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  1. You? Shy and reserved?? Compared to who?! ROFL Group therapy for writers....I like that. Khee! =)
  2. LadyD's comment about chats got me thinkin'....we haven't had a fanfic chat for like a million years! LOL In the past, the Saturday around 8pm eastern (5 pacific) seems to work pretty well. I'm gonna suggest we try for this Saturday the 27th startin' at 8pm. Also, let's try another chat on Wednesday the 31st startin' at 8pm. There's no closing hour...I figure the thing can go on until there's one person left standin' in the chat room. ROFL. Don't worry if you can't make one or both chats. I wanna see how well these two chats go and perhaps we'll set up something on a more regular basis, and different time slots. Remember too..you can set a date and time for chat as well. =) Whattya say folks? Wanna chat? LOL Lisa
  3. "Oooh jit!" Rosco watched the car come to a sudden stop and sit there for a moment, dust swirling around it. They obviously seen him and he grinned. He had somebody's attention. When it started moving again, he kept his eye on it, watching it approach the county line at a more subdued pace. As it got closer, he identified it as an early 70's red Corvette. The car rumbled past him and he looked straight into the cockpit, noticing two men and one woman. The woman looked familar and upon seen the license plate, Rosco had a positive ID. It was his neice, Vicki. He clocked the Corvette doing exactly 55. But he followed anyway. No lights, no siren, just an annoying white speck in the rearview mirror of Corvette. Rosco snickered. Vicki may have been his neice, but it was time to dispense some justice.... (cue...anyone! )
  4. She could prolly have both a car phone and CB, afterall car phones have been around since atleast the mid-60's. Yup, watch out on the Silverado. Kristy drives a 2000 model (black I believe) and Dixie Duke drives an '86 short bed with a lifted suspension (what a kewl lookin' truck. Khee!) 8) I thought Vicki had a Corvette? MaryAnne
  5. Just for the fun of it, let's not denote a particular year or decade on this story. And just to keep things REALLY interesting....y'all ain't seen nothin' yet with Rosco....BAHAHAHAHHAHHAA!! Oh, sorry. Got carried away there for a bit. MaryAnne
  6. And Rosco's still Rosco. What will happen when Vicki meets up with her uncle again? We haven't seen Rosco's reaction to her turnin' wild. Friends and neighbors, y'all hang on to yer hats.... 8) MaryAnne
  7. After settling the dispute of the repair bill for the patrol car....actually, after leaving Cooter and Boss the settle the dispute over the repair bill, Rosco dutifully headed back out on patrol. He had seen the cloud of dust caused by Max Davenport's semi's and knew where they were heading. Boss had mentioned the sale of 20 acres about a mile and half outside of town. Rosco wondered why Max Davenport had decided to come back to Hazzard now? The Sheriff recalled the incident between Max and Hughie Hogg and the whole mess that involved the Dukes as well. And if what Lulu said was correct, that Max was only here for a visit...what was with all the trucks and the purchase of land and the mobile homes comin' in.... Overhead, a plane buzzed. Rosco looked up through the windshield and saw the blue lettering on the underside of the wings. "MAD MAX DAVENPORT, STUNTMAN." And the plane. "Mad Max...Crazy Cooter...I wonder if they got a cousin named Louie. Looney Louie. KHEE!" Rosco giggled at his own joke. Flash barked, not necessarily amused. "You didn't like that one darlin'?" "WOOF!" "I thought it was pretty good...." The patrol car continued along the dusty roads of Hazzard County. Eventually Rosco found himself heading towards the Chickasaw border. He sighed, realizing he was going to have to turn around. He figured maybe he'd stop at the Boar's Nest, seeing as he wasn't that far away. He slowed down and was about to turn the patrol car around, when a cloud of dust on the other side of the county line caught his attention. He turned the Plymouth Fury around, pulled to the side of the road and stopped to look in his rearview mirror, seeing the car coming closer to the county line. Whoever it was, they were sure hell bent on getting to where ever they were going. (Cue anyone)
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