else agree?
  13. Thanks guys! I've been told to get to finishing the screenplay, so that is my focus now......but during all the readings and re-readings. I kept thinking of how I can improve upon a certain angle here and there, or what I can do to strengthen a character's introduction. Its so much different from writing a novel, which I have no trouble doing. Looking forward to that being published soon, too. I love to write now lol! So far I am actually loving Christian Hogg. Its almost like a Lex Luthor meets J.R. Ewing kinda thing I have going. You may love him and then hate that you love him as he d
  14. So after reading this, which characters seem to stand out as a potential favorite? Also.....I've found an agent. Yay!
  15. Hey there, hope you got your PC fixed.

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